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  1. We use Cirrus out of New Hampshire which is another U.S. made system and they have great customer service and warranty on their product - our customers that can not afford watchfires are happy with this emc - they have financing as well
  2. We just did a Burger King and all the signage came from Entera Signs out of Panama City, FL 850-392-0722 Our contact from Entera is Alan Bryant his office number is 850-392-0799 maybe he can help you or point you in right direction
  3. Any work we have done for Dicks has been through Image One out of Bensalem, Pa. - mostly service work though
  4. Walden Galleria Mall - Pyramid Mgt. Clay Hoffman - 716-681-7600 ( we are on their approved vendor list and meet their insurance requirements) (our customer) Buffalo Bills - Joe Frandina - 716-648-1800 (our customer) Buffalo Bisons -our customer M&T Bank - Keybank - Northwest Savings Bank Zoom Tan - we are just finishing fabricating and installing for 14 different locations -Christina Holden - christina@zoomtan.com - our customer Tesla - Cheryl Blackwell - chblackwell@tesla.com Please visit our website at www.flexlume.com We have done work at the Bouleva
  5. hi Angie, We are right in the city of Buffalo and we have been around for over 114 years - work with most malls in the area - fabrication, installation and service. can send you some references if you like. thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Being you have never done work for this company before, it is definitely not out of line to request a deposit - we are even starting to do that with the national sign companies we do work with, if especially they pay in 60 to 90 days as we can not be have our monies tied up that long if it is a big job. like the other person said, if they can't pay the deposit they can't pay the balance,. you know on a job that size their customer had to give them a deposit.
  7. my daugher said our whole house was shaking for a couple of minutes in the Tonawanda, N.Y. area, but we didn't feel anything in Buffalo
  8. We received the same e-mail, don't know who they are- never heard of them. I do know after reading their service agreement we were kind of weary of signing it due to some of the wording in it- I asked questions, but they said they could not answer until the agreement was signed so we never responded - trying to do a little more research on them first.
  9. We have done work for them for about 3 years now - they have paid in 45 to 60 days and always on time!Nice people to do work for - we have always charged them our regular service and installation rates, our reps have never even questioned our rates - they normally give us a do not exceed amount and if we are going over that then we call in for authorization.
  10. I agree and they also give you a lifetime warranty on their letters as well - we just replaced gemini plastic letters for a customer that had been on their building for 10 years - letter cost - $0 that is amazing to me
  11. Why is he not allowed on Sign Syndicate any longer?
  12. We couldn't even pull our trucks out of the driveway for that - New York State sucks! what is your workmen's comp rate there? what is the cost of gasoline there? we have a formula we use to figure out what each man's cost is and then mark it up 50% and then we also calculate our gas and maintenance of our trucks into our rates as well on a yearly basis. if we didn't have a good customer base (repetitive) we wouldn't survive.
  13. sorry i should of clarified that this is our rate for 2 men - the only time we send one man out is for non-electrical work ( cleaning of signs, painting etc). Our rate for 1 man is 115.00 per hr. We have a great customer base (after 107 years in business )and we just raised our rates after 4 years due to wonderful New York State's workmens comp rate hike from 14.91 per hundred to 29.17 per hundred for our classification.
  14. we normally have a 30% markup on materials - 20% mark up on subcontract - our labor rate -135.00 per hr. 1 hr minimum on service with bucket plus travel time- 165.00 per hr for installations with bucket or crane - 2 hr minimum plus travel time - we have never charged anyone a service charge Thanks Michelle, To clarify, Is a 30% markup = to material cost x 130%? material cost x 30%
  15. we normally have a 30% markup on materials - 20% mark up on subcontract - our labor rate -135.00 per hr. 1 hr minimum on service with bucket plus travel time- 165.00 per hr for installations with bucket or crane - 2 hr minimum plus travel time - we have never charged anyone a service charge
  16. last year due to the economy we had to go to a 4 day work week and we were asked not to use time unless it was actually a vacation or personal day until things got better, which they have for now anyway
  17. isn't new york state wonderful - due to this increase we have had to increase our service and installation rates by 10.00 an hour each. the only thing we have going is we are in a really good safety group with a 25% discount and a great dividend every year. How about you? In a safety group?
  18. We let out employees do that, whether it be vacaction or personal time - they have accumulated it, they have earned it and as long as they put in for it on their time cards they get paid for it. the only thing we do not do is let them carry over their vacation time to the next year - all time must be used within the year.
  19. Flexlume Sign has been a part of WSA for over 20 yrs, and my boss has had an administrative role in our Division for the past two years, so if you have any specific questions about the organization let me know and I will send you his e-mail address. I have been at Flexlume for 15 years and it has been a great network of job opportunity and trust.
  20. we have had a 5M umbrella for 3 yrs now due to that most of our repetetive customers( our big customers are banks ) and they are asking for it -and it goes into our overhead. if it is only 1 customer requesting it and you don't do enough business with them to warrant it, why would you do it unless the amount of the job makes it worthwhile
  21. Looking for a company who manufactures sandblasted signs on the east coast - does anyone fabricate or who do you use - very limited in the Buffalo area. Thanks
  22. well i think it is because they are one of three companies, there is image care - east coast and then the parent company is icon. i think it's just a matter of being so big - when we call about invoicing we call icon, not image care. we have always gotten paid and we have done work for them for a few years now.
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