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  1. well familiar with, and love me some neon projects, but aside from the longevity of the led's (which we all know the technology changes daily) - the formed plastic isn't as fragile as neon (if exposed of course) and deserves some consideration. I've seen some of the less than desirable stuff other manufacturers have put out to compete with neon and just offering that Gemini, in my opinion, leads the charge in alternatives here. Yeah, clients are always leaning towards cheapest and fastest, but I like to point out or reinforce quality does cost you up front, but pays dividends over time.
  2. I might suggest Gemini Sign products, they have a very nice custom formed letters w/ led illumination that they are simply calling "faux neon" for the moment, sounds like a remedy to all interested parties possibly? it is the script looking 'A' - this stuff looks really nice, lights up solid, and looks very durable, anxious to try it ourselves and expect to soon, will post pics when we do...'
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