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    Full Fabrication facility includes, Brakes, presses, CNC Router Tables, ADA mfg equipment, etc...
    Installation and Service includes a fleet of vehicles, 15 ton cranes, 75' aerial equipment and reachable to 120'.

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  1. We're sending our second one into training in July. We also have them sign a 2 year, prorated commitment for our investment. This is so if they don't take the training and run to a crane rental service without sharing the cost of the training. Cost is about $2K each, with hours and cost of training by the time it's done. ATS in Wisconsin, gives a discount if buy training in packs. We bought a 3 pack for $1200/each. Not cheap!!!
  2. Eric, I was sorry to see you go. Your time at USSC reminds me of the movie "Life of Pi". Not quite the elephant...more like the tiger. LOL You have a lot to bring to the industry and to the manufacturer's TRUE values, so desperately needed. Personally, I believe you'll have the best presence and impact as a "game changer" this way. You've always got my support and interest. Keep up the great work and I'm certain our paths will meet again. Until then, take care friend!
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