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  1. Dumping DBStar config with XMPlayer?

    Scott, Call Anthony at Sirius LED Signs, head IT tech and know dbstar well. 9412958003 is his direct line.
  2. ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Meet Up

    I have the dinner party at BB Kings Thursday evening but will try my best to get over afterwards. Want to see you guys again.
  3. ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Meet Up

    We will be there of course. Anyone wanting to meet up just shoot me a note. Look forward to seeing everyone again.
  4. LED billboard in Atlanta Hacked

    Anthony see if you can find out the manufacturer of the sign please. Curious minds want to know. :)
  5. For the next 30 days Sirius LED Signs is going to donate a percentage of our profit from every EMC sold, to the Moffitt Cancer Research Hospital. As you may know this subject is very close to my heart. My wife is going through a difficult battle now and my father lost his battle earlier this year. To help with this great cause all you need to do is place an order for any EMC project, get the same great quality product, price and support you always get and in turn help find a cure. A little about Moffitt: https://lnkd.in/emcSTnw Let's help find a cure for cancer!
  6. Message Center falls on Pedestrian

    Also showed another small sign fell down same night on the same road.
  7. Identify Flex Face Clip

    Have you tried Signcomp and Eastern Metal. I know they both have the clip method.
  8. The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

    We are ready at Sirius LED Signs! See you all there
  9. The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

    I will be stopping in. Will be toward the end of the time posted though.
  10. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows Sirius LED Signs offers Service levels for most EMC signs that are out there regardless of the manufacturer: 1 Phone Support Contracts 2 Combo Service and Support Contracts 3 Full Parts, Support and Service Warranties. If you have an EMC sign that you are having issues with give us a call or shoot us a note to discuss what we can do for you. Get as little or as much as you need per sign. sales@siriusledsigns.com
  11. ISA Sign Expo 2015 - Las Vegas

    I will be going as well. Booking this week at the Luxor I believe. Anthony from our company will be there as well. Look forward to a get together. Keep us in the loop as to what is going on please. We will be displaying some of our displays at the show as well. I think we are putting up a 10mm 10' x 30' display and a few of our stock displays as well. Bill
  12. New EMC Install

    Here is a new Sirius LED Signs 16MM 4' x 12' RGB display installed in Tampa FL. Our average lead time is just 3 days. High quality signs without the "Big Name" Price. sales@siriusledsigns.com
  13. Man hurt by falling gas-station sign in Calabasas

    Only takes a second for this to heppen. Just shows us all that signs need to be secured even on the ground. I have seen large flex face retro fits picked up by the wind down here at a local shop while staging for install.. Be safe everyone!
  14. N.Glantz Closes GDS

    We had a sign company contact us a few weeks ago with one of their displays they could not get running for them. They ended up switching to one of our 5' x 10' displays. Delivered to them the same day which of course made their client happy. .
  15. Here is a great little article that Anthony K. put together. I thought it was well worth sharing. Talks about the importance of having a strong foundation when choosing an LED Display. Have a look when you get time! http://siriusledsigns.com/dont-be-fooled-by-features/