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  1. chuckssigns

    Vehicle Templates

    Does anyone use the online vehicle templates for there wrps? I am getting more requests for these and want to know if subscribing to one is beneficial or not. If so who do you use? I have done a couple and did the old school take photos, measure each component and size accordingly. Thanks for the input.
  2. chuckssigns

    D Punch

    Any one out there have a D Punch collecting dust? I need to purchase one and just seeing if anyone here has one they are not using. I can get a new one for $$$, but thought I would check here first. Thanks everyone. T.J
  3. chuckssigns


  4. chuckssigns

    Bit by the DIY bug

    But the lady on Pinterest said they do this ALL THE TIME
  5. Eric, which white led's do you recommend for illuminating an 8" deep 4' x 8' D/F sign cabinet, with white poly faces? I will be sticking them to 1" aluminum square tubes that will be installed in the middle of the cabinet instead of fluorescent lamps. Please advise.

    Thanks and have a great day. 

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    2. Erik Sine

      Erik Sine

      You can space a little farther apart, I'm just suggesting for bright even lighting.  You can always play with the spacing and it is all dependent on white face type too.  

    3. chuckssigns


      Thanks eric, I will play with some I have here and go from there. Thanks for your advice. I will be placing an order tomorrow. 

      Thanks again, have a great night.

    4. Erik Sine
  6. chuckssigns

    what kind of signage USA use most?

    Where we are in the Northwest, we typically use #2, with some clients opting for the famous #10
  7. chuckssigns

    Billboard Lighting

    Does any of you have sources, experiences with led billboard wall washers? I see some on the great interweb, just looking to see if anyone else has used these? Pro's - Con's, suggestions? I have a client looking to use exterior led lighting to light his 12' x 24' billboard. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks T.J
  8. chuckssigns

    Best Western Fabricators

    We have done Best Westerns for Persona.
  9. chuckssigns

    Christmas Lights Parade 2017 (Grand Winner)

    That's Awesome!!!! We have an old Wilkie that is not in service any more. I think we will spruce it up for our annual Christmas Parade here in Cody. Great job !
  10. chuckssigns

    Neon & LED's on the Beach

    Nice Sign Eric. You are not alone when it comes to sleepless nights before an install. Even when everything goes smooth, I still lay awake at nights going over details I know I covered. Once its on the wall and secured, the stress level drops a ton. Again nice sign, can't wait for night shots.
  11. chuckssigns


    Has anyone done any work with or for Takeform? I just received an install request and was looking for any feedback. I did not see them in the National list on here. Thanks in advance. T.J
  12. chuckssigns

    Ya'll have been there at one time...

    For me it's the Apple Pie Moonshine
  13. chuckssigns

    Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    I personally think that this needs to apply only to the "personal being" of such women. As in the home when she gets home (if she works). If this is suppose to be a feminist thing and take place outside of the home, than I am with you Sign Lady. No worky, No Job. These feminist have fought for equal rights but then want special treatment??? In the business community as we all know it's not so much your gender as it is your job description and how you perform at such job. So what are they trying to accomplish? Hilarious!
  14. chuckssigns

    Led retrofit

    Thanks Eric, I just sent you a P.M, I am working up a quote for my customer with your recommendations. Aluminum angle and Reckless 4 Led's. Thanks again for your assistance.