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  1. I dont do it for nationals, but I do drive around towns and write down and take a pic of outages and give the list to a salesman to call
  2. OK, i thought you had a skyhoist with self leveling basket for sale too.
  3. Mike did you sell any of your 3 install trucks? any specs on them?
  4. Dualite doesnt have it anymore from what im told
  5. I asked my contact at Allen Industries and she said she doesnt think they have it anymore, never got back to me with a yes or no.
  6. how many do you have to do? do you have a pecker for your skid steer? if so make an adapter on it to fit the u channel
  7. We rarely make signs with vertical lamps but service a lot of signs with them and would like to stock the trucks with them as an upsell, where are you getting them from for a good price?
  8. Funny, I was just talking to an old timer yesterday who used to make signs like this. they would acid wash the galvanized steel to etch it then prime and paint
  9. geeze you cant ask for much better of an area behind the wall to work
  10. looking for info on who handles their signage? thanks
  11. I need qty 3 36"x48" post and panel signs installed at a location in enfield. if you can or know of someone please reply here or message me. thanks Also looking for someone in Lugoff, SC
  12. did you have to weld a new plate on or did the new sign have the same bolt pattern
  13. nice, what where you doing on that sign. the one on the deck looks tiny compared to the comfort inn
  14. we have a big lots coming in nearby and wondering who the national is
  15. I think joseph hit the nail on the head
  16. here is one we installed last week. I would try and throughbolt or at least toggle into the the mullions for the sign. the awning you should be ok with teck screwing. make sure you are using coarse thread for teck screws in alum.
  17. do you farm your own hay or buy it? how many acres do you have, how large is their pasture?
  18. very cool. how many do you have and what are you feeding them? how much does it cost you
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