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  1. Low attendance, could be to the bad exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar. I'm with Eric on this one a new venue has long been over due. I remember the shows being in Phoenix, San Antonio, Washington etc. where we would make it a family trip as well to explore the sites, sounds and foods of the area. wizzy
  2. A lot of the other posters are right, If neon is manufactured and installed properly, it should last a very long time, As for border LEDs , I have installed many of the Sloan product here in Canada, with no issues. The only thing , I don't like is that you are limited to your radious and must read their installation requirements religiously. Dave
  3. Not recommended in the city unless you set up shower curtain LOL
  4. Hi there I have sold many new cranes for manufacturer of old. I was told that manufacturers often bought the chea=est truck they coulod find to keep the selling price to the conumers attractive. Meaning by ordering a truck with a heavier GVW meant [paying more for the heavier springs and etc. Take my advice, always over spec your truck. We figured there would be about a ton of extras added to the truck in the way of tools, ladders , ballasts, with out adding the sign to be installed. A truck pushing its max or over GVW (gross vehicle weight) creates a lot of premature wear and breakdowns, always try for the heavier truck. The company I assist here in Canada (i'm retired now) has an L60 on a 26,000 GVW truck has these constant problems, excessive tire wear (cupping especially onn the rear) , spring breakage, and the rear wheel bearings and seals. I get around our over weight laws here by registering the truck as a greateer GVW, have been fined or caught yet, The other L60 is a 33,000 GVW truck with no problems as of yet, a lot nice truck to drive, none of that top heavy feeling. On the same kind of topic, the engines I believe do not have enough HP for hauling a trailer, for with an Elliott with mininum deck space a trailer is always required. In short stick your neck out and order a truck with heavier suspension and HP, you'll thank me in time. Dave
  5. A certain National signs company with plants in Vegas and Saltlake City, wwere trying to sell franchises at Our Canadian SIgn Show. I was astounded at what they wanted $50,000 US ($75,000 Canadian) and pay them a 6% Royalty. They wanted me to do night patrols, contact the customer do the job and pay them the royalty. What they would do for me is teach me how do do the night patrols,m how to approach the customer and use their name. Hardly make sense, when this is is what we should be doing if we need the work, to patrol at night, and deal with customers who know your business , trucks and crews locally. I don't think thjey sold any franchises, the guy at the booth looked really bored.
  6. I have watched the LEDs for the past15 or so years. The claims of 50,000 hours, seemed too good to be true. I sold a Home Hardware store in m y area LED channel letters approx 10 years ago. Thankfully they have held up beautifully all those years, I never did like the early bluey white tinge of that era. After showing them what todays LEDs are like for brilliance, they agreed to retro fit again. What I figure, with so many brands of LEDs, down the road (5yrs approx. that we are kind of screwed, with trying to piece brands , that were cheap and nopw gone. Try explaining that to a customer who has the LED hype. My 2 cents, 3 Canadian. Dave