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  1. Non Illum here for us. We dont have retail customers and are back in a industrial court and trying to stay low key. Expanding again soon and hope to do the whole corporate thing with flags in the front yard and helipad :-)
  2. Sall Pat Crocker Eng. does a ton of work for sign companies. He also understands signs and does not go overboard with complications. decent price as well. http://www.crockerengineers.com/
  3. Okie Dokie boys and girls, when describing aluminum faces with the letters cut out and backed up with plex is the proper term "routed" or "routered" ? Or is it a regional thing?
  4. We are seeking a CNC programmer. our CNC routers and channel letter bender, plotter, printer and more. We are one of the largest shops in the region and are continually growing. We are in St. Louis County . Experienced only apply. Send resume attention Steve Amrein to samrein@ufbfab.com
  5. I havent had to deal with cranes in 15-20 years but I thought that aerial equip had to be inspected by a 3rd party. Either poor install. improper bolt sizing or severe rust. All preventable.
  6. We have had multiple machines and still use the old ones in a emergency. We bought our from International Welding Technologies in Jersey. It works far better than any other brand we have owned. Better weld with the least amount of work on the face. They also have good pricing on consumables.
  7. Great article, well thought out and written. I agree on the shipping portion as neon is always a issue in shipping. Also the amount of qualified neon shops has diminished by 80+ % or more. I also think as time goes on fewer shops will be able to diagnose and repair neon fluorescent and HID signs. Eventually it will be so bad that some towns wont have a way to service anything but LED's. As we have spoken about before I have wondered if light degradation and the importance is a huge issue. Not that it fixes the problem but likely most storefront shops wont survive 5 years, will have moved or have rebranded. Lastly I agree wholeheartedly about trade mags and associations. Harder to stand up to your friends then enemies.
  8. About 10 years ago we contacted Wade @ SOT about doing a artical for the mag. After initial discussion we were given a go to start the article. We took pics and did a nice job giving a tutorial of how the sign was built giving out tips. We then got the text to fit their criteria and had the pics cropped and fixed to go with the article. This sign BTW is the one in my avatar which is on a landmark building and the sign is a landmark. Even on the opening had the mayor and local news along with a hundred or so people to see the sign fire up. Anyway the gave excuse after excuse as months went by until finally they said the sign had been up so long the article was no longer relevant. At the time It kinda made sense until I spoke with one of my colleagues who had a sign up before ours and a articles after our wasnt relevant. Turns out he used LEDS that so happened to be a big advertiser and who also had submitted the project. Hmmmm. I do have to give SS a Jab as one of the members asked about a CNC letter bender. A few folks including myself answered only to be rebutted by one of SS advertisers and basically turned into a advertisement for his product.........
  9. We also silicone every LED on both sides as its possible for the vhb tape to fail. We caulk the seams between the returns and backs for both clinched or welded letters. On a side note LED's that have the "circuit board" look always look cheap to me and not really a sign component. Lastly when this fails how do the get warranty replacements? I know of a company no longer in business that did a massive change over and 3 months later it had over a 80 percent failure rate. When it was time to start getting warranty and replacements the company did nothing leaving him to replace it all 600+k worth out of pocket. Kind of like buying a rolex out of a guys trunk at the gas station. I only buy LED's and electric parts from someone who can and will either replace or will be writing checks to fix the problem. Just like the allanson trans thread I dont give a rip about the transformer cost I acre about the service call cost and my rep as a wholesale builder.
  10. Ok I will bite. I feel they do cover sign companies in the USA quite well. I do wish they would showcase some actual shops and personnel instead of featuring signs that use products that are major advertisers. Other than electrical components at least for us are mainly assembled using USA based materials and machinery.
  11. We have a agent that shops both our Liability and W/C every time it comes due. We have no events and are in the best brackets. Dont just renew every year. We had the same carrier for years and our ex lazy brooker never did anything for us. We tried our current guy and he cut rates buy a lot and kept the same carrier for W/C. Shop Shop Shop !
  12. Well its that time of year again that we need to start getting the word out on our 5th annual show. Its been growing every year !! Looking to have a few live demo's this year added as well as some adult beverages. We are bringing in attendees from farther away as we expand as well. Admission is free to attendees along with food, drink and great raffle prizes. We have vendor opportunities available too. If you have questions or comments feel free to hit me up 314-426-2162
  13. Update !!!! We have already got the first check back from them. The are doing as promised.
  14. Okay, We just got our shipping baskets, I think 8 or so. They are quick to respond so I hope they work out. We have not sent any back yet or have gotten any $$ yet. United Plastics 847-336-3080