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Erik Sine

An Email I Recieved

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So, I've been meaning to post this, so what better time than while it's fresh in my head.


I get these from time to time....I think I've mentioned it a couple of times, or maybe I haven't.


I received a email shortly after the ISA show from a National Sign Company we were at.  Their known for their.....not so good payment schedule.


In short they asked me to remove the content about their company on my board, and that it was for the most part untrue, and in most cases under normal circumstances most are paid by 60 days.  


I'm not going to mention the name of the company, it's not important and email exchange was short. 


It appears that it all sparked from whatever happened at the ISA Show.  I'm not sure if possibly they were a company that took part at the meet and greet, or it was brought up in other ways, maybe over a dinner meeting.


Anyhow, my response was basically that if you stick to your promised payment schedule then there shouldn't be any issues.  Issues usually happen when companies promise terms then go over that.


I also let them know that if they're doing business in states like California (which they are), by law subs have to be paid in 30 days.  I also let them know that executing contracts and subbing installs and service work in states like CA is illegal if they do not have a contractors license in those states.


In a reply I asked why they go beyond 30 days in the first place.  In states like mine (CA) it's the responsibility of the General Contractor to obtain a line of credit to pay Subcontractors if need be, NOT use subs as a line of credit and only paying them once THEY get paid....which in states like CA is also illegal.  IN fact in order to get a contractor license in my state you have to have a certain amount of cash flow in your bank account, and you must be bonded ($15K last I looked) which a consumer or sub can go after for unpaid bills or as a fix


Lastly in that same reply, I also relayed the fact that it's ridiculous that some Nationals ask Subcontractors that work for them to sign away their lean rights.  ( I didn't aim this question at them because I didn't know if they require this, but i just mentioned it as lately it seems like a normal thing to get a sub to sign).  Though I doubt a judge would even abide by that as even that is illegal in my state and why there are preliminary lean notices before project work and lean release once paid by subs


Well, that's where communication pretty much stopped.


I'm posting this because it seems that what we are doing here, coming together and opening up a line of communication about one of our industry's biggest problem IS having an impact....clearly.  It hasn't been the first email or call I've received from an unhappy National.


At the ISA Shows, I'll say it's thee biggest compliment we get in passing or by those that meet with us is the National Sign & Service Install Review Forum, and having the courage to host such a thing on the Sign Syndicate.


My point is this.


It's probably the most active used part of this site, but by those who just use it, they need to participate in it more actively rather than just read what someone else wrote about a particular company they may be checking up on.  More need to actually participate and give their own feedback for others as well and not be so passive...reciprocate the help. 


Keep updating your experiences with these companies, whether it's positive or negative, because obviously.....everything we have been doing here is working for our industry





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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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It is very simple.  Pay your Invoices when the job is completed and agreed on.
Without the Sub Contractor Sign Companies, The Nationals FAIL.

There are many Nationals who pay well and pay on time. 


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I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating - thank you for this site!  It has helped me more times than I can name.  If you want to know what is going on in the industry & or what National to stay away from, this is the place to find out!  You supply a great service to those of us that work hard every day to make this industry better!

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I diitto sign lady.  You're doing a great service for the sign industry!  Hope you told that national to go..... 

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Yes, this site is amazing!! thanks for all the hard work you put into it, It has help me a lot to screen the National Sign Companies, and I will make sure we put more posts on all the nationals we work with. 

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