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  1. matthewota

    Going Green in Signage

    No photshopped signs either, right?
  2. I go here: Explore the 2017 NEC® It does not mention the section on toggle switches, not has the section on LED signage. And this is the NFPA site with NEC codes supposedly
  3. I sent you an email on September 24th. I have yet to hear from you.
  4. We have difficulties with Communist China that are outside of the sign industry world. ON a basic level, their form of government is rife with corruption that is endemic to their entire economy.
  5. I have had trouble with one particular sign shop that have given me checks that bounced and promises to pay that fell through. I finally told them I would not draw for them anymore. They relented now by paying me an advance on future work. They paid me $200 and I will give them $200 worth of work then demand more advance.
  6. U.S. Sign designers need an organization, a guild, and dare I might say even a union. Sign designers in the larger sign companies are overworked and underpaid. Would you work for $14 an hour in the high cost of living Los Angeles basin? I sure as hell won't.
  7. Most sign company owners and brokers honor the work of designers whether the job sells or not. However, some people refuse to pay for designs even after the designer has invested many hours and work into the project. When a salesman fails to sell a job it is not the concern or fault of the designer. Regardless of the outcome of the project, the designer should be compensated for his work. It is grossly unfair to refuse to pay for work. Sign designers do not sell signs, they sell sign drawings and designs. Pay us accordingly! https://www.nospec.com/
  8. Me too. As a vendor to sign shops and corporations, I want written instructions when it comes to making sign drawings. Verbal instructions can be forgotten. They do not hold up in court, either. I need written instructions on drawings and that is what I get, through email and redlined drawings.
  9. There is also a Sign Design Society in the UK: http://www.signdesignsociety.co.uk/ We do not have an equivalent Sign Design Association here in the USA. We need one. Just for sign designers.
  10. For those of you that saw the news report posting about the Palm Tree Sign in Anchorage Alaska, here is the video that Denali Disposal made about it. http://denalidisposal.com/the-palm-tree/
  11. A client I work with uses an online project management system called ProWorkFlow: Pro Work Flow
  12. A client I work with uses an online project management system called ProWorkFlow: www.proworkflow.com/try/?gclid=CjwKCAjw75HWBRAwEiwAdzefxF_TBJPDdyOiORZtuYx6xGcT3LKZogNyRfCIfVZ7IgbGy-b2YxJDyBoCKn8QAvD_BwE#
  13. I have tried repeatedly for you to pay on the invoice that I have submitted over and over again. It is advisable that you try to maintain your business integrity by paying your suppliers

    Signmakers Invoice 00005 02 16 18.xlsx

  14. Like it or not, neon is dying. One shop that I work with still has a tube bender. But the majority of the neon work is for repairing or retrofitting old neon signs. Heck, even the neon signs on his store are broken and he does not bother to fix them. I attended the latest NBM show in Long Beach. THere was NOT ONE neon display or vendor. It as all LEDs.
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