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  1. I work for a full service sign shop, So far other than what has already been mentioned we havnt been affected, there is talk of a temporary shut down but so far its just talk, were hanging in there as long as we can, once the county or the CDC makes the call we will follow suit and close up shop.
  2. LOL, I hear ya I run into similar problems often, recently bid a 2' tall x 14' wide by 14' deep cabinet, the entire bottom front and both sides were spec'd to be 1/2" 3 form, Customer Shit when they saw the price, I revised it to 1/4" P95 with diffuser vinyl on back, price dropped almost 30k Architechts see fancy stuff at shows and specify it, without knowing the cost or if it will work sometimes
  3. another thing that works, I go on google maps, zoom in on the area and type "signs" in the search box, all the sign shops in that area show up.
  4. Too lazy to hold down a real job ;)
  5. Sage has Estimating, we do all our estimating with it, I always used spreadshees before, the main reason I like using sage is it keeps all material pricing for our standard materials so I dont have to keep looking up material prices
  6. Tried keyedin at another place, Way too much work to set it up, We use Sage ( Formerly TImberline ) very nice
  7. Here are my 2 cents on the issue, Over the years I have seen a big change in our industry, not just the advancement and availability of LED Products, but the lack of imagination and knowledge of the people in our industry that actually communicate with the client, I'm talking about the designers and sales people, they are the people that are in a position to share information and ideas with the client, It may just be the shops I have been working at over the last 5 - 10 years, but I have noticed that the sales people and designers I deal with have very little drive to learn more about the industry, it seems most just want to draw a few simple designs and go home, I used to deal with designers and sales people that had an extensive knowledge of our industry and had a creative drive, I dont see that any more.
  8. I usually go when it's in Vegas, Plan on going this year again :)
  9. I wouldnt worry too much about it, not much they can really do, I get good info here,keep it up.
  10. Hi,, I have a couple vendors I buy neon from, But it is always a major hassle getting a quote from them and takes several days to a week to get a quote, they are both in the Corona, Norco area, They both do good work, but unfortunately for some reason they just are very difficult to work with. So I am looking for a shop or self employed neon bender in so Cal who does decent work and can quote projects in a timely manner. Thanks in advance
  11. I did an apprenticeship at a union shop, That was the only thing good about being in the Union, free school, and a $1 raising after passing every stage. for years after that I didnt like unions, I though they had outlived their purpose, but now the way some companies are expecting employees to do the work of 2 or more people, at the lowest wages I have seen in my lifetime, I think maybe Unions could be good after all :)
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