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    Installation and Service includes a fleet of vehicles, 15 ton cranes, 75' aerial equipment and reachable to 120'.

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  1. adamb


  2. Eric, I was sorry to see you go. Your time at USSC reminds me of the movie "Life of Pi". Not quite the elephant...more like the tiger. LOL You have a lot to bring to the industry and to the manufacturer's TRUE values, so desperately needed. Personally, I believe you'll have the best presence and impact as a "game changer" this way. You've always got my support and interest. Keep up the great work and I'm certain our paths will meet again. Until then, take care friend!
  3. The Art of Signage... Therese Lahaie, a professional artist in Emeryville, CA brought us in on her pubic art project entitled “Crossing Signal Mosaic”. Therese is a referral from Ned Kahn, the artist we served on the Wind Palms kinetic sculptures. In my mind, Therese’s Crossing Signal Mosaic represents the beauty of communication at a busy metropolitan intersection where heavy vehicle traffic meets with dozens of pedestrians. It’s a remarkable system. Red light means stop, walking man means it’s safe to go. Ticking count down numbers means walk a little faster (smile)!
  4. Sometimes it takes more than a sign to draw attention. In fact, a combination of creativity, LED lights and acrylic can be a powerful thing. We are proud to have been chosen by the great folks at the New Horizon United Church of Christ in Kewaskum, Wisconsin to help design, build and install an illuminated cross atop its building as well as lighting enhancements to the entry to the church. http://www.signeffectz.com/new-architectural-enhancements-for-local-church/
  5. Stone Creek Coffee developed the concept of putting the larger-than-life coffee cup on top of an existing chimney stack that stands atop the building. In collaboration with their engineer, we went through the process of how to build and install the 8’ diameter cup.
  6. Milwaukee School of Engineering's Grohmann Tower in Downtown Milwaukee, is in the midst of having two massive logos installed on the roof today. Hunzinger Construction is the general contractor on the project. The signs were manufactured and installed by SignEffectz; the structure on which the signs are mounted was built by Midwest Stairs & Iron Inc.
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