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  1. We use Oracal, have used it for several years with good results, laminate with Oracal 290.
  2. I've been using Cyrious for 9 years. We are a small shop, 6 employees, full service shop, everything from vinyl to hi-rise signs. Much better than what we had before, price books that we made with a spreadsheet, electric and custom projects all estimated by me figuring everything by hand. It takes a great deal of time to input everything into the system, but the accuracy of what you get out is a reflection of the effort and thoroughness of what you put into it. I also customized some of the pricing forms to work better for us. Makes you much more consistent on pricing, no matter who is doing it. Also lets you know your margin at the press of a key. Also like the fact that I can set pricing levels, so for those customers that are slow to pay (and that is easy to see with this software) you can automatically set their pricing higher and they don't even know you did it. There is a learning curve and I implemented it back in 2009 when things were slow for a reason. I didn't want my people to be swamped and reverting back to the way we had always done it. Although I heard a lot of grumbling when we started, no one here would go back to the way we did it before. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  3. 3M's information says ambient temperature and face material should be at least 45 degrees. Also says if it is less than 60 degrees you will probably have to re-stretch when temperature climbs above 60. I've found it extremely hard to get wedge clamps on when it's cold, especially when it is a vinyl face. It usually takes twice as long to puts the clamps on and stretch it in cold weather, and you probably didn't bid it for the extra time. I've got 5 hi-rise flex faces to install right now and my customers are agravating the crap out of me, but I refuse to do it this time of the year.
  4. Been extremely cold here in Kentucky. Had slick road several days so far this year. We've only worked outside 5 1/2 days so far this year and we had the entire month of January booked in early December. We have installs out the wazoo and about 40 service tickets, everyone's complaining, but tough shit. I don't put my trucks on the road when it is slick, and I won't ask my guys to go out in weather I won't go out in. They'll just have to wait.
  5. Anyone know who manufactures the Culver's Restaurant signs?
  6. Anybody know who builds the Wendy's signs. I need to give the state highway department a replacement cost for moving a Wendy's sign for a road move.
  7. Mr. Eugene;


    If the sign face you are refering to, is a Sprint/Nextell sign group ~ then your point of contact for a replacement, would be Chandler Signs, whose fabrication shop/Headquarters, is in Dallas, Tx.

    Chandler, did the nationwide Sprint/Nextell changer over back in 2006 - 2007.


    Very Respectfully,


    J. Gary Bodnar

  8. Anyone know who makes the Sprint signs? I am needing a new sign face for the Sprint logo in a set of channel letters.
  9. anyone know what type of tensioning system this is? I have a customer requesting new flex faces in a sign. All of the clamps are laying in the bottom of the sign, who ever put the last faces in, just used screws to fasten the faces. Looked like shit from day 1. This used to be a KFC sign.
  10. southernsigns, we have been profitable from day 1, with the exception of 2011, when we had a break even year. I just had my first full weekend off since the first of last October, actually took four days. Spent them with my son, brother and friends, attending a Nascar race weekend, consuming a lot of adult beverages. Feeling much better, didn't spend any time thinking about the business. But this week will be a bitch, have to make up for the days I was off, plus all the new stuff that will be coming in. I used to love to work and enjoyed lots of it. Now not so much, pretty much dread seeing Monday come. Think some of that comes with age, I'll be 59 soon, just can't go like I used to. Also think you lose some of the motivation when you don't owe the bank every dime you can make. I've been out of debt, both business & personally for several years, I'm in good financial shape, so I just don't feel the need to work as hard.
  11. Wish hiring another person would relieve this situation. But it's not that simple, really need another crew, that means another truck, inventory and tools. At my age I just don't want to go in debt. I'm debt free and have been for awhile, no desire to ever go into debt again. Also trying to find decent help is almost impossible. Part of the reason we are currently in this shape, was it took me almost 7 months to find my latest hire. Either they can't pass a drug screen, their driving record is so bad you can't insure them or they don't really want to work. Interviewed numerous people, couldn't believe how many told me they wouldn't work over 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day, no weekends and no nights. There are just some jobs that require after hours and weekend work, no way around that. Also, when you are 1 1/2 hours away from the shop and you like an hour being done, you can't quit and come back the next day, it just isn't feasible. I agree Chubby, the cheap customers are always almost impossible to please. I've tried to weed out most of those, but sometimes a few slip thru. We do a lot of work for the good nationals as well, I don't deal with the bad ones, weeded them out long ago. Some of the nationals we work for just don't want to take no for an answer when you tell them you can't take on more work. Can't really afford to lose them. We have a good reputation with the nationals, we do it the right way, get their documentation the way they want it and we meet their schedules. I think that is one of the reasons we keep getting more of their work. Kind of a catch 22. I'm not like some of my competitors, if I give a customer a date, I intend to meet that date. Some of my competitors will promise a job in two weeks, knowing they won't get to it for two months, just to get the job, I don't do that. On top of that my lead installer is concerned about us meeting our customers expectations as well. So we both wind up stressed. Everyone says it must be great to be so busy, and it is to an extent. But being overwhelmed is just as stressful as being short of work.
  12. Anyone else suffering burn out? I am absolutely wore out, tired of the continuous hassles, customers that expect us to have it done done before they even know what they want. For the last 2 1/2 years we have worked 6 days a week, most every week, and have even worked a few 7 day weeks. My week's average at least 75 hours and I am getting too damn old for this, the last few weeks just dread getting up to go into work. Everyone expects immediate responses on everything. I get requests for quotes on new signs and structures at 4pm and they say they have to have it no later than 9am the next day. Customers expect same day service on service calls. It seems our society today thinks everything is like the internet, I can just push a button, and it magically appears. The ones that push the hardest to get it early and call you everyday until it is installed, suddenly can't answer the phone when it comes time to collect the balance on the invoice. Most customers are always trying to beat you up on price and there is always some asshole that doesn't have a clue what it cost him to operate, or uses absolute junk to build his signs is practically giving it away. Customers don't want to give you a budget, afraid you will consume it all. I get tired of the customer that wants 14 or 15 36" channel letters on a raceway, that after you give them a quote, says they only have $1500.00 budgeted for their sign. Why in the hell can't you tell me that up front, quit wasting my time quoting something you can't afford. I can get them a sign of some sort, but they are not going to get a lighted sign of any kind installed for $1500.00. Some days I just want to look the doors and say the hell with it. If I didn't have employees depending on me for a paycheck, I would have probably already done that. But I've got long term employees that are good, loyal employees and I would never do that to them. Okay, rant's over, back to work I must go. If you have any solutions, please send them my way.
  13. I agree on the Graphtec. I have two that run all day everyday. Never a minutes trouble.
  14. Chubby try McHenry Industries out of Youngstown Ohio. I've used them for several projects, decent prices and good quality. My contact is Shannon Kays [shannon@mchenryindustries.com].
  15. Me either. And if I won't do it, I won't send my men out either. I won't ask my men to do something I myself am not willing to do. That includes any kind of conditions.
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