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  1. I spoke with someone from N. Glantz today and was a little baffled when I told them about this posting. They told me they've been servicing NY out of their NJ branch and plan to continue doing so. I'd be curious to go back to my contact if someone can let me know how they were notified by N. Glantz about pulling out of the NY office. I've got nothing vested but curiosity. Erik...not sure where's your e-mailing, but I'll send you a message here with my contact info and I'll check it out. Thanks!
  2. Before getting involved in the sign business, I worked for a very large electronic components distributor and the things done via distribution were so much more advanced than what sign disti's do. My shop is right next door to N. Glantz in Phoenix, so it's easy for us to walk over to get things, Montroy is 10 minutes from us and also delivers daily, at no additional charge. Amazing that neither seem to stock much anymore, even basic & commonly used products. They're sales people are more farmers than hunters and nobody seems to take any initiative to "get the business". 4 years and I'm sti
  3. Elite Signs has openings for full and part-time, experienced sign fabricators and installers in Phoenix, AZ. Qualified applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered: -3 years minimum industry experience fabricating and/or installing signs -must be well organized, responsible and possess strong communication skills -ability to lead and work well with others -valid Arizona driver's license, clean motor vehicle record & background check -welding experience a plus This is a unique position for the right candidate, offering flexible hours and competitive pay. Please e-mail your
  4. If more sign companies did this, the industry would be far better off. I just turned down a large install worth over $20k because the company wouldn't give a deposit. They told me they would have to find someone else to do it. I'd like to think no sign company that needs to rent a 135' boom would take the job without a deposit, but I'm sure someone will. They won't be paid for at least 60 days and will still do the job dirt cheap. They'll also cut corners and to justify it, saying they did the job cheap. I hate turning down work, but this isn't good work. These same companies would flip out if
  5. Reading your list, you've hit a number of offenders for my companies as well! Fairmount and Icon are at the top of my list. I've told them to remove us from their vendor databases, as they are horrible at paying. The PM's I've delt with personally at Icon have absolutely no common sense or sign knowledge.
  6. Just like the last post, I don't request a cert from my insurance agent until a job is sold. We usually get a sample cert from the client, showing who they want listed and the amounts they are requesting that we carry. We've never had any issues.
  7. I've been speaking with a PM from Cummings Signs that deals with Residence Inn by Mariott over the past few weeks.
  8. This does. Thank you both for the help and quick responses! Have a great week.
  9. Anyone out there know who's currently building signs for Subway? It's been so long and changed hands so much I forgot. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Anyone know who's building Edward Jones' signs? I've seen quite a few going up out this way. Checked out a few sets, but don't see a manufacturer label. Thanks!
  11. We've done a few Starbucks installs and service for Walton Signage, but nothing recent. I know those guys wouldn't touch the signs for $400! Anyone find out who's doing them?
  12. No offense, but I'm not sure I understand the logic here. If you don't have the work now, as a business owner, how can you justify keeping the current payroll in place? What if things don't pick up for your business as you planned? The situation you describe and the actions being taken are exactly what happened to a previous employer of mine...don't pay suppliers or bills for PAST work, but continuing to operate the business with the same head count, just to keep good people there. Eventually, things dried up further, suppliers got more and more agitated (and took legal action), taxes & in
  13. I guess what I meant to say is that working hard - as in being able to climb the ladder more times or 2 guys doing the work of 3 - is not enough. That's the kind of 'work hard' that previous generations thought would be enough, and what I understood your post to mean. Brian - we don't sell from a website, nor are we one of the 'social media' companies you seem to be lumping us in. I personally travel to see clients to present our products, secure jobs and projects and we do follow up work where necessary. Everything we do is based on both relationships and versatility, and that takes work.
  14. I can relate. It's frustrating to spend the time educating the customer about the quality products you use, the time and thought you've put into the job, prompt replies, etc., to see you lose the job to someone that is willing to use cheap vinyl, plex, l.e.d's and so on. I met with a potential client 2 weeks ago and when talking to her about the job and explaining the drawing, she said "I don't care". Those are the types of clients we don't want and the businesses that don't last.
  15. Unfortunately, some sign companies could care less about code or informing the customer accurately. They got the job and the money (I'm assuming they did), no there's no penalty for them. I also cringe at the owner's comments that he didn't know he needed permission and another biz up the street has two, bigger illuminated signs. It's your business and your a$$, so do a little research and take ownership!
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