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Found 74 results

  1. Quality Long Life Channel Letters What does that take? The short answer is....always use the best light source according to the project application. I've been busy and took some time away from the Sign Syndicate to take care of a few accounts & live real life. I decided to maintain two good accounts and shut down my shop all the while turning down work from my regular clients and referrals until the jobs were done. The good thing was, I had some good loyal clients who waited for me until these projects were over. I had over 250 channel letters ranging from 12" to 46" and I did all of them myself and by hand instead of subbing them out. Why? I wanted something to do! On one of the accounts which I'll post soon I used LEDs for the obvious reasons, the stroke is too thin for Neon components, but there is something really awesome about these LEDs that I had a personal hand in but that will be a separate thread I'll post later. But for now I'm going to talk about this one, which is focused on Neon illumination. Neon illumination what??? A request by the client who owns a large national high end furniture chain that stems from the west coast to the east coast. I did their first job which was a entirely new location a couple of years ago which I posted here. They came to me by referral and they wanted Neon, NOT LED. They were real specific, reason been IS...they heard all the marketing claims made by sign companies who in turn heard it from the LED manufacturers about saving energy, prolonged life, yadda yadda over fluorescent lamps & Neon. A very topic we discussed in a topic "General LED Channel Letters On The Rise". They had a lot of signs made and retrofitted and well.......time went by and all the failures started to happen across multiple states in their wall signs and pylon signs. Enough was enough, they wanted to go back to light sources that they know always worked and never let them down , and that brought me to a group of stores right here in San Diego. They were making a name change re-brand over so I had to remove all the existing signs which were Neon illuminated. They were installed right for the most part and they didn't really have issues over time. I just improved what was used before, shorter runs, better material, making sure all circuits were properly loaded and going from single halo-phosphate (6500K) lamps to Tri-phoshor coated lamps. My first job for them I used FMS Neon's BL6500 in 12mm, I just continued that for this job. Wow, why 12mm? The Sign faces are day/ night, 3M perf over white. Using 12mm the appearance looked like 6500 white behind white acrylic, and it just a little more load than using 13mm. Seriously, it's that bright. I just happened to put these signs where a lot of the competitors also used 3M perf faces. They used LEDs, we used Neon, the result is now like someone sprinting past a jogger....with the jogger jogging backwards. No competition.....Truly! Using the Tri-Phosphor lamps each letter will be uniform in it's entirety, no need to worry about any individual letter light output degradation. When you have 15' of linear lamp for a letter you only have one single light source, or two depending on how you break it down per letter. For LEDs you would have over 67 individual modules with over 134 individual diodes that can break down, degrade, have irregular lumen maintenance and or fail showing uneven lighting over the years, which is not good for a high end furniture store This high end furniture chain wanted none of that, nor do I, especially with the spec of the sign having day night faces. Now, If I could have done some things different I would have used the Axioms AXLE 9XB's for one of the signs that was on a tilt up wall, that one would have been perfect because some of the letters also had a 1.5" stroke and the stroke was real small for the field installation as well is hitting rebar almost every 8", after all the Axioms are one of the rare LEDs thats as bright a 13mm Tri=Phosphor lamp running on 60ma. The Axiom AXLE9XB LEDs would be perfect, who wouldn't want Nichia of Japan LEDs in their sign? But, again...it was Neon specific so it just took longer to install, no biggy! Back to the illumination at night, it's even, it will stay even, the Tri-Phosphor lamps will stay whiter longer over time than the standard 6500 white. As if 6500 white didn't already stay white long enough. But Tri-Phosphor Whites can be 2 to 3 times brighter and stay white longer 2 to 3 times longer over time before the phosphor coats break down. I had a fun time on this project, 6 sign locations, plenty of 3'x16' monument aluminum faces and smaller to go with it. I had my kids who wanted summer money helping out in trim capping, channel letter fabrication, sign removal and installation. I can't post pics of all sign locations so I'll just keep it simple and it would just be redundant, I've posted this job before but on the initial job, this is more of the existing store chain locations making a rebrand. I'll start from the beginning. The removal My Second oldest getting involved Patterns on the wall Always double nut the system ground, bottom ground for the panel, top for the tranny! Plenty of head room for installation Part of my work organization Racks and boxes of Neon Load Plan Silicone GTO & electrode caps Letters and GTO up! C'mon Neon Day time shot Night time shot How the competition looks at night
