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  1. Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    Common sense is free and some people refuse to use it. To me it looks like they were trying to get famous on YouTube
  2. Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    somebody new what was going to happen, they were already filming. Trying to get famous on youtube?
  3. Install Only Company

    You bet you can
  4. Its been a while

    I haven't had much to say lately but I figure I'll share thisI haven't had much to say lately but I figure I'll share this .
  5. sorry guys lately i get a template when I have to spell, i got into sign installation / maintenance because i was never in skool when they told me to go.
  6. We got free health care and dental for immigrants, you do not need to work here, its all free. If we don't have affordable housing available we will give you a fancy hotel downtown so it is very convenient for you to hang out all day and watch us work. Just say you are trying to find yourself and adjust to the change.
  7. How is it going up there?  Are you back in full operation ?  Any new trucks ?

    1. Signworksinc


      Hi Paul hope you are well, we've been keeping busy with the auger truck (single bucket) and mall/ladder jobs, haven't picked up a double bucket truck yet our dollar is terrible.  My shop isn't up yet, still fight with insurance to clean up the contaminated soil.

  8. New Installation Method

    I vote installer didn't get paid
  9. Anybody reconize this truck

    I repoed electrical parts at Karate school that wouldn't pay, not thinking at all. I got everything out on a Sunday at 6am. I cant sleep when people piss me off. A few months later a crack head breaks into a karate school and gets the crap kick out of him. I thought what kind of an idiot would do that. I guess its all timing, you have to do your repo's early a.m., people that owe money usually sleep in everyday, thats why they owe money.
  10. Anybody reconize this truck

    There is easier stuff to steal, I vote a. repo by unpaid installer
  11. Electric Bird Strips

    i would disable it and use spikes