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  1. Solar powered LEDs for sign use

    https://jstechnologiesinc.com/ is the system I was speaking about. They have lots of stuff in the field and what we will use when needed
  2. Solar powered LEDs for sign use

    I know that Tubeliite sign supply came here to the shop and our show and had a pretty cool system. It was scalable to meet electric load requirement. We have not used one yet but it would have been pretty cool.
  3. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    To follow that line of thought I would bet that 90% of equipment, material or assembled with stuff from offshore
  4. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Well 15 minutes from the shop is Granite City steel. It has been closed during the last president's term. They are re-opening as we speak. From my understanding is that almost all aluminum sheet goods are imported. How as a country did we let this happen. My dad retired from Mcdonnell Douglas/Boeing. It was his 3rd job after pumping gas. Now the Government has gave contracts to build fighter jets to other countries. Is Airbus going to build the next Airforce 1? We have to recover from a service industry style job future. Need to start teaching kids in Jr and Sr High school how to work for a living and that moms basement until you are 36 is not a career. EVERY company owner I talk to is begging for new employees that can work.
  5. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    So it seems that even though the American mills did not have any cost increase it seems as though they look as an excuse to raise prices. We buy a pretty large amount locally I was wondering who the SS folks are using either regionally or nationally. As we have our delivery trucks from coast to coast rather then dead head back we can pick up 10 - 20,00 pounds on the way back. Places we have buy us and have bought from Eastern. Alro and Haggerty. We have tried to follow most companies and use the lean way of bringing in stock say 100 sheets at a time but we need to re visit this. BTW if you have checked your prices in the last few days sit down. We figure between when we got a PO from the customer to ordering the material about a 5 G increase on 1 project.
  6. I'm new and have a question about trade shows

    We both attend and exhibit sign trade shows and some industrial equipment. We go to ISA when and buy the show special printer......
  7. My new desk lamp

    On Amazon prime I watched a movie called "Neon" Very good !!!!!
  8. My new desk lamp

    Finally got around to putting this letter back together. Porcelain Enamel that was taken down from the "Welcome to the Bagnell dam" sign by one of our good friends and customers John at signature signs. I think this was built in the 50's. I am sure it will outlast all of the LED's that we all installed today with a 60+ year head start.
  9. Hyundai Signs For Sale

    I dont know if they still do it but in the case of GM pole signs they would also have to show photos of the anchor bolts cut off and a good portion of the base demo'd
  10. Our new router

    Sawtrax 84'' high we have a speed cut also but its in the crating dept. Same size
  11. Our new router

    Our newest Router is just installed and up and running. 84''x144'' 11 station tool changer with a water cooled spindle. We replaced a 60''x120'' 8 station carousel tool changer (to small). The new one is parked next to out 14 year old machine that is still running and making $. Funny we were talking about how scared we were that the machine would not get used enough to justify the cost. Now between 3 machines we have 100 hours a week in routing time and impossible to do what we do. The new machine is a step up again in speed and efficiency. Sorry if I sound like a sales rep for them but they have not given me so much as a tshirt ..... We have never been sorry about purchasing equipment, scared when looking at a string of zeros on the cost though. It might not work that way for everyone but buy it and spend time on growing your biz and dont look back.
  12. Sign Syndicate Birthday & Christmas End of Year Sale

    BTW the Ushio LED "bulbs" are dimmable? What type of dimmer is best?
  13. Sign Syndicate Birthday & Christmas End of Year Sale

    Congrats on the 13 years !!!!! How time flies when you are having fun.....
  14. UFB Fab 2018 Sign Trade Show

    Unless a company/exhibitor has unlimited budget for show marketing it has to have a measured ROI. As far as a show goes it has to have something to see as an attendee and without attendees you won't have exhibitors. Kind of a chicken or the egg thing. Anyway here is a flyer of our show in Feb. BTW I am pretty sure the Tri-State Sign Association will have a meet and greet directly after the show. We would love to see the Sign Syndicate members stop by.
  15. SignComp

    We are an approved Signcomp fabricator. We have always ordered straight from Signcomp. The problem is we always had was waiting for the supply house to approve the order. Great company to work with.