  2. Came across this for those who enjoy Neon http://www.fastcodesign.com/3050290/a-new-book-documents-san-franciscos-disappearing-neon-signs
  3. General LED Channel Letter Failures On The Rise Been getting a lot of calls to retrofit channel letters that are having failures. It seems like that short time period of three to five years has finally come around to where the sign user who bought from the lowest bidder or bought into the idea of "saving money....more efficient mantra" is coming around to bite them in the ass as well as the sign shop who made a poor choice in using the inexpensive most likely Chinese LEDs. The reality is, there are very few LED manufacturers I would personally EVER use for sign projects that I build. I base that based on our very own Sign Syndicate Light Testing Projects where we test just about every LED on the market and have been doing so since 2008 The failures I see out on the field do nothing but support those results . LED Modules are great for peeling and sticking, spending more time in the shop than out in the field but they should not be used for everything. Too many sign shop are lazy, they look for an "easy way" to stay in business, that's the plain truth of our industry. The Sign Syndicate's Neon & LED Test Comparison "The Great White Hope" (2012 Shot) Our enabling of LED manufacturers inflated, exaggerated, and even misleading marketing points is what help kill our own industry, and now those chickens are coming home to roost. Those 100,000 hours, 80,000 hours, 60,000 hours, 50,000 hours that a lot of sign shops within our industry have financially sabotaged, and screwed the consumer. The LED powers supplies have gotten cheaper, so have the LED modules, shops scramble for the 50¢ modules, the plastic $20 power supplies and a few years later...Waalaa.... individual diode failure leading to inconsistent lighting and power supplies that truly couldn't handle the heat of the load. I've seen this rise in retrofit the retrofit and I'm only in 70˙F weather all year around in just that last couple of months. For Red LEDs that were supposed to last sooooo long, well now those same channel letter faces that were so evenly lit are now hot spotting. The LED Sign market if you don't know as it relates to the sign industry is a crap shoot. Very few reputable companies like GE and others, don't even want to be in it any longer, they would rather be in general lighting. Why? Too many cheap consumers, too many sign companies that don't make wise decisions get lured and duped by the ever growing and disappearing market of what was once here today is gone tomorrow. Sure, a lot of manufacturers tell sign shops their components are warrantied for 5 years BUT, do they, do YOU replace those parts for free to your client? Chances are like most of the scenarios that call me say no, "I still get charged labor" Shame on those companies and shame on you if you're one of those companies. You planned out your project, you spec'd out your project and there is absolutely NO reason why a electric sign should not carry a 5 year "worry free" electrical warranty. This industry has plenty of quality components that are built to last, and Neon is still a VERY viable option especially when it comes to consistency in longevity as well as lighting, unfortunately that is no longer an option for a lot of shops because they lack the "know how", or willingness to learn, even worse..they only posses the laziness and willingness to collect a check and walk away. Today I still continue to install the right light source based on the application, that goes for using LEDs, Fluorescent or Neon. 20+ years later I get very few failures , VERY few. I have signs that operated for 18+ without a single maintenance call. I know I may work a little harder, pay a little more, even spend a little more time with each project BUT...I do sleep easier at night, I don't have to worry about taking those calls about having to come back, and I have happier clients that have stuck with more for my 20+ years that I've been in business. Just some Thursday food for thought to chew on.
  4. From the album: Tako Tyko Signs and Lighting


    © Tako Tyko

  5. Here's an article about someone I'm familiar with for anyone interested about some hands on Neon workshops. Now might be a VERY good time to start getting into the trade with the demand for Neon starting to rise!
  7. I think if you look at a neon lamp hard & long enough, I think you'll see that it has a soul
  8. From the album: Installations

    Paul Signs Inc. removal of the iconic Wonder Wheel sign in Coney Island in May of 2014. The sign needed some repairs after superstorm hurricane Sandy damaged most of New York and it's beach communities. There was salt water damage and wear and tear of time showing on the famous sign. It has been 14 years since we last refurbished the sign.
  9. From the album: Installations

    Paul Signs Inc. removal of the iconic Wonder Wheel sign in Coney Island in May of 2014. The sign needed some repairs after superstorm hurricane Sandy damaged most of New York and it's beach communities. There was salt water damage and wear and tear of time showing on the famous sign. It has been 14 years since we last refurbished the sign.
