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  1. Diversified were plastic. They were sold for neon gto passthrus. Alas, they weren't approbed for shit, let alone high voltage gto and extremely flammable. SoLD ALOT Of them, totally illegal. They were UL for installs of coke machines. NOT for gto. Maybe low voltage led wiring? Of course, 12v requires little to be safe. BUT UL? Interesting to know.
  2. So, so true.
  3. Southwater Signs in Elmhurst Il was.
  4. Bummer, short lived. But seriously, I was wondering how long that courtship would last. Their loss.....your gain of continued freedom without the threat if bring reined in and choked.
  5. Quality job all the way! Just think what a neon job would look like!
  6. Exterior neon, done properly, should not have that many issues! Be real careful with led strips and the hopes of doing radii.
  7. Merry Christmas all!!
  8. Probably your last paragraph answered the question.
  9. Figured I'd bump this, and ask at same time. why haven't we readers received an update on all the trouble you caused at the USSC show?
  10. With no offense meant, looking at Mr. Rojko"s linked in background, I'm not quite convinced of his stellar ability to make that statement. But, I like the keeping of the sign...
  11. While I love the idea of saving the sign.....I surely don't understand the concept that at 16ft the red neon is not there?
  12. Have fun at the show.
  13. Oh man, another treaty super guy is gone. Truly a wonderful person, and a good friend.
  14. C'Mon guys -- it probably wasn't a "how to" video as much as it was a "watch Kgirl trim cap" video! Personally speaking it isn't a bad request! I mean who would watch Eric trim cap?