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Originally Posted Jul 12 2013 10:46 PM

Border Security
3/10/11 - Present


The only thing we ask is, if you like what you see and if it helps you make better buying decisions for your sign applications that you build then you can support us and the tests we do by either upgrading your free membership to a Board Patron which has it's additional benefits or by purchasing electrical sign supplies that we sell here on The Sign Syndicate as you'll see in the test result sheets! sml%20(26).gif

One thing that we don't sell here on The Sign Syndicate for the exact reasons of these tests is sell Neon Glass or LED Modules because I know most would think us bias if we did. So because of this, we'll only sell electrical sign supplies that compliment these light sources such as LED power supplies, and neon wiring & Transformers etc.

You'll also notice a lot of Light Source MFG's signed up here on the Sign Syndicate and submitted their lamps for the testing. Some did not, and you'll see "Non-Willing Participant" next to their name in the Tutorial product listings. Most did not want to because they did not want to be compared to their competition or called out on their claims when they show up to your shop and tell you you should buy theirs because they are superior to their competition. Well, all we can do here is include some of those MFG's anyway and throw them up on the board and see where they might fall. We hope some of them at some point join us and take part because they want to. They ALL have an open invitation to do so. We thinks it's a good idea and there is a lot to learn and most of the time it just begs more questions than results can answer. If you are a Light source manufacturer interested in having your lamps included then please upgrade your free membership to a Board Vendor (which includes a free advertising package for the duration of your membership) and submit your lamps

Project Description

First as usual, for questions or comments about this tutorial please visit the private support topic for this test.

Second, I'd like to thank the newest Board Vendors that help & participate to make this Tutorial and Test possible. So a big thank you and welcome to EGL, LED-Neon Flex, & FMS Neon.

This is a Comparison and performance test of both Blue Neon & LED border components for outline lighting applications. We are also doing a few select in green as well, maybe even dab into a few red in the near future.

Project Specifications

All units will be 2' units end to end and housed in a 5" individual deep channel that will be covered with a blue acrylic lens at the time of measuring light on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for lumen maintenance. All light sources will be cycled twice per day running for two periods of 10 hours on, 2 hours off.

The Neon lamps will range from 15mm to 18mm and powered by a electronic transformer but energy figures off a magnetic, LED border units will be powered by 12v to 24v power sources.

Blue Products used

  • 18mm EGL Neon Horizon Blue lamp
  • 15mm EGL Neon Horizon Blue lamp
  • 18mm FMS Rich Blue lamp
  • 15mm FMS Rich Blue lamp
  • Sloan ColorLINE (*Non-willing participant)
  • Sloan FlexiBRITE(*Non-willing participant)
  • GE Contour(*Non-willing participant)
  • LED Neon Flex - Blue Plus
  • LED Neon Flex - Blue Flex
  • US LED Accent 2(*Non-willing participant)

Red Products used

  • LEDNeon-Flex Pro Red lamp
  • SloanLED StripeLED Red lamp

Future Lamps

  • 15mm EGL Neon Tropic Green lamp
  • 18mm EGL Neon Tropic Green lamp (Future)
  • 18mm FMS Mint Green lamp
  • 15mm FMS Mint Green lamp
  • LED Neon Flex - Green Plus
  • LED Neon Flex - Green Flex

Transformers & Power Supplies

  • Ventex 4030 30ma
  • Meanwell 24v
  • Axiom 12v


This is the first entry for year 3 & 4.

What's new this month is the new side by side pic of the light sources in this months Test Result pdf file.

JULY REST RESULTS: BorderSec 070913.pdf


The two Neon manufacturers are just about neck and neck.

Those LED border units my not be as bright as Neon but some of them have barely even begun to take a lumen maintenance hit, that has to impress. Everything is not always about brightness but usable light as well and applications where Neon glass is not applicable. It's still early, we are only at 12k hours of operation. If this was Vegas where it's warm and most light sources run 24/7.

It will be interesting to see where things lay at 25k hours and again at 35k.

We'll keep doing what we do and run'em!!



6 months later and in the winter months. Neon being exposed is somewhat down and they will shoot back up later in the warmer months. The Sloan Flex is really starting to fall along with the older LEDNeon Flex but we can see the newer "Pro" version is holding.

Later we will be adding "Glostertube"



As I've stated in other light test evaluations it's been some time since I've entered anything other than the down loadable pdf with the light test results. Since ISA is coming closer than we know I'm sure more new red products will be coming out and we'll be adding them here.

SEPTEMBER TEST RESULTS http://www.thesignsy...arison-results/


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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October 22, 2015


New side by side comparison of lumen maintenance over time


Border Security 1015 Cab.jpg


Other than it's been since April that we've done the evaluations and had some hibernation time there really isn't too much to report other than we will be looking for more LED border units to add in.

The Sloan flex tube is just about dead and we're having to measure the light output in decimals. We also shut down and removed the NeonFlex LED standard blue.

October 2015 Download:BorderSec 102215.pdf

For Questions or Comments regarding this benchmark use this LINK

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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January 3, 2016

Nothing new to add or subtract this period but the test goes on.

January Test Evaluation Download:BorderSec 010316.pdf

For Questions or Comments regarding this benchmark use this LINK

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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      As I've discussed before in the past.  There is a difference and a gap between "Usable Light" and "Competitive Light".  The BrightON II is the most efficient (Light per power) LED Module in it's class, and it is the definition of Competitive Light.
      As explained here and suggested for spacing, it was chosen to use the 3" module spacer, and obviously  you'll see as you scroll down the spacing could have even been much farther apart.

      Using the 3" spacers or 5" on center module to module spacing of the .8 watt will give you that extra punch for Halo and Day / Night faces, and you're looking at only $2 a foot buying a single bag of modules.  Important note is what you're getting for that $2 a foot.  Very easily module to module spacing could have been 7" OC, and a $1.45 a foot.



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      This is the very visual explanation of "Competitive Light". 
      The BrightON II Modules will give sign shops more versatility with their lighting projects, eliminating a 3 diode module & eliminating stocking more various modules with just simple spacing making the BrightON II a more universal product in your shop.  The reason?  Because the BrightON II meets or exceeds the Performance of most 3 diode LED Modules on the market on Maximum Efficiency of 24V.  Also, the long module to module wire leads.
      Could you just imagine for a second the BrightON II LED modules in the neighboring Coffee Sign at the maximum stretched module to module spacing of 7.625" or 1.57 ($1.33 a foot) modules per foot?  I can!
      Something is being left out here and I have to discuss what completes this High-End system?

      That would be adding a France Lighting Solution LED Power supply of course
      In this case the 24V France Atlas with built in LED indicator light for proper function, bringing more Quality & Dependability to the project.
      The most important aspect of this job was the feedback from the client.  They were VERY impressed with their sign when they drove by at night to see what their identity looked like.  Their face will be your face.  These are the types of results you will get with the BrightON II LED Modules. 
      Finished jobs will sell themselves.  Happy, impressed clients will sell, and market for you...provided you not only sold them a good product but good service as well. 
      Come night, the mere visual can attract potential customers and a resume address can assure and close sales prospects, end results will be referral makers!


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