  10. From the album: Installations

    The return of the Wonder Wheel sign in Coney Island, NY. After repairing the worn out electronics and giving the sign some fresh paint after removing any rust and salt water damage sustained during the Hurricane Sandy storm, the sign was put back home.
  11. paul321

    Wonder Wheel 1

    From the album: Installations

    Replacing electronics for the world famous Wonder Wheel neon sign.
  12. Just read this in the newest Signs Of The Times March Issue. It's a letter to the editor from Harold Cortese president of EGL, basically a complaint as to why they weren't included in the article. Letter To The Editor http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201503/#/14 Original Article http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201411/#/36 I think they weren't included probably because it would turn into a fluff piece rather than wanting to get to the root of the problem. You can only do that from Neon users or suppliers themselves. Harold's letter was very self serving, and a free advertisement of "look here!". Here's the quote kicker ".....In closing, neon signmakers still have material and equipment vendor options outside of Chinese products: they'll be available for as long as the industry supports its own...." In a matter of fact, EGL has really hammered down on retrofitting Neon out with their LEDs, if you go to any show, you'll notice that the EGL booth Neon products have shrunk, and they're displaying what they're heavily invested in...LEDs. I mean, they've even advertised this in a few trade magazines EEEEeerrrrrr, brochures rags. Once they were a Neon company who proded themselves on real numbers and sources you can measure. If I remember correctly their LEDs are Chinese yes??? They say you can contact them directly and place an order. Not true. In a matter of fact, I've tried in the past to place an order and it's damn near impossible, they don't even return phone calls. This is the reason why I jumped on over to using FMS and Tecnolux. I'm glad Marcus didn't contact them, because all the SOT reader would have gotten in return was "fluff" and marketing garbage. Marcus's original article literally slapped manufacturers and sign suppliers like them in the face.....hard.... and it didn't feel, or taste good either. There is reason for that, that's because it was the hard truth. Cheers to you Signs Of The Times! P.S. I don't even know why SOT even printed that letter from EGL.
  13. I was curious about something so I thought I'd pop it here. Over the last few years doing sign supply sales here on the SS a few things always got thrown at me. A lot of sign companies that still do Neon don't necessarily care if some of the components are UL or not, as long as they appear durable. Things such as Glass/polycarb tube supports, Silicone GTO, caps & boots, Neon housings (100's, 200's, 300's), even magnetic transformers (after all it's just a cord and coil). Transformer & LED power supply boxes. I've seen UL recognized or classified Silicone GTO, but it may not necessarily be the new 814, but still rated the same. Most of the reason for the non-UL stuff is because those costs have gotten higher, well.....because of UL and over inflating costs by suppliers and manufacturers coupled with the fact that the UL inspector that visits your shop now doesn't even know what the hell their looking at anymore when it comes to Neon. Same goes for the Inspectors. I'm not talking about cheap electronic transformers, something that can catch fire etc, just the smaller component supplies
  14. ABSOLUTE SIGN is seeking an experienced sign and lighting technician. Qualified candidates must be knowledgeable in servicing neon, parking lot lights, LED, fluorescent, diagnosing electrical issues. Electrical sign installation experience a plus. Must be a self-starter and motivated. Must have a California Driver's License. Must have the ability to perform well under pressure. Minimum of 3 years experience in the field. Competitive compensation. Fax your resume to 562-592-6198 or call the office. 562-592-5838
  15. Pretty cool. Came across this story to a beautiful Neon sign that was was posted here during the production in a thread about the rise of Neon back in the electric sign industry. New Long Beach Dunkin’ Donuts draws a crowd http://www.presstelegram.com/general-news/20141209/new-long-beach-dunkin-donuts-draws-a-crowd LONG BEACH>> Dunkin’ Donuts return to California continued Tuesday morning as dozens awoke before dawn to line up outside the chain’s new store to either taste an old favorite or find out what all the fuss is about. “They go back all the way to my early childhood,” said Glenn Ferdinand, 49, of Long Beach. “My mom worked at Dunkin’ Donuts when I was a kid. Dunkin’ Donuts is part of my life.” Ferdinand grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, and dressed for the occasion of the new store’s opening in a pullover Red Sox jacket. “This is the first stop when I travel home. This is the first stop for me,” he said while he waited for a large “regular” cup of coffee and a “honey-dipped” doughnut, which is known on this side of the country as a glazed doughnut. Long Beach’s new Dunkin’ Donuts opened at 5 a.m. near the 7th Street-Pacific Coast Highway intersection. In Long Beach, the doughnut chain’s opening attracted a steady stream of drive-thru and walk-in customers. Some of those who stood in line said they arrived about an hour before the store’s opening trying to become one of the first 100 customers who claimed an orange bag of “doughnut swag” that included a coffee cup and voucher for a free cup of caffeinated brew. The first customer in line received free coffee for a year. That customer was Johnny Hoops of North Hollywood; he has also been the first customer the store’s openings in Downey and Santa Monica, company officials said. The Long Beach spot was once home to The Original Grind, and to the relief of Long Beach history buffs, store operators decided to keep the old business’ giant doughnut to advertise its