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  1. We use Mathews. On a second note since its so much work to sand the edges and have them decent we switched to acrylic. A bit more money for matl but almost no prep labor
  2. I think it does not make a difference what continent its made on its how its made. This will include materials used eng. ,assy. methods and QC. I am not a fan of much not made in the states but I know the the good old USA can put out crap as well. I am no fan of China but to generalize is not always accurate.
  3. I do know shops that have Gerber and they also seem to like them. I only worry that Gerber came into the sign Biz like a lion with cutting edge technology 10-20 years ago and has not made any move forward since and everyone else has passed them by. On a second note none of these brands and others will not run without need of service. IMHO that is the key a 100 grand machine sitting is useless. I want parts the next day or the software glitch fixed in almost real time.
  4. I agree with the exception of get a 6' table. We end up cutting a fair amount of work for other shops that cant go above 4 or 5 feet wide. If you want to wait until Jan we are selling one of our older 5x10 Multicams to upgrade to a new 7x12 Multicam Apex
  5. I guess you got the same email special as me
  6. We just ordered our 4th Multicam. 84x144 bed with tool changer and so on. Just under a 100k with vacuum pump. All of our machines are Multicam. Was at another big shop a few weeks ago and they have 6. Ours run 8+ hours a day. Anything less is a hobby machine. By the best and only cry once.
  7. My customer lost a channel letter job to a company that did not pull any permits. The sign that went up was on a building directly adjacent to city hall where the inspectors showed up to work. My guy complained and they did nothing. Government at its finest...SMH
  8. Does the forum have a way to block forum members?
  9. Non Illum here for us. We dont have retail customers and are back in a industrial court and trying to stay low key. Expanding again soon and hope to do the whole corporate thing with flags in the front yard and helipad :-)
  10. Sall Pat Crocker Eng. does a ton of work for sign companies. He also understands signs and does not go overboard with complications. decent price as well. http://www.crockerengineers.com/
  11. Okie Dokie boys and girls, when describing aluminum faces with the letters cut out and backed up with plex is the proper term "routed" or "routered" ? Or is it a regional thing?
  12. We are seeking a CNC programmer. our CNC routers and channel letter bender, plotter, printer and more. We are one of the largest shops in the region and are continually growing. We are in St. Louis County . Experienced only apply. Send resume attention Steve Amrein to samrein@ufbfab.com
  13. I havent had to deal with cranes in 15-20 years but I thought that aerial equip had to be inspected by a 3rd party. Either poor install. improper bolt sizing or severe rust. All preventable.
  14. We have had multiple machines and still use the old ones in a emergency. We bought our from International Welding Technologies in Jersey. It works far better than any other brand we have owned. Better weld with the least amount of work on the face. They also have good pricing on consumables.