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    Lutz , Florida , USA
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    Exclusive Distributor for International Light Technologies
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    Serving Florida - Georgia - Alabama
  1. 9/11 Will Never Ever be forgotten by True Patriots who Love this Country. It still seems surreal this happened on our soil.... I pray we keep this enemy far from our shores and borders forever.
  2. Drop me an Email and I might Have what you Need,,, sales@gulfcoastled.com
  3. Gulf Coast LED Inc. We Distribute International Light Technologies LED Sign Modules Summit Series .96 watt Cabinet Lighting is Awesome and Affordable LED Lighting for Double Face Sign Cabinets. Solderless thru wire design and Fully potted make the Summit Series Bullet Proof and Long Lasting,..!! We Offer ONLY Meanwell Power Supplies for Extreme Reliability. Best Quality and Value per Lumen...
  4. I am also a Distributer of LED Boards..... Let me know if you need a Quote...
  5. Cops need to stick to eating donuts......Not Rescuing donuts.....
  6. Anything Involving Government will Always be a BAD thing for Consumers......
  7. It Never Ends.....Oil Companies and Politicians could care less what we think......They have no limit on how they wreck our personal economy
  8. Yet...... Nice......hahaha... Sent from My HTC EVO Using Tapatalk for Android
  9. I wonder if the C.O,D,C, in Atlanta makes up as Much Garbage as U,L And if they Have as Many Fines...!!!!
  10. Like I said....Some Tube Benders get a bit Testy.....
  11. No doubt UL is all over this.... Licking their greedy chops Sent from My HTC EVO Using Tapatalk for Android
  12. No back talk alone is worth $55k Sent from My HTC EVO Using Tapatalk for Android
  13. I have seen some Amazingly Crazy stuff.....I wish I had pictures....But I will dig around and see what i do have....Something should turn up that will entertain for sure...
  14. Sign Signs Everywhere Signs

  15. I hear you... Thats been my experience as well... You can find Good and Bad in Any Product.... And as far as tube benders go...Well... I was one for many years and knew many others....and for some reason quite a few were very hard to deal with......Maybe it was Mercury exposure...I don't know...But even the ones that were hard to deal with were usually very good benders....
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