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  1. Flex Face install in 30° temps

    Personally I'd give them your recommendation against doing it in those temps. If they want to proceed they should provide to you in writing that you will not be responsible if it loosens with warm temps. You're going to have to provide photos to get paid....if it is stretched well when done it will show in the photos. They can't come back later and say it was installed sloppy to begin with. If it needs re-stretched then charge for it. I mean you can only give the customer your expert opinion. You can't be responsible for what happens when they ignore it.
  2. Ridding Chinese LED Failure

    Never had a problem with Sloan or GE LED components.....save for the big batch of Sloan LED 60 Watt 12 volt power supplies that failed a couple years back. As I recall they were giving out money for parts & labor, so pretty sure they ate it big time on that.... The only issue with GE would be their constant discontinuation of product lines.....3 volt system, 4 volt system, etc; Home depot had a lot of their signs with the 3 volt system and service instructions were to add 100 feet of 18 gauge wire coiled up as a voltage dropping device since the 3 volt drivers were no longer available or made!! Wish they would just stick to 12 volts instead of re-inventing the wheel. JT LEDs are trash, but thankfully they've provided us with a lot of work re-re-retrofitting as you called it!
  3. Selling Corporate Chains - Big Fish

    Most of the nationals that I've studied seem to have started with that "one big break" getting in with a large chain. From there they make contacts with their purchasing agents....who like most employees these days tend to change companies throughout their careers. Those contacts take positions at other companies which opens the door for those accounts. So ultimately your point of contact you want to reach are the purchasing/procurement agents.....those are the ones who issue the RFPs/RFQs.... Tough market for sure....retail is a dying industry.....less fish in the sea for the big nationals to fight over right now.
  4. U.S. Citizens are Corporate Slaves

    Will I get a free copy of Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures with my order??
  5. Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    Totally agree with all the posters regarding crane capacity. That crane was plenty for the task. Not sure how stupid you have to be to rig a sign up from the center? I think most people 5 years and older who've used a teeter totter could figure that out. The boom was already at less than a 45 degree angle on pickup....side of a steep incline on unstable earth that had just been excavated from the look of it. I'm going to assume they are widening the road and the sign was going to be disposed of. Those cabinets would have been trash as soon as it torqued in any direction....let along the crappy rigging. Probably only had one crane, so couldn't get to the top to properly mount it...used an extension ladder to rig it up as high as they could reach.
  6. Would you increase the price?

    I wouldn't charge anything extra on a one time change like that for such a nominal size difference. But I'd be sure to let them know I wasn't charging.....also mentioning that if the change was larger or another charge occurs again then there would be a charge to cover for the design/layout labor and effort. You need to cover your costs....also if you give people too many options/do overs....sometimes they take it for granted. Give some an inch they take a mile as they say!
  7. Have you ever done any calculations with the T-5s? We do a fair amount of interior lighting using them, but haven't encountered them in any outdoor sign displays as of yet..... They may be too bright that without a diffuser would be more likely to create hot spots..... Anyone else have experience using them in a sign application?
  8. Hurricane Aftermath

    Actually just doing a little research I found the hotel. Just do a little search.....on the uploaded photos of the hotel are the following ! What an advertisement! https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/102165977067151202613/place/ChIJjYJXwkRmVYgRFksrA1cYHp4/@34.227974,-79.799741,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m7!1e2!3m5!1s-irMLZA0TX34%2FV_xsM_zKETI%2FAAAAAAAAsa0%2FI0wTfEUE7gEsJVnh3nqI-Lw4Ee3MoCp9ACLIB!2e4!6s%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2F-irMLZA0TX34%2FV_xsM_zKETI%2FAAAAAAAAsa0%2FI0wTfEUE7gEsJVnh3nqI-Lw4Ee3MoCp9ACLIB%2Fw203-h100-p-k-no%2F!7i2988!8i3984!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e2!2s102165977067151202613!3m1!1e1 I'm betting it was uploaded by either the sign company....or the guy who's car got smashed!! Snapped at the base like I thought from the photo....bad butt weld.
  9. Hurricane Aftermath

    The reason I asked is because that bottom picture looks almost like a section of pipe that was butt welded.....maybe two sections of same size pipe joined together......and it looks like it sheared off right at the weld.... But its hard to tell without the full sign in the picture what's going on exactly.......and as you said other signs of similar height right next door fared just fine. Was the base pipe still in the ground, and the sign broke and fell at one of the welds.....or did the foundation and whole structure topple......?
  10. Hurricane Aftermath

    What was the cause of the failure? I understand their was a hurricane, but aren't the signs installed in that area rated for 120 mph wind loads? I can understand if the faces ripped, but not the whole structure. Were winds in excess of 150 mph?
  11. I've done work for a lot of national sign companies. Had a few experiences where everything is going nice and dandy for years.....decent budgets, pay on time, etc; Then you get that one "special" employee who sends you a project. Disorganized as all heck, difficult to get a hold of, and a general pain in the butt. Due to their poor actions the job is either late, or over budget. Next thing you know you've got a black mark in their system because of that project and project manager and work drops off......their job is on the line and its easier for them to pass the blame. Anybody have this experience? How do you handle it? I've gotten to the point where I don't want to take on too much work from one vendor, because it only takes one idiot project manager to ruin a good thing.
  12. The sign business!

    Great optimistic perspective! It really boils down to the important things in life........ God, Family and our health. The other stuff is really trivial! Glad you are still doing what you love, good luck!
  13. LED Lighting for Cabinet's

    I've used them, but only on single faced sign applications. I've been looking for an economical double sided sign product. Does anyone have some good recommendations? I priced out a retrofit for a very large D/F cabinet measuring 10' x 24' that had extreme access issues.....power lines were re-located closer to the sign....still ~ 12' away, but access into the sign required removing the entire sides of the cabinet which was one long 10' piece pulling in the direction of the power lines which was a no go for us. It was also on a corner of the lot where the power lines turned directions, so sleeving wasn't an option. Bottom of the sign was also inaccessible due to the cabinet being set on a pair of large match plates.....so you could not lower the bottom retainers to gain access to the clips. The only access was removing all the top clips and one side.....fold over diagonal in order to get inside. With as much work as was required to access I wanted to recommend an LED bulb replacement, something that wouldn't arc out and then locate the power supplies on the far side away from the power lines that had easy and safe access. I priced out I believe it was Sloan RapidStick....but they only went up to 8' and ran roughly 125.00 for each 8' section......24 lamps required was more than the customer wanted to spend on repairs, so some up lighting with HIDs was proposed as another option.
  14. The first time someone gets shot WHO ACTUALLY WASN'T BREAKING THE LAW.....I'll be right down there to join the protest. Sad when you defend low life criminals who attack police officers. Sadly these areas are going to get even worse. Cops now have to fear they are going to be blasted across the news solely for defending themselves or others.....when BLM posts their name address, family members, etc; all over the internet. Case in point Chicago, murders up dramatically because the police are not being supported, and are getting left out to dry.
  15. tensioning system

    Looks really similar to an ABC system we dealt with. They suck. No tensioning ability....you have to get the adjustment right and they pop in.....so after a few years of the wind stretching the face out, you can't just snug up like a wedge clamp system. If its going to be a pain to track down and source, why not just retro the frame with a new system..... Flat Bleed Retro Frame - Sign Comp or similar?