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  1. Is is just my age showing or has the sign installation world come to the mindset that if you can get a meal for 10 in 10 minutes, then signs should be installed the minute they reach your shop. What have some of you others out there been experiencing. It used to be once you received a sign to be installed, it was ok to have a two week window to get it done. Now, if you don't have it up within a day or so after received, you get attacked by Corporate. Now, if we are able to it, we certainly will but we are a small company and we are busy this time of year. Maybe they need to direct some of this push to the sign manufacturers. If I am told that the sign went into production 6 weeks ago, and I don't get it until a few days before someone expects it to be installed, then maybe it needs to be shipped sooner. Too bad getting paid doesn't work the same way. Had to vent. It's been especially bad right now. Seems like no matter which jobs go out for installation, the rest of them are hot on my heels. I am so tired of being threatened all the time. This isn't being done on purpose. I mean, who could stay in business long if that was the way a company was operated? Geesh!
  2. Someone needs to check the base on this one!
  3. Would sure like to know who the company was that contacted you so I can add to never ending list of companies that are becoming harder and harder to work with. We all always need work but if we aren't getting paid we may as well just go home and watch TV. Speaking of lists of companies to avoid, or are late payers, being new to this site, is there a list on here we could look at?