wares. Franchisee Dan Almquist joked that he had to divert money that he could have otherwise saved for one of his children’s education to pay for the sign’s restoration. “It was a few bucks. It was a six-figure number,” Almquist said, noting that the restoration required a considerable amount of new materials. The sign makes the Long Beach shop unique among Dunkin’ Donuts establishments, and not just the few that have opened in California. Company public relations manager Lindsay Harrington said the 7th Street store is the only Dunkin’ Donuts in the country that has such an iconic, large doughnut sign outside its doors. The Massachusetts-based Dunkin’ Donuts has thus far only established a minimal presence in the Golden State. After a long absence from California, the chain opened the first of a new wave of stand-alone stores in August in the Central Valley city of Modesto. Dunkin’ Donuts followed that move up with a focus on Southern California. Santa Monica welcomed a Dunkin’ Donuts store in early September, and Downey saw a store arrive later that month. As the chain expands, Long Beach could see more Dunkin’ Donuts open locally. Almquist, who is managing partner of Newport Beach’s Frontier Real Estate Investments, said the company invested around $2 million to open the new Long Beach store and has plans for two or three more stores in the seaside city. Potential locations and future opening dates are “top secret” for now. Besides the new standalone stores, Dunkin’ Donuts products are also for sale in California at Camp Pendleton, Barstow Station and inside the Embassy Suites San Diego Bay Downtown Hotel. The chain has announced plans for more than 200 California stores to open in the next several years.
  16. I Told You that Shift was Coming. Now a Large National is looking to go back into what so many have kicked to the curb and lost interest in. With so many now out of the game in producing & installing Neon as far as equipment, experienced help, this leaves the door wide open for those who stuck with Neon or for those who are now choosing to go back into it. Like I've said, it's been on the rise, but is there enough Neon Sign Components to go around? Encore Image Launches Neon Signs To Enhance Retail And Corporate Branding http://marketersmedia.com/encore-image-launches-neon-signs-to-enhance-retail-and-corporate-branding/70139 Encoreimage.com showcases the vast assortment of neon signs available for businesses of all sizes. Ontario, CA, United States of America – December 10, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ — Writing for the daily entrepreneur magazine “Gaebler.com” news reporter Ken Gaebler offers tips to business owners, and anyone else interested in joining the business world. Ken Gaebler advises, “Neon signs have been a great addition to the American advertising landscape. Once seen as an omnipresent aspect of any business, this colorful form of signage is still available and highly effective. The use of neon signs in today’s business world can still offer many distinct benefits.” Ken points out why neon signs have distinct advantages over other forms of signage. “Neon signs are visible from a greater distance and can draw the attention of those both on the street and driving by in traffic. While traditional signs generally need to be replaced every five years, a well engineered neon sign usually lasts between eight to fifteen years. Custom made neon signs also offer your business a degree of individuality and will lead to increased awareness with consumers.” Meeting the needs of business owners who desire custom neon signs to their retail signage and corporate branding, is the Encore Image company of Ontario, CA. Company spokesperson Chet Wilkens expresses their mission in this way, “At Encore Image, we create and craft a diverse assortment of neon signage for the world of business and architecture. Neon offers a unique degree of identity to the retail branding and corporate process. Our clients report to us that the neon signage designed by Encore Image has allowed them to establish themselves as an original force and fierce competitor in their marketplace.” Chet Wilkins continues, “The Ontario CA monument signs our company has designed, have been engineered to achieve the ultimate in visuality and creative impact. Along with our distinctive brand of original design, each neon sign we work on is well-fabricated and engineered for the utmost in longevity. No matter the size of a project, we are proud to provide the highest standards of our industry from initial conception to the final stages of on-site installation.” Neon Image has also established themselves as a company that is willing to go the extra mile for all of its clients. Chet further explains, “The design and engineering services we provide to our clients can not be under-estimated. With over sixty years of experience designing neon elements and building entire signs, we know that the details do not end with creative design.” Spokesperson Chet Wilkins elaborates, “Neon signage requires permits for it to exist. Most frustrating for business owners is the fact that often the most effective visual forms of creativity tend to encounter more restrictions from local government. The team at Neon Image will work with clients to make sure the necessary permits and all variance issues have been properly approved. There is no limit to the level of services we provide to our clients in terms of design, manufacture and complete determination to obtain government procurement.” About Encore Image: With over sixty years of experience, Encore Image has created and designed custom neon signs to the highest limits of the signage industry. This company believes that superior visuality can be achieved using neon and neon elements. Known for their work on architectural, retail and corporate signs, the team at Encore Image works with businesses of all sizes. They bring a high degree of professional engineering to every sign, lighting and architectural project they undertake for their diverse group of clients.
