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  1. Anybody do work for these guys? National Services, Inc. P.O. Box 71010 Phoenix, AZ 85050
  2. Established full service shop seeking skilled fabricator/installer in Manchester, NH area. Top pay for qualified individual. This is 50% in the shop building signs and the other half on the road doing surveys, service and installs. We build high end exterior signs and awnings. Minimum 5-7 years in the sign trade required.
  3. How is everybody dividing up the lamps in the box? Just stuffing the boxes in or has someone come up with a good idea for separating? I need to make a new one for my service truck too. I once saw a truck with 2" pvc pipe stacked inside the crossbody but that seemed a little much.
  4. A new Wilkie 52xlr- The best serivce and light install truck for the money- Won't lift as much as my Elliot but will carry way more stuff and lift higher than my 35' bucket. And 40k cheaper than an Elliot L55.
  5. Get paid yet? They want me to work for them.
  6. Eric, whats your beef with chemcast GP? I was a tried and true Acrylite SG customer for years but have switched to the less expensive Chemcast GP for basic faces (I still use SG on any channel cabinets). I haven't had any issues yet with the chemcast but would would like to know what problems you have had. I have 4 sheets here ready to go on a job-
  7. I have a client here in NH that is opening up a business in Newport Richie Florida. Anybody have a contact down there that leases billboards? Justin@sousasigns.com
  8. justin, how is the elliot treating you? The elliot is OK- but very expensive to keep up. I have about $25,000 in repairs on the dam thing- How is my old skyhook? I miss being 64' up on a round tube!
  9. Back when my dad started our shop in 1974 he was getting $475 to do 2 sides of a van for an electrical contractor. Belive it or not, we still have the account, the logo never changed, we have been doing it in vinyl since the mid-80's and guess what- I am still getting $475! My dad put $450 in his pocket for a days work and a thimble full of paint. Man I wish I was doing this back then. The Gerber 4B changed the business forever, and the new printes have only made it worse.
  10. You are getting $135hr for 1 man and a 35' service truck????
  11. Cool Idea. That is a perfect application for all those left over modules. I think I saw your trucks in a trade mag last year- you have some bad-ass rigs!
  12. Work great- we have a few. Be careful with a 18V impact driver. The torque tends to snap the inner workings (like if you drive a #12 self tapper into 1/4" aluminum without a predrill).
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