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  1. We are bidding a small sign package that requires weld on studs. I checked with Howard Industries and they say they can't do them. Any suggestions.
  2. Our phone has not rang in over 2 weeks. Have work that needs finished but a lot of suppliers aren't open.
  3. HA Don't live in Maryland. Our STUPID governor is saying he is most likely not going to allow the state to open up until January 2021. We are allowed to be open but there is no work to speak of. This has gone too far. Americans need to rise up - and fast.................
  4. We are still, here in Maryland. Some places have asked us to not show up beginning next week as they don't want any vendors on site but other than that, we are doing our thing
  5. Well, Maryland just shut down "Non-essential businesses" . Too gray an area as they aren't specifically calling out the trades they consider non-essential. Anyone else run into this?
  6. I do too think this is an engineered virus, meant to bring this country to it's knees. And for a very specific reason that I won't get into on here because I will lose my S**t. I am not afraid of the virus. I am afraid for what's it doing to our lives as free (for now anyway) Americans
  7. We had several fairly large jobs that we should have received the PO's for by now so I called and asked about it. Was told they have been put on hold until further notice. So, thinking would be a good time to catch up on some smaller local jobs and then find out can't get supplies as easily as before. Still plugging along though
  8. Yep, I smell a rat. Owe almost $14,000.00
  9. Yes, the contract had terms but no where was it stated I was to fraudulently sign an affidavit claiming to be paid when I haven't. I did receive correspondence today. PM saying I haven't sent in the invoices and they would now be considered as filed late. So, I sent her a copy of the email sent to me by HER AP department stating the invoices have already been received. I sent them again anyway. At this point I think a call to THEIR customer will resolve this issue very quickly.
  10. Well, the paperwork they sent was worded to say that we had been paid in full. When I asked did that mean she was sending out a check she said no, after the paperwork is received it would be another 30 to 45 days for a check to be cut. We all know what 'check to be cut" means. It then sits on someone's desk for a few weeks, then gets signed, then sets again until they decide to mail it. I still have not received any communication from them, nor any money from them. I beginning to think I would be looking at another ImagePoint disaster if I would have signed this. Something just isn't rig
  11. UPDATE: I told them I could not sign a false document, let alone get it notarized. Told them when I get paid, I will complete the documents and send them back. Haven't heard a word from then since. Haven't received a check yet either.
  12. We have received a lien affidavit the company wants us to sign claiming we have been paid the said amount due for the jobs we completed. As we have not received any payment, I contacted the company to ask if a payment would be coming before I signed the document, which they want sent back to them within a few days. I was told no, the payments terms as stated in the contract would be when they would pay by. Has anyone else had this situation? I don't want to sign something legal saying I have been paid when I have not. This whole project has been a nightmare so I am hesitant
  13. I saw your post. Accent Graphics out of TX used to be a large customer of ours, but we had problems getting paid for an extra that the PM didn't include on the drawings (the PM is no longer with them) and so they wouldn't pay.  Just my 2 cents.

  14. Vikki2021


  15. Well, just wanted to let everyone know that SignComp contacted me and I found out the order was not placed by my sign supplier until December 1, and they shipped it out on December 8th and it should be delivered today. Colleen from SignComp called and was extremely nice. She said I could order directly through them and bypass the supplier. She is keeping an eye on the delivery as well. Thank you all for your help and comments! It is why I love this site.
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