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  1. your customer, your problem. I deal with you, you owe me.
  2. okay it's been a few years since I was taken by Skylift for a joy ride. I think it's time to make people aware again. I am still getting emails of people hoping I can help because they also got taken. Do I need to make a video???? Send me footage of your junk box by our friends at Skylift BTW- Elliott feel free to send me a sample of a new V60 (on a dodge) or L60 for a sample to show in my video.
  3. Thats because a “service coordinations company” called and said we will give you 300 shinny bucks NTE
  4. sometimes you just have to let the competition weed themselves out
  5. You have to do tape and silicone together always, many facilities drop the temperature over night to save energy and all the signs fall off the wall.
  6. looks like he is selling elliott and manitex now in NC Sam Marcum Southern Crane Trucks.
  7. Yes. The best site. Also remember to stay away from Sam Marcum or Icrane or Skylift. I’m not sure what other names he has, just be careful .
  8. Common sense is free and some people refuse to use it. To me it looks like they were trying to get famous on YouTube
  9. somebody new what was going to happen, they were already filming. Trying to get famous on youtube?
  10. I haven't had much to say lately but I figure I'll share thisI haven't had much to say lately but I figure I'll share this .
  11. sorry guys lately i get a template when I have to spell, i got into sign installation / maintenance because i was never in skool when they told me to go.
  12. We got free health care and dental for immigrants, you do not need to work here, its all free. If we don't have affordable housing available we will give you a fancy hotel downtown so it is very convenient for you to hang out all day and watch us work. Just say you are trying to find yourself and adjust to the change.
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