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  1. Great video. Awesome testament to the bulbs and some really nice signs!
  2. Contaminants in tube.
  3. Oops, wrong forum....sorry. you're allowed to change the forum Erik.
  4. Hey boss, have a happy birthday!! Hope KGIRL helps you celebrate.....nice dinner, brew, strolling on the beach.
  5. Nice sign but pretty darn chintzy on pics.
  6. Superb old style sign! Great job.
  7. Great sign, love the neon but is it a really old sign in great condition, or just a superb rendition of an old style sign?
  8. Was driving thru Cookeville, TN and noticed this quality sign work. Walked over and took a couple pics as my wife was worried that someone would come out and ask what I was doing. Large Ford dealership, by the way.
  9. WTF did they expect to happen picking the sign up like that!? Not sure that human error is correct...
  10. Ditto on Joe Walsh. One of the old farts still in the game. Great person, great source of info, and a wealth of knowledge!! And a great friend!
  11. So, so true.
  12. Southwater Signs in Elmhurst Il was.
  13. Bummer, short lived. But seriously, I was wondering how long that courtship would last. Their loss.....your gain of continued freedom without the threat if bring reined in and choked.
  14. Quality job all the way! Just think what a neon job would look like!
  15. Exterior neon, done properly, should not have that many issues! Be real careful with led strips and the hopes of doing radii.