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  1. Welcome Jon!....
  2. it's strange we did and it's gone.....I'll have to have Erik look into it
  3. You're good here.....strange we used to have a classified section....
  4. Of course!....
  5. Replacing multiple Socialist Chinese LED Power Supplies with our Capitalistic Korean LED Power Supplies Our Union LED Power Supplies NOT made in China. Right now through Christmas we're having a special on our IP68, 5 Year Warranty 60Watt LED Supplies $32.99 Each, and our 120Watt Dual Channel $47.99 each
  6. USSC's Sign World International registration opens up. For those looking to purchase equipment and tax write off's before the end of the year this is the final call for 2016. This year's featured guest speaker is Mike Wolfe from American Pickers History Channel. FREE SHOW PASS Free Pass PDF.pdf
  7. you guys should consider getting a board vendor membership so you can constantly advertise for wholesale work.....
  8. Site will be down for a short time while we do a major upgrade to the site......finally!
  9. Post away....!
  10. Tecnolux Neon Silicone GTO Now In Stock!!! GTO 15KV Integral Sleeve Siliflex 14AWG Silicone Cable for Gas Tube Sign Cable, single core, flexible, insulation in silicone rubber. Integral Sleeve - Made in Italy, NOT China! - 250' Black Roll - UL File E1913971 - CSA MC 212445 - Rated for 15,000 VAC, -50˙C to 150˙C - Conforms to UL Standard 814 for gas tube sign ignition cable - UL 879 These are now sold through our Online Shopping Cart or feel free to order by phone or contact us with any questions (858) 880-1400 or
  11. Just a heads up....Plasco Trim will have a price increase starting in March 2016
  12. With the holidays coming, there are super cute travel bags with such amazing goodies inside! Cannot go wrong with Younique!! Hugs ya'll and enjoy your weekend!!
  13. That's crazy.....
  14. Happy Friday Ladies!!! This post is just for you......none work related! Sounds good right! This post is all about skincare and cosmetics......just for "us" ladies! Have you ladies heard of Younique Products? Over the summer I was introduced to Younique Cosmetics. Mind you, I have super sensitive skin so for me to try something new, I was very reluctant! But what the heck, I'll give it a shot. So after a few months of using Younique, I fell in love with ALL their Products and have become one of their Presenters. Crazy? Me selling cosmetics....who in the hell would had ever thought I do such a thing? But guess what? I love it!!!!! I am super excited about this next adventure with Younique and wanted to share with ALL YOU LADIES OUT THERE!!! When ladies have a moment, take a peak at my site most popular products are the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara (makes your eyes pop...what a difference this mascara is..WOW!) then there is the Lucrative Lip-gloss, I mean, who doesn't love lip-gloss?...I always have one on hand in my purse or truck. It's one of those items I don't leave home without. Most important, I am really pleased with the skincare line (facial cleanser, moisturizer etc..) this is so important especially with aging. I am all about taking care of my skin...... Ladies, Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and THANK YOU for letting me share my new journey with YOU!!!! Hugs and kisses to you all.......
  15. Who is asking that?..