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  1. I have a never used copy of the Cyrious software. It was purchased in 2010 and never installed since my partner at the time did not purchase all the modules needed for complete use. Look at the invoice and it will show you what is in included and what is still needed. I emailed Cyrious to make sure it is transferable and they said that it is. I have no use for it. You see what it cost in 2010, make me a reasonable offer. Please email any questions as I can no longer talk by phone due to hearing loss. richard@atlantic-sign.com
  2. Vicki I still have my stud welder for sale in the classifieds if you are looking to do them in house. I am on the eastern shore of MD Thanks Richard
  3. I let both of my guys go and will not be bringing them back on board when they say this is finally over. With what they are paying out on the unemployment side of things here in MD no one is going to want to come back to work and the state will slam me with asinine premium increases to cover the losses like they did back around 08. I have worked every day and plan to continue to. I have modified my business so that I can do everything I take on by myself. I will no longer do national work (other than 2 that have been great so far) since they have all said basically we are not paying you on tim
  4. I am checking on ballast to see if you still have them call me 706-737-2429

    1. richard2717


      I do still have the ballasts. I lost my hearing several years back so I can no longer talk by phone. My Email is richard@atlantic-sign.com Thanks

  5. Roughly 25 new old stock France 277v magnetic ballasts. I got these in a shop buyout and have no use for them. I suspect no one does at this point but I figured I would offer them up. Make me an offer if interested, They are heavy so shipping would be expensive but will do so on your dime.
  6. Have some old stock glass housings That have been sitting too long and need a new home. Total qty may go up as I am still finding stuff Bulk buy can be had cheaper than listed prices All prices plus shipping in lower 48 only #100 housings $7 each Qty 135 #200 Housings $6 each Qty 85 #200p Housings $6 each Qty 50 (some are missing lock rings) Partial box of Clip its $60 Plastic HC housing caps $125 New PK housings $5 each but have been painted purple on the glass Qty 25 case of 1.75" prewired tube supports $125
  7. Richard,

    I'm sorry I don't think I ever saw the email you sent me.  If you try again, I would be happy to reply.  I am not on here very often so it's best to send it to my work email:


    Hope to hear from you.



  8. Sent you an email last week with no response
  9. Open to offers. Without the cart it is on, Shipping looks to be about $100 east of MS probably a little more west of MS
  10. I would take $3500 for the router without the software
  11. Glad that MC sent that sorry sub agreement when they did. I will never do work for Icon again. I was a little bit upset over losing out on MC work because they sent me a lot that filled in the gaps, but it is surely for the best in this instance
  12. Gerber AR600 6x10 router Has clamp table (not Vacuum) was in working condition and used weekly before we moved. The computer with the software crashed so that would need to be replaced but I have all of the software including Omega and artpath. Only known deficiencies were in the coolant system. One of the adjustable nozzles is broke and there is a slow leak in the tank. Should be repairable but we didn't because we mainly routed plastic and foam with it so coolant was not needed. It is not set up at this time as I have no rook to do so. We downsized several years go with the intent to build
  13. I have an older stud welder for sale. Have not used it full time for a couple years since I downsized. I pulled it out the other day and fired it up to make sure everything was still in working order. There are some random new studs and parts that can go with it as well as the cart if local pickup. Asking $800 plus shipping if needed.
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