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  1. Sent you an email last week with no response
  2. Printer is in good working order. Has take up reel, several extra inks, Air purification system and second parts machine. No software but machine is still set up to show function. $2500 for all obo. Local pickup only
  3. Open to offers. Without the cart it is on, Shipping looks to be about $100 east of MS probably a little more west of MS
  4. I would take $3500 for the router without the software
  5. Glad that MC sent that sorry sub agreement when they did. I will never do work for Icon again. I was a little bit upset over losing out on MC work because they sent me a lot that filled in the gaps, but it is surely for the best in this instance
  6. Gerber AR600 6x10 router Has clamp table (not Vacuum) was in working condition and used weekly before we moved. The computer with the software crashed so that would need to be replaced but I have all of the software including Omega and artpath. Only known deficiencies were in the coolant system. One of the adjustable nozzles is broke and there is a slow leak in the tank. Should be repairable but we didn't because we mainly routed plastic and foam with it so coolant was not needed. It is not set up at this time as I have no rook to do so. We downsized several years go with the intent to build a new room here at the new shop that will probably never happen. Asking $7k but open to reasonable offers
  7. I have an older stud welder for sale. Have not used it full time for a couple years since I downsized. I pulled it out the other day and fired it up to make sure everything was still in working order. There are some random new studs and parts that can go with it as well as the cart if local pickup. Asking $800 plus shipping if needed.
  8. richard2717


  9. I am on the other side of the fence on this. I lost my hearing about 8 years ago, so as an owner I would be up S*** creek without the ability to "talk" digitally. I also get annoyed with the plain jane emails that have no info but want price, but I will most generally ask them once for details and if no good response I just delete the chain and move on. One other thing I like about email is that it can cover your AZZ in stead of "that is not what I said on the phone". Just my perspective Richard
  10. Who is currently licensed to build Best western signs? I have one that has a small face with the printed perferated vinyl on the channel face that needs remade Thanks Richard
  11. Switched all of my insurance to Donegal. Better coverage than what I had with Nationwide and about 1/2 cheaper. My W/C comes out weekly based on my actual payroll so there is never a chance to be hit with a huge audit owed. I still have to give them audited figures at the end of each year but so far they have sent me a check both years. I also get 10% back from my W/C if I have no claims.
  12. My contract is pretty much the same but a couple years ago I was repoing a sign in Ocean City and the owner called the cops. I had copies of contract as well as the original and copies of the unpaid invoice. Cops said it did not matter what my contract said, the law stated I was trespassing and she would have to lock me up. She said it is not their job to enforce a private contract. I asked her who was going to be responsible for the sign that was 1/2 removed because I sure as hell wasn't re-installing it. Luckily, the owner was being a real jerk even to the police (foreigner) and the cop got mad with him. Long story short they almost arrested him for interfering with the cops. I got a police bodyguard while I finished taking the pylon down and she told me it would not happen that way again, next time I would go to jail. I thanked her profusely and came back to my shop. When all was said and done I got paid the balance of what I was owed originally, got paid to take it down, got paid to put it back up and he requested while reinstalling it to lower the entire sign 6' which cost him even more. I made him pay for everything in certified funds before I touched a tap. It worked out for me on that one, but it could have ended with me being arrested. I told the cop I was willing to go to jail if it meant I got the sign down. I had another sub shop that tried to stiff me on final payment. Repo'd 2 of his locations same morning. When we finally spoke later that morning he told me if he knew I was serious about enforcing the contract he would have paid me. Cost him a lot of extra money but he still calls me for work several years later and always pays me same day.
  13. My computer was recently upgraded and I now find myself in need of a driver for my plotter. The only one I can find online keeps coming up with message that a Trojan is attached. I can find some for the Fastrac 1000 but nothing for the 1300. Anyone happen to still use this and would care to send me a driver file? Thanks Richard
  14. Has anyone done any work for them? They are out of NC. Good Bad? I have never heard of them. Thanks Richard
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