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  1. thats the craziest thing I have ever heard holy shit
  2. my mistake I paid 185 each with shipping. still ridiculous for a giant cutting board material
  3. and extremely expensive @ 300 each for 18x18" what do you do when a tech looses one?
  4. I have a stash of all types if you still need some
  5. paul which kind do you use and where from? I have only seen the ones from chemical concepts
  6. agreed, get the warranty. But having said that we have the honda and its not too shabby
  7. Not that its related but my channel letter supplier says he uses everylite leds and power supplies and said the 100w supplies are junk he either used 60w or 150w
  8. welcome to the new millennium erik!
  9. We jump for joy when we survey flex face signs and find the black plastic clip system
  10. I think his oldest is in his mid 20's
  11. Happy birthday Erik. I hope I keep my baby face like you have managed to
  12. I was always under the impression that the mass produced neon signs where pushed through a die and made. I had no idea they where actually hand made. thanks for sharing.
  13. have any pictures you can share? sounds fascinating!
  14. Ill throw my hat in the ring for $300
  15. = we have a service opportunity in your area that requires a 2 man bucket truck and a NTE of $250, and oh now we will pay you in 90+ or not at all
  16. Have you had any luck getting paint to stick to the edges of alum composite? what are you using?
  17. How would one go about finding a truck like this. I dont have in's with FD like you do.
  18. Rolls roller, If you have such a volume it should pay for itself, if you dont then sub them out. Not something to be doing without the proper tools.
  19. so you need the one on the left with the wings? you didnt mention that. I DO have that style in 1 3/8"
  20. So you did NOT hire a good installer.
  21. is it a true 1 3/8"? I found a couple in my stash that are 1 5/16"
  22. You really cant hire within the industry. Because if they are from the industry and out of work, especially now there must be a reason... The best bet I think is to just find jacks of all trades and train them on the job. Hire good human beings with positive attitudes rather then the cowboy who thinks hes done it all and seen it all, yet is looking for work. And most of all pay them well!
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