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  1. Collecting a debt

    Yep the only time I get bit is when I break the rules. Had a guy stringing me along on getting a deposit and we still did the design, got eng. and permits which tooks 2 months at variance hearings. Fast forward the guy still kept forgetting his wallet and needed a Banner for grand opening. I did so and the day of I show up a 1/2 hour before the news and the mayor and all the grand opening stuff and forgot his wallet again. Quite a big deal. BTW the way had just retired from pro ball and had a world series ring. In front of him and all of his big shot friends I took out a knife and shredded his banner. He was pissed and embarrassed and said I fucked up his event. After he was done yelling I told him that when I get back to the office I was calling the city and cancelling his permit which would set his highway frontage sign back 3-4 months. That he card take his quote and my card and stick it his ass and to lose my phone number. Best 2 grand I ever lost. I would rather lose money than let someone steal it from me. That was 25-30 years ago and still enjoy reminiscing about it. BTW never give out your design drawings.....
  2. Collecting a debt

    Definatly put a Lien on the property. Actually send a notice of intent to lien to him and the landlord(s). Its likely the landlord will be the ones paying you. BTW unless you want to lose the $ its now time to ratchet it up and be ruthless. Now its lesson time. For ANy customer Big, small, local or out of state you need to make some rules and stick by them. You need to have contracts that clearly state how you are to be paid and if needed what the remedies will be if they try and skip out on you. In the contract it also needs to state that the signs are your property until paid in full installed or not. Also when I did retail I rarely would do any work without 1/2 done and remainder when you show up on site. If you go and get ready to put up sign and he forgot he check book in his other pants tell him you will be back when he has the right pants on. If the person is a pain about paying a deposit they damn sure will be a pain when its time to pay in full. If you feel like extending credit then ask for credit references and get the person to sign personally as well as corporate. In the case of nationals dont just get a signature from just anyone make sure its a principal or it means jack shit. Also it helps if you take credit cards but remember the process folks get 3.5 % or more. We have not charged off ANY deadbeats in years. I could be lucky or collect $ like a mobster.... I am sure I missed some stuff that others may add.

    I love talking with people as for one I type slow. But.....I also will follow up with a email that has any info that needs to "officially" recorded.
  4. Can't fix stupid

    Niceeeeeee !!!!!
  5. As with all things government follow the money.....
  6. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    I have not posted about this lately but I just got a email that aluminum is going up another 7% yesterday. They said that we are nowhere near done with increases. One a second note We have changed our policy in regards to Estimates. The are now only good for 7 days and will be reviewed at time of PO to determine if any corrections need to be made.
  7. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    To follow that line of thought I would bet that 90% of equipment, material or assembled with stuff from offshore
  8. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Well 15 minutes from the shop is Granite City steel. It has been closed during the last president's term. They are re-opening as we speak. From my understanding is that almost all aluminum sheet goods are imported. How as a country did we let this happen. My dad retired from Mcdonnell Douglas/Boeing. It was his 3rd job after pumping gas. Now the Government has gave contracts to build fighter jets to other countries. Is Airbus going to build the next Airforce 1? We have to recover from a service industry style job future. Need to start teaching kids in Jr and Sr High school how to work for a living and that moms basement until you are 36 is not a career. EVERY company owner I talk to is begging for new employees that can work.
  9. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    So it seems that even though the American mills did not have any cost increase it seems as though they look as an excuse to raise prices. We buy a pretty large amount locally I was wondering who the SS folks are using either regionally or nationally. As we have our delivery trucks from coast to coast rather then dead head back we can pick up 10 - 20,00 pounds on the way back. Places we have buy us and have bought from Eastern. Alro and Haggerty. We have tried to follow most companies and use the lean way of bringing in stock say 100 sheets at a time but we need to re visit this. BTW if you have checked your prices in the last few days sit down. We figure between when we got a PO from the customer to ordering the material about a 5 G increase on 1 project.
  10. I'm new and have a question about trade shows

    We both attend and exhibit sign trade shows and some industrial equipment. We go to ISA when and buy the show special printer......
  11. My new desk lamp

    On Amazon prime I watched a movie called "Neon" Very good !!!!!
  12. My new desk lamp

    Finally got around to putting this letter back together. Porcelain Enamel that was taken down from the "Welcome to the Bagnell dam" sign by one of our good friends and customers John at signature signs. I think this was built in the 50's. I am sure it will outlast all of the LED's that we all installed today with a 60+ year head start.
  13. Hyundai Signs For Sale

    I dont know if they still do it but in the case of GM pole signs they would also have to show photos of the anchor bolts cut off and a good portion of the base demo'd
  14. Our new router

    Sawtrax 84'' high we have a speed cut also but its in the crating dept. Same size