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  1. wizzy00

    Side Projects in the Shop

    Wayne is right about the workman's compensation. A show on one of the popular TV court shows had a similar case in which the business was held responsible. I have bee amazed over my 44 yrs in the business at what the employees seem to think they are entitled too. We used to let an employee drive the company bucket truck home as to give him a break in his travel to and from work expenses and found he was trimming trees after hours and on weekend. Any accidents or damages became our responsibilty.
  2. wizzy00

    Pattern use in Winter

    After having an installation company for 40 yrs. (now retired, don't miss winter) We used lots and a good quality duct tape, where the mounting holes were in the letters on the pattern we used lags, screws etc with fender washers. If windy on dri-vit (foam with a concrete coating) we would use two different drills and quickly mark the mounting holes with a small bit and the electrical with the large. Remove the pattern and then finish drilling the wall. We have used the coro-plast method many times, We would buy coro-plast when it was on sale or buy defective sheets from our supplier. Thin masonite works well too and can be used for multiple installs of the same sign as long as it was cut from the same files on the computer. In wind a paper pattern alone, not a good idea, but if any rips or large holeS occur they must be taped up right away, nothing worse as too lose your pattern before your job is finished. In the past have used the carbon paper from the neon bending days and traced my letters and mounting holes onto the coro-plast, useful on wet days.
  3. wizzy00

    Crane Certification Update?

    Here in Ontario Canada, I have my 0-8 ton sign erector crane ticket. I used to teach a course on it, and you would get a license with the provincial logo on it. Outside sources started to teach, the course ie "Smooth Operator" .We had one situation where an installation crew was working by the MOL building (Ministry of LAbour) and produced one of these other source tickets and were shut down. Since that time the Province has gotten out of issuing them, but expect all the crane operators to have them. But anyways I have my government issued license since 1993, I have been asked to produce it twice in that period of time, I imagine if an accident really did happen they would ask me to produce it then. As i said I taught the course, and at the regional sign show here, I guy who works for a safety group told me , that i need to be tested by their company to be legal now. I asked what their experiance they had in crane safety and told me very little. I checked with the province and they told me me I was legal , and because they teach the course and issue a certificate, they also could be legal, being that the onus would fall on them and the operator that had the accident. On another note here , our cranes can be inspected by competent person once a year. Define competent? The government says as long as a competent person as documented it, it is legal.
  4. wizzy00

    Painting jewelite with Krylon Fusion

    I really can't see why it would be a problem. I thought it was designed to be used on plastic. Try it and find out.
  5. wizzy00

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Hi Everyone. A lot of your aluminum come fro us in Canada. Now your wonderful president has decided he might be adding a 10% tariff to our aluminum coming into the US. I understand the Canada provides 90% of the aluminum to the US. He has also talked of adding 25% to our steel also. AS of right now all these tariffs are on hold as long as he gets his own way with the NAFTA talks. If the NAFTA gets cancelled both the US and Canada will hurt. Since much of our raw materials is exported to the US to made into items such as parts etc. and then shipped back to Canada. Expect it, to get worst. Presently here in Canada, I have been filling in part time (I have been retired for 8yrs) at a sign company, that due to costs is started making his fillers out of steel and having them galvanized. Honestly I do not agree with it, its like going backwards again. Good Luck everyone on both sids Dave
  6. wizzy00

    Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Thankyou Paul
  7. wizzy00

    Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Thankyou everyone for the replies, I just realize that I had a replies after finding that this was going into spam. I will follow up on your suggestions. Dave
  8. Help, !!! Took on a retrofit of an old Coca-Cola keystone sign to LEDs. Noticed the hanger brackets were paper thin. Swing sign. I could probably make them, if I had to. Is there a supplier out there, The material is 1/8" x 1.1/2" steel with a twist. Thanks Dave
  9. wizzy00

    5 degrees here today YUCK

    In the old days I put a 110v, hot water heater element in my 85 Skyhooks tank and tied heat guns to the electric motors and ran everything off the generator. It was 40 below and were sent to Calgary. I can now officially sing the 40 below song. The greatest asset to dressing for the winter is insulated coveralls, hoodie, toque and good insulated boots. Used to dread on jobsites where they forced you to wear a hard hat. After getting frost bite one year on the fingers, I have never found a good pair of winter work gloves. Any you guys in Alaska have a choice. Thankfully now 65yrs old and after 40 years of doing installs, I don't have to go out. But always bring any installers i see coffee.
  10. As operating and teaching the sign erectors crane course here on Ontario. Other comments were correct about the rigging, special attention should have been addressed to the power lines, angle of boom a factor. The other possible problem was where the the site had been excavated, was the area of the outriggers, stable and compacted soil. The forces on the crane and surrounding soils would be great. due to weight of sign, angle of boom, length of stick. Dave
  11. wizzy00

    Install Only Company

    Hey Brian I operated a sign and service installation company for 36 yrs. I did very well, but had excellent accounts. I had a couple of National Sign Companies, who we had an agreement that I got paid in 30 days with the 45 being the max. In return they got my instant attention and a better rate. What I have learned, You need a line of credit large enough to sustain your business. Many companies will hold off your payment until they collect from their customer. Just remember you are not a bank, you need your money too. Normally I made it clear that its 30 days, 45 days I'm on your A**. I have been told , by my clients when I want payment, that they will not use me again and that is fine with me. I lost one major retrofit account with a National here in Canada, because I would not install any more of their signs until I got paid, of course I had a lot of their product in my yard. They owed me 50K for over 90 going to 120 days. I do need clients like these. I am proud to say one of the large banks here in Canada, (The Royal Bank) has asked me to mentor other businesses. Just remember, watch your accounts receivable, preferably COD or with a good deposit. Sign companies who hire you to do the install, receive a deposit before manufacturing, You must be part of the deposit also. You have a skill that is in great demand and should be able to make a decent living off of it. Dave
  12. wizzy00

    Las Vegas ISA 2017 - How it was

    Low attendance, could be to the bad exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar. I'm with Eric on this one a new venue has long been over due. I remember the shows being in Phoenix, San Antonio, Washington etc. where we would make it a family trip as well to explore the sites, sounds and foods of the area. wizzy
  13. wizzy00

    "Rope" (Border) LED

    A lot of the other posters are right, If neon is manufactured and installed properly, it should last a very long time, As for border LEDs , I have installed many of the Sloan product here in Canada, with no issues. The only thing , I don't like is that you are limited to your radious and must read their installation requirements religiously. Dave
  14. wizzy00

    New Truck Gadget

    Not recommended in the city unless you set up shower curtain LOL