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  1. Neon valuation - lead glass

    Sorry, haven't bought glass for 18 years damn. Any supplier can give you prices. 18 yrs ago it was 3.60 per lb for white if memory serves correctly. Have you sold, or itemized your equip.ent and price?
  2. Neon valuation - lead glass

    Sell your glass with the equipment... Any decent neon shop would love to have the old glass for repairs... But the value to you will come with offering the glass to whomever buys the equip.
  3. My Input. I did estimates for one of the largest nationals, and then a company that wanted to be one of the nationals. With 40 years in the biz, I wondered the same. Architects and designers send out bids based on dreams. If they dont meat reality, they expect you to fill in the reality. Your expense. At the last company, I was the scapegoat for not being awarded projects that could not be built per drawings. I bid would could be built. The companies that got the projects did not build the spec. And problems arose from there. It's realy shit to spend the bid time, lose the bid, and find the signs aren't even close to drawings. I was asked to bid a 4 stroke neon, 6 inch letter out of 8 mil. When I sat with the designer, my response was not whether it could be done, but why would you insist when it will fail.
  4. re:  bushiod br30 / br40 thread (yeah, I couldn't figure out how to reply either...)

    Led lamps have a different dimming characteristic than incandescent lamps and will not track each other when wired to the same dimmer. This is because incandescent lamps require considerable energy to just light up at all, while leds are pretty linear with pulse width / phase angle of the applied voltage. Just converted all of the dash lighting in my VW bus to led (which worked wonderfully, by the way), and had to retrofit the separate tachometer with led because of this problem.


    Also, led requires a different dimmer type which dims much lower than an incandescent type dimmer. [Incandescent will dim all the way on a led dimmer, but the reverse isn't true.

    Long time no hear, by the way.

    Telford Dorr

  5. Tried to put this on the appropriate USHIO thread - but I found no button to add my comment, so I started a new topic. Erik, feel free to move wherever. I recently bought some more of more of my favorite USHIO bulbs, the BR40. Put them in my kitchen and here:s a couple pics of one side of ceiling with the old BR bulbs, and the new USHIO BR 40 on the left side. One pic is full bright, the other side is full dim. Soooo much better!! Cant wait for the NEW BR30 to come in for my living area!!
  6. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    Boy, if that young lady hits rebar it'll snap her wrist in a heartbeat.
  7. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    Well geez, why didn't you post a summer shot of the scenery! Really let him know what he's missing.
  8. Congrats on your truck Brian.
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Erik, your love Kirsten, and the boys. Hope the next year is full of good business, family time, lots of loving from Kgirl, and continued success in the SS, and your company! And a very Merry Christmas and continued success to all the fellow members of the syndicate.
  10. SignComp

    Sign comp has always been awesome at responding, for big orders or small. Sign distribution utors are always a pain with their bs, and lack of follow thru.
  11. Wow 13 years. Congrats you guys.
  12. Neon Issues - Need Help

    Plus the fact that repumping merc tubes is NOT a great idea.