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    Bringing Healthy Alternatives to products used in homes/offices every day!

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    Buckets to crane trucks - we are a full service lighting & sign company serving the southwest from our offices in Arizona, California and Las Vegas
  1. So, were they window washers doing sign work or sign guys washing windows? Many a sign guy in the last 25 years has told me they can do "anything"...
  2. This is listed as "Freak Accident" - but I see from some of the readers that it is an entirely "Preventable Accident" and so I'm passing this article on to our safety person!
  3. Sign-Guy - It says you've started a new personal message with me, but I can't locate it - so tell me - how do we know each other?

  4. http://distinctinspirations.wordpress.com/ http://distinctinspirations.toxinchecklist.com/ This is my blog & my website and I invite you to check it out! This was from last weekend's posting, but I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow along on my journey! Just curious – I am going to be working the majority of the weekend and sometimes it feels like it never stops. But I have to see the bigger picture of things. I have to see the end-game. I keep telling myself that I do. But why are so many people willing to "say" they want to do the extra work necessary to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move ahead for themselves and their families or whatever it is that is important to them, but unwilling to actually do the work? Have I written on this before? I feel like it's something that just grinds me over and over. It's not like it is only the younger generation or the Gen Y or the Gen X or even the baby boomer generation. Are people tired or are they less motivated today than before? Yesterday I read in Penelope Trunk's blog about her farmer and how he views things today – she writes, "I asked the farmer how he gets the cows to go to the corral. He says he used to try to force them. And it was always frustrating because they didn't want to go. He was always fighting against them. Now he tells himself he has an infinite amount of time. He tells himself it doesn't matter when he gets them in the corral as long as he's making progress. Sometimes he loses one or two cows as he's going, but he knows they'll come later if he gets the rest of them. And sometimes, if a cow isn't coming with the rest, he tries to get her to go the opposite direction, away from the herd, and it confuses her so much that she follows the herd. The farmer tells me that he stays calm and tells himself he just needs to be making progress." Image via Wikipedia I think I would like her farmer…But, maybe I need to just learn from what she has shared about him in this post.  "How to know if you're making progress". I don't very often refer people to a Penelope Trunk blog because, for me, she goes a little over the top, but I still find myself reading it and finding things to use in everyday ways. I want people to be successful and I want to help them – yes, I do believe in "Pay It Forward". I am willing to work for others to be successful – we are in this together; or is that what we've forgotten? There are alternative ways to be successful and we all measure success with different metrics. Cover of Pay it Forward So, me & Penelope's farmer are going to just keep doing what we do and I'm going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that as long as I keep moving forward I'm making progress. Then the other things will all come along – eventually. http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2010/10/27/how-to-know-if-youre-making-progress/ http://lifehacker.com/5655001/why-hunting-down-a-dream-job-can-hurt-your-career
  5. That's odd because back on July 29, 2009 the Sign Syndicate indicated that Lon Maxey, Founder of General Sign in MO died at the age of 90 and now he's alive and 94???
  6. hi there Drive By - I just wanted to say hello and hope you'll become a "friend" here - If you need service/install out here in AZ & CA - please let me know - we have 8 offices and multiple service techs and install crews running out of each branch. Call me or email me if we can be of service - 602-323-8677 or gpitts@fluoresco.com!!! I look forward to hearing from y...

  7. GARY - Where is the information you told me to look for?

  8. Fluoresco Lighting & Signs, established in 1961, is a leader in the industry of lighting & sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.Fluoresco Lighting & Signs, established in 1961, is a leader in the industry of lighting & sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Fluoresco is built on a foundation of professionalism and strategic growth. With nine offices in three Western states, Fluoresco has established itself as a benchmark of providing quality products and services. Our focus on Customer Satisfaction has been the key to our success. Fluoresco Lighting & Signs is currently looking to fill the following position in our Oakland Branch: Signage Project Manager Duties include: 􀂃 Manage high profile sign manufacturing and installation projects 􀂃 Manage contracts and project Timelines 􀂃 Manage project costs and protect project profitability expectations 􀂃 Excellent communication skills--internal and external 􀂃 Proficient Microsoft Excel, Word, Project and Outlook knowledge is required 􀂃 Ability to provide customer solutions and meet deadlines 􀂃 Must be familiar with sign manufacturing basics 􀂃 Will work safely and efficiently Requirements: 􀂃 Knowledge of general construction, drawings, engineering and manufacturing 􀂃 Previous experience in the sign industry helpful 􀂃 Experience in managing prevailing wage projects helpful 􀂃 Ability to adapt to and comply with specific company processes and procedures for project management Fluoresco offers a competitive compensation package. Additional benefits include: health/dental benefits, holiday/vacation/sick pay, Employee Assistance Program and 401K plan. Candidate must pass drug and background screening prior to hire. You may apply online at www.fluoresco.com. Click on the tab Career Opportunities. Fluoresco Lighting & Signs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports a drug-free workplace.
  9. Guess drinks are on me boys and girls - - Won't be in SD...:-(
  10. Oh man...promo didn't come with any perks other than the Distinct Privilege or working with all of you again. Sorry - house buys! :-)
  11. Well - if getting to work with all of you yahoo's again is a promotion - then that is what it is!!! I love it!!! Drinks for everyone on Westcoast Sign Guy!!! (Heard he's really got it goin' on!) What is a Teh Bartender though? - Westcoast - ya gotta fix that dude!
  12. I have been given THE best job in the INDUSTRY!!! I am now the Ship-In Install Manager for all of the Fluoresco branches. I will be your point of contact for ANY and ALL jobs you want us to install for you! From Survey to Permits to Installation - We are your one stop shop for Arizona and California. This is how it will work - email me with any questions or forms you need completed to include me on your bid list... Email me I truly look forward to once again working closely with all of you...I am here to help!!! Glenda Pitts Ship-In Install Manager Fluoresco Lighting & Signs 602-323-8677 602-470-1313 fax
  13. I've worked with FSG - good company - solid base. I thought Empire Facilities had gone out of biz. Guess I was wrong. What company is calling you?
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