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  1. I saw your post. Accent Graphics out of TX used to be a large customer of ours, but we had problems getting paid for an extra that the PM didn't include on the drawings (the PM is no longer with them) and so they wouldn't pay.  Just my 2 cents.

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  3. Well, just wanted to let everyone know that SignComp contacted me and I found out the order was not placed by my sign supplier until December 1, and they shipped it out on December 8th and it should be delivered today. Colleen from SignComp called and was extremely nice. She said I could order directly through them and bypass the supplier. She is keeping an eye on the delivery as well. Thank you all for your help and comments! It is why I love this site.
  4. I clicked on your link and it came up as a dangerous website and my screen was red. Ugh. Can you provide me the number you use to contact them? As for the supplier being at fault, I am thinking so too since they won't give me the info to find out what has happened. What the supplier did say was it takes longer to make round extrusion because of all the cuts required. I get that, but this long?! I finally got a tracking number and found out it was shipped out this past Friday from Michigan, via Dominion Freight lines who took it to Harrisburg PA and then are taking it way down to Winchester VA. I am like, hey, we are in Maryland right between these two state. How about just dropping it off. Nope, can't do that so now I am at the mercy of a damn freight company whose logistics are apparently way out of whack. Wouldn't be so bad had the order been shipped 4 weeks ago. You can imagine how this customer feels about now.
  5. I can't find a phone number for them or a contact person. I asked my supplier for that info and they won't give it to me.
  6. Have never purchased SignComp products before but a month and a half ago I had to order (through my supplier) a round sign kit. It has been over 7 weeks and I still don't have my material. This is my first and last experience with them. My customer is beyond pissed and I don't blame them. Makes us look bad and it's not our fault. Does anyone know if this is how they do business?
  7. Would sure like to know who the company was that contacted you so I can add to never ending list of companies that are becoming harder and harder to work with. We all always need work but if we aren't getting paid we may as well just go home and watch TV. Speaking of lists of companies to avoid, or are late payers, being new to this site, is there a list on here we could look at?
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