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  1. I dont understand, We had a EPA volunteer audit and DA came up and is not considered Haz waste. Laq thinner yes.
  2. Ask the paint reps if they will warranty their product for that use and the answer will tell you all you need to know.
  3. Turn that shit inside out or see ya tomorrow. Safety begins with the company and employees not lawyers. The only prey off those suffering.
  4. The Tri States was a success. More vendors than ever as well as attendees. They had folks from TX, MO AR, OK, KS and I would guess others. One thing I dont understand is that within a 2 -5 hour drive 1000's of sign shops and so few companies attend. I am on here and FB and other groups and evryday people are looking for products sign and info on a consistent basis. These regional shows are free and just mini ISA shows and I think the attendance should be 10 x what it is.
  5. Wow that is terrible news. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends.
  6. Hi guys hope a bunch from here are going to the Tri State Sign Expo August 8th - 10th. We will have a booth #125 . Be sure to come to the Auction and Banquet on Friday and always a great time at the pool party after the show. https://tristatesignexpo.com/
  7. 1st of all while its great to use as an excuse. I am not sure as what I would like to consider myself a legitimate business that excuse to not pay does not fly. I cant use that excuse with Grimco, Glantz aluminum suppliers , Ford , the bank. Hmmm I will just have to put on my big boy pants and get into the line of credit. Our large signs we are using our money for 60-90 days by the time the project starts through delivery then getting paid. Besides what if they never get paid. Nope sorry thats not how this works.
  8. Haha we hired a Fab guy a few years back like that. It sucks that you wasted the time effort and money but it will be funny after a bit.
  9. BTW this is a nationwide epidemic getting skilled labor and people that will work.
  10. We rarely hire from within the industry, unless we poach them from another shop.
  11. Hey All, Just finished a video for UFB. What do you think. https://vimeo.com/336168038
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