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  1. Not to be insensitive to the areas hit harder by Covid 19, we have been virtually unphased by any of it as of yet.  I know we are blessed and fortunate, and am deeply saddened by the affects of my brothers and sisters in the sign business that I'm hearing about here and thru LinkedIn.  Hang in there gang, it has to get better, you just gotta believe that.


  2. We're sanitizing like crazy here as well. I've asked the outside guys to have as little contact with people as possible. Asking stores to turn on sign circuits whenever possible and not passing work orders for sign-offs. Of course we're doing an install today and the national PM emails and says to be sure and get a sign off 🙄. I guess the 20 pictures of the 3x7 wall cabinet they require won't suffice. Needless to say after an email explaining our new policy, they were ok with it. Our phones have slowed down substantially as well. Of course the nationals are still hammering 2-3x per day as if they are our only clients and we we sit and wait for their calls. Who can pass up a 2 hour survey an hour and a half away with a NTE of $150? 🙂 What's amazed me is just how fast everything has come to a screeching halt. Lets all stay safe and sanitary. This too shall pass.
  3. We’re in uncharted territory with this one I’m afraid. What are all of you guys doing about this? Our governor (Alabama) has issued a state of emergency, schools are closing for 2 weeks (toss spring break in and it’s 3) Everyone has been asked to “social distance” themselves. I’m not a doctor but I do feel this is more serious than a cold and could end up really bad if we don’t take some precautions. In what I’ve read and deciphered for myself, cleaning, hand washing and social distancing seem to be the best way to slow this down. We all know we don’t have the joy of working remotely. Signs aren’t going to install or repair themselves. But we also have a responsibility to our clients and employees. What have you guys planned out? I imagine we’ll take it day it day by day, but if this things starts spreading like wildfire, we may not have a choice but to close for a bit. (Italy)
  4. We are a small, 3rd Generation family run shop in North Alabama in need of a service / installation technician. Good driving record Previous experience NO travel required If interested, please reply below or email carlmcmas@aol.com
  5. We are a small, 3rd Generation family run shop in North Alabama in need of a service / installation technician. Good driving record Previous experience NO travel required If interested, please reply below or email carlmcmas@aol.com
  6. We've done several for Design Team Signs out of Savannah, Tn
  7. http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/watch-people-other-industries-react-hilariously-being-asked-free-spec-work-167945 How many times have we, as sign professionals been asked for concept drawings or sketches with the hope of getting the job if the client likes it. I wish I could say I've never done it, but I have. This was just too good not to share.
  8. A train wheel. No kidding. Came out of a 3' hole we augered. We were about a mile away from the nearest train tracks...
  9. We have a 6x10 PVI that is being used as a table. Everything still works well. It doesn't have the automatic clamping system, we've always used vice grips. Anybody with any idea what it may be worth?
  10. Isn't that the truth. My grandfather who started this place had a saying very similar. "No need in being tired and hungry both". Some of these nationals floor me.
  11. carlmcmas


  12. Not out a dime. I know you have to list everyone as additional insured now. I just hate doing it for lots of companies we may never do anything for. I just didn't know if anyone's agent had advised against it. This was about ten years ago when ours said that. He was a real old school kind of guy. Thanks!
  13. Like many of you, we do our fair share of subcontract work. I know when our Work Comp is close to expiration my email will be blowing up with requests for COI's. Not a big deal. Here is where I would like you guys opinion. Just now I recieve an email. We need your COI. Ok. I respond, attach our COI and we're done with it. Two seconds later I recieve an email saying we didn't list X company as additional. I let them know if they have a project they would like us to work on, I have no problem listing them. Years ago our agent told us this was basically letting them have free insurance and exposing ourselves. What do you guys do? I hate being a jerk about things, but I don't want to list X company as additional insured if we never do anything for them. This particular company told me I was now removed from their list.
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