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  1. ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Meet Up

    I have the dinner party at BB Kings Thursday evening but will try my best to get over afterwards. Want to see you guys again.
  2. ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Meet Up

    We will be there of course. Anyone wanting to meet up just shoot me a note. Look forward to seeing everyone again.
  3. Identify Flex Face Clip

    Have you tried Signcomp and Eastern Metal. I know they both have the clip method.
  4. The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

    We are ready at Sirius LED Signs! See you all there
  5. The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

    I will be stopping in. Will be toward the end of the time posted though.
  6. ISA Sign Expo 2015 - Las Vegas

    I will be going as well. Booking this week at the Luxor I believe. Anthony from our company will be there as well. Look forward to a get together. Keep us in the loop as to what is going on please. We will be displaying some of our displays at the show as well. I think we are putting up a 10mm 10' x 30' display and a few of our stock displays as well. Bill

    I pay all our service partners within 15-30 days max! If you do what you have been contracted to do you should get paid timely, Period! Are you supposed to tell the electric company you will pay them in 6 month's? Let's see how that goes over.
  8. WOW! This just gets under my skin...

    Yes I got the email from them as well. Not sure what to think about it honestly.
  9. My New Contact Info

    I wanted to stop by and let anyone that may be looking for me my new contact info. Email is below. Please reach out and let's re-connect. I did enjoy seeing everyone at the ISA show in Orlando and the ISA App was great fun. Actually paid for my trip to the show. Bill Lewis bill@siriusledsigns.com www.siriusledsigns.com or bill@billsbendersandmore.com www.billsbendersandmore.com
  10. Anyone going to Orlando show this year?

    I will be walking the show as well. Always a great time.
  11. Happy Birthday

    Looks Great Erik, Happy Late Birthday sir! Glad to see you had a blast.
  12. The Bid & Project Board

    We here at Milliken are ready to work on your Sign Box, Awning, EMC and GPC projects. We are wholesale only and service the USA and beyond. We can make your projects for you in many stages from Kit to Complete. We have retro fit's for Rigid or Flex faces and also for GPC projects. We also stock EMC's in 2' x 6' 4", 3' x 6' and 4' x 8' in 16MM and 4' x 8' in 10MM. Email sales@millikendistribution.com for pricing or more info on any of our products.
  13. Milliken Distribution and the Digital Advertising Signage industry saw tremendous growth in 2012, leaving traditional company signage with a more “old fashioned” feel. Why would my customers choose a circular sign? As a result of this recent trend, circular business signs have become more and more popular as companies strive to find unique yet...... Read full story below! http://www.millikendistribution.com/2013/01/24/circular-signs-setting-your-customers-apart/ For a complete list of signage and awning products, pricing and availability, contact Milliken Distribution by phone at 800.255.0094. Or contact us by email at Sales@millikendistribution.com.
  14. Salesperson Wanted Englewood FL

    Milliken Distribution has an opening for an experienced salesperson for business to business sales specializing in the LED, sign and awning industry. We service local, regional, and national sales accounts. This sales opportunity requires seeking new business development, utilizing your experience and contacts to bring immediate business. Verifiable proven successful sales track record required. Superior customer service, product knowledge and a sense of urgency are required by all sales people in the company. Must be professional, organized, self motivated, detail oriented, have strong people skills, excellent work ethic and a desire to succeed coupled with an understanding of today's business platform. Computer skills required. Please send your resume to bill@millikendistribution.com
  15. Milliken Distribution - Big Welcome

    Thank you for the welcome. Please email me at bill@millikendistribution.com if you need anything at all. On another note we have a promotion going on right now. We are giving away a Free IPAD with every In Stock Electronic Message Center you buy from us till 10-31-12. We have 2' x 7', 3' x 6' and 4' x 8' full color 16mm message centers stocked as well as 4' x 8' full color 10mm. http://www.millikendistribution.com/2012/09/20/instockspecial/ for more details. I look forward to working with any or all of you in the future.