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  2. I personally think that this needs to apply only to the "personal being" of such women. As in the home when she gets home (if she works). If this is suppose to be a feminist thing and take place outside of the home, than I am with you Sign Lady. No worky, No Job. These feminist have fought for equal rights but then want special treatment??? In the business community as we all know it's not so much your gender as it is your job description and how you perform at such job. So what are they trying to accomplish? Hilarious!
  3. Thanks Eric, I just sent you a P.M, I am working up a quote for my customer with your recommendations. Aluminum angle and Reckless 4 Led's. Thanks again for your assistance.
  4. I agree with you 100% Eric. On those Reckless 4 modules. I see that they are one module per foot. Is it safe to say for an 8" deep cabinet, I can keep those "tight" at 1 foot and get no spotting? Or do I need to "squeeze" them together to like 8" on center to get better even lighting. I have not used these before but have read your reviews and tests with them. Just trying to estimate this right and not over or under order.
  5. Just wondering what everyone is using for retrofitting sign cabinets from fluorescent to Led's. I have used the click sticks and was happy with the outcome , but was wondering if there was a better product to use. Thanks in advance.
  6. Try Regional Supply out of Salt Lake. They sell a lot of vinyl's by the yard.
  7. God Bless you Mr Larsen. Its good to hear you are still loving the ever challenging and changing Sign Industry. I am going on my 32nd year in the business, Started my jr year in high school making channellume letters. How things have changed. Hope you stay in the business as long as you like. It was good reading and like most sign guys, genuine. Good luck to you.
  8. Try a vinyl eraser wheel. 3M makes them and they sell on Amazon for about $35.00. Just try it in a small area to make sure it doesn't take of the trailer finish as well.
  9. Does anyone know which National is doing Arby's?
  10. I'll take a roll, and a 12 pack to go please
  11. I think you should have a kid do it. I taught my son to trim cap when he was 12. He did better than employees we were paying. It was awesome when they were complaining how hard it was, (serif letters, Chinese characters). I would tell them just put it aside, I will have my 12 yr old do it. Then he would and they were gone.
  12. Depending on the look the client wants, I would go with some Cedar planking. Maybe some rough sawn timbers stained lightly.
  13. So what is the warranty on these for outdoor use, in an ever changing climate... Say from 90 degrees in summer to -10 degrees in winter.
  14. I have a question regarding your system. It looks good, sounds good, but how easy / difficult is it to remove the letter can after installation? It is called easy clip but is it? If the letters are mounted flush to the background, how do you get your fingers or tool between the letter can and the wall without a struggle? Also with the screw on the back of the back, will this prevent the letter from actually being flush? With this being said how do you seal the letter from water getting behind the back an causing damage. S.O.P is clear silicone across the top of the letter, and of course around the electrical penetration. Anyone ever install one of these letters and then try to service? Just asking.
  15. Does anyone know if there is a place I can get some ribbon refills for an old Roland PC60? I just inherited the machine and will mainly use as a backup cutter but the printer works. Just cant seem to locate any refills for the cartridges. I know there a discontinued item hoping someone has a stash.