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  1. Supposed to be 7 foot tall, but the city just said they needed to reduce the square footage. So it may be a non issue after all Thanks!
  2. Rocco, this is a very rudimentary sketch. I am not an artist with pen and paper. basically, the mount holes are in line, and you measure from center to the distance that intersects the string then this is where your mount will be, it is very accurate. the same for the power holes. Oh, the drawing does not show the distance from center the line of the mounts are, but that is a known number, given when the layout is done. Scan_20240708.pdf
  3. I have a large set of letters coming up, and I want to install with a string pattern, simply because wind will be an issue. Does anyone have a drawing I can use, to show the customer (National) what I want? And would you be willing to let me share it with them? I could draw one up, but I am just being lazy I guess. Thanks
  4. Years ago, I saw a tool advertised that would slip between the socket, and the lamp base. Then you could pry up, to remove a tube was slightly too long, because of a sagging lamp track. Anyone remember this, or where I might find one? I have been having a lot of lamps this way lately, and I want a faster, safer way, than how I have to do it now. Or should I just take a prybar, and grind it into what I want. Probably cheaper, but I like rewarding those who actually do make things like this. TIA
  5. Anybody start on these yet? There must be 20,000 locations. Plenty for everyone. The new Brand is Truist. I am wondering who the National is
  6. That is just insane. I am mostly nuts, But I do not think I could run it all the way up, before I had to turn in my Man card.
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