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  1. Haha we hired a Fab guy a few years back like that. It sucks that you wasted the time effort and money but it will be funny after a bit.
  2. BTW this is a nationwide epidemic getting skilled labor and people that will work.
  3. We rarely hire from within the industry, unless we poach them from another shop.
  4. Hey All, Just finished a video for UFB. What do you think. https://vimeo.com/336168038
  5. Years ago when I had a full service sign co. I did a sign for a city that was a welcome to.... I had to get sign permits but the public works dept was going to install the sign. I had to go before a sign/design review board. I only provided eng and shop drawings. They rejected it even though the city was going to install and do the planting. I laughed at them and said fine and to the cities purchasing dept they can handle it from here and will deliver the sign in a few weeks. Government at its finest
  6. So are your guys going directly to the jobsite in personal vehicles ? Are not all company/work vehicles insured? For example my personal truck may be on a jobsite with the purpose of hauling my ass only. I cant imagine they want to have the company to insure that. I would call your carrier to get clarification. Back when it was only me and my truck I had personal and a rider on delivered goods from the company. I would bet your agent and carrier can find a quick fix for this. If they cant I would also use this as a opportunity to shop my Ins carriers which includes Liability and workcomp. My agent shops EVERY renewal.
  7. So here is where I stand on this. I have to follow all City, County, State and Federal laws. I pay for workers comp and liability Ins. I pay Sales, Realestate, Corporate, Personal Property, Sales, Fuel, Utility and Other taxes. I am under the thumb of UL, OSHA, EPA, MODNR, DOT, IFTA and bunches of state and local regulatory agencies. We also have Business licenses, State Registration and other fees to "allow" us to be able to do business. We are also at the threshold of going over 50 employees which ads another layer of costs and Bureaucracy. We have all kinds of internal safety programs, HR stuff and on and on and on. The sign business as a whole IMHO is in 4 groups : 1 The Big boys with a bunch of National work and hundreds on employees. 2 Medium size companies that have all the responsibilities of Group 1. 3 small shops who really struggle to meet all the requirements to be legit. Lastly Group 4 These are folks who skirt every rule and regulation they can. They are plain and simple HACKS. The have no business doing what they do. They cost everyone else more in everything that legit companies do correctly, yet still compete at the bottom keeping a great percentage of the retail jobs bid to cheap. I feel the Sign associations need to step up pushing local code enforcement and others to either make these folks play by the rules or go away. The sign game is a serious business. With public safety concerns and the skills and talent to design, build and install a decent product. Nobody like a RAT and wants to turn someone in to OSHA, EPA or the local AHJ, but the Rat is stealing your cheese by allowing him in your yard.
  8. As a wholesaler we here it almost every day.....So and so used to sell it to us for..... Yes and thats why they are out of business. I am so glad I dont do retail work as the asshole customers will drop you for 20 bucks for the bucket truck guy above. I wish he would have just been another lawn mowing company. In a few months he will be gone and a real shop will have to go back a fix his fix.
  9. Wow, thats terrible. I see this all the time that "volunteers" or business owners ,at the church, lodge or even city get involved with doing stuff that they were not qualified to do. Heck many sign companies do stuff they should not. Really sucks that the guy was only trying to help.
  10. I will say that get a bunch of old timers BSing and you will here tales that makes this look osha approved, cant do anything like that now.
  11. This is the perfect illustration of why this business is in the shape that its in
  12. Sorry I forgot to mention, we bought a very high end older machine ( multicam) used. That particular machine had a lot of parts that were not available along with operating system that went obsolete. We ended up with a ton of money wasted in service and parts when we finally sent it to Multicam for a complete rebuild. Between original cost, service, parts and our time along with multicams rebuild it was above the cost of new. We have had issues with other used equipment as well. We will NEVER buy another used smart machine ever again.
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