  17. 2014 CHRISTMAS NEON SPECIALS From now until Christmas Specials On TC200 Housings, Casino Bushings, Silicone Caps & Boots, Novaglo Lead Free Electrodes, Brass Electrode Buttons & Caps. http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/3-sign-supplies/
  18. FLUORESCENT & NEON LAMP TESTER A Transco To Go Lamp Tester perfect for use on the field during service calls, or in the shop to test your lamps before installation. The Features: • Tests Neon (Cold Cathode) Tubes • Tests Fluorescent (Hot Cathode) Lamps • Tests Mercury, Metal Halide & Sodium Vapor Lamps • Telescopic Aerial For Extended Reach • Continuity Test & Test Leads • Battery Powered Lamp Tester Spec Sheet Below For Download: TRANSCO Tester File.pdf You can now buy this product direct from our online shopping cart by clicking this LINK Feel free to contact us to receive a full product & price list , or to order this product - (858) 880-1400 or orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  19. We are now stocking the CPI Advanced Electronic Transformers in the UL 6kv (CPI-6-35), 10kv (CPI-1035), and the 12kv (CPI-EZ12) along with the Non-UL10kv (CPI-10035)DM Dimming model. FEATURES • No Mercury Migration • Overload Protection with Auto Shutdown • Self Adjusting Load Sensor • Aluminum Heat Sink, Can Be Mounted To Metal • UL2161 (Except 1035DM) These are the small pull chain units perfect for window Neon signs and other applications. They can be purchased through our online shopping cart here http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/25-electronic-transformers/ You can also contact us by phone at (858) 880-1400 or by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com to place an order or receive a full product & price list
  20. Their at it again. There is always a place and application for all light sources but... The Drake Hotel Brings Light To Going Green http://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?news_id=2007827 "...The Drake Hotel and Olympic Signs of Lombard have teamed up to create green energy you can see. The Chicago landmark neon sign will be replaced with environmentally friendly Sloan LED lighting. Licensed by the EPA, Olympic Signs will dispose of the antiquated neon piping that used to adorn the 20ft "The Drake" sign. Thus, neon's 70 year run illuminating Lake Shore Drive officially ends. The new and improved sign will be the first of its kind. Olympic Signs President Robert Whitehead, whose company is known for green energy, has lead his team in the production of a new mold, a new source of energy and a new spin on an old goal: reduce, reuse and recycle. The original "The Drake" sign will be refurbished; essentially Whitehead's team will restore the background metal to its former glory. The neon piping will be recycled per EPA standards and the new lights will reduce the amount of energy the hotel needs to light "The Drake"...." ======================== If this is going to be another retrofit some neon gas pumped tubes to LED then The Drake should get ready for failure. We all remember the Genesee Beer debacle that we kicked around here a couple of years ago. Again, why retrofit something that's already in place? Just re-engineer the transformers and re-pump or retrofit with newer lamps. But Olympic Signs thinks they are saving the world from evil and curing cancer at the same time and one LED at a time. Olympic Signs say that LEDs over neon only cost 25% higher and that the sign user can make up for it in 10 months in energy consumption costs. Really? Genesee Beer had all kinds of issues from the start to the end, and if what I'm hearing is accurate they still continue today. Lets review those figures we came up with on that sign. Neon Project @ 380 linear feet 3.6 watts per foot x 380 linear feet = 1,368 watts $719.00 annual cost of operation @12 hrs a day for 365 days a year 11 Transformers = $990.00 New Wholesale Glass = $1,710.00 ****Much cheaper on glass cost for just adding new electrodes to old glass Total $2,700.00 SloanLED Flexibrite @380 linear feet 2.8 watts per foot x 380 feet = 1,064 watts $532.60 annual cost of operation @ 12 hrs a day for 365 days a year 22 Power Sources = $1,914.00 SloanLED Flexibrite = $7,075.00 ***Does not include the price of glue, clips, and caps and wiring Total $8,985.00 ROI: 48 years Hardly 10 months. But if Drake Hotel doesn't care about smart business sense and they just want to "pose" as a fictitious guise of been an earth saver by putting up a different light source among other things then hell, SPEND by all means. Sounds like they found the right sign company who will feed their ideology. I'm not hatin!! Money in hand and job is sold. Just don't remove a light source that does not degrade in light output, or be able to retrofit one with one that won't (Neon Gas)....with one that will and say it's better or better for the environment. Because it's not! Just sell it as what it is, an alternative to using Neon Lamps, not "Green energy you can see". Does Olympic not know Neon NOW is recognized as "Green" by UL? Last I looked it TOO has a UL Green Leaf stamp of wacko environmentalist approval A 70 Year old classic sign, The Drake has been a landmark....what a shame. Hope it works out for them
  21. July 2014 Electric Sign Industry Neon & LED Test Comparison Results Below are the various categories of our test results made available for the electric sign industry. You can download the newest Sign Syndicate test comparison .pdf result sheet at the bottom of every Light Project Test entry with the most current date. Please remember....we have now made these light testing results available to you for free. If you feel like you have learned/gained something from these results or found that these results have saved you money by choosing one product over another please help support us in upgrading your free membership, or by purchasing various sign supplies we have available for you & your company. Many of our sign supply products are usually well below what you might pay for at one of the mainstream sign suppliers and some are bundles with free shipping. We've attached many various banners to the results in hope something may grab your eye. The Sign Syndicate does not engage in light source lamp sales such as LED's or Lamps so that we do not become a biased source for news & information and maintain that high standard of only dealing with the facts. For individual test result updates & information visit the Project Tutorials located here LINK As always, enjoy the results and hope you learn as we do going down this adventurous path! The Great White Hope II (Year 1) - The high powered white Neon & LED test comparison for large channel letters and sign cabinets, comprised of high powered LED modules 1watt+ and above with Tri-Phosphor Neon Lamps. (2,300+ hrs) Later this month we will add NC LED New high powered module as well as two of Axiom LED's products GreatWhiteHopeII 071514.pdf Project Tight Whitey (Year 3 & 4) - The white exclusive LED only test comparison for mid (.85 watt modules and below) to mini sized LED modules. (34,000+ hrs) This month we introduce new module as well as NC LED, ProJectTight 071515.pdf The Red Light District (Year 3 & 4) - The Red Neon & LED channel letter light source test comparison. (28,000+ hrs) RedL071514.pdf Border Security (Year 3 & 4)- The Neon & LED border tube lamp test comparison. (18,000+ hrs) BorderSec 071514.pdf Blue Light Special Year 1 & 2) - The blue Neon & LED test comparison for channel letter. (7,000+ hrs) BlueLight071514.pdf The Great White Hope - Discontinued (Year 5) - The high powered white Neon & LED test comparison for large channel letters and sign cabinets, comprised of high powered LED modules 1watt+ and above with Tri-Phosphor Neon Lamps. (33,000+ hrs) Though discontinued, we'll still go ahead and make this available for reference Download LINK
  22. Wondering if anyone else knows about this, not sure how I found it but wish I thought of it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poteetphotography/chasing-neon-documenting-our-historic-americana?ref=email Edward
  23. Well, in the last couple of weeks I've seen a big boom/surge in Neon Inquiries, sales, and Sign Wholesale shops returning to the Neon Sector. Now they just have to wait and see if there are component manufacturers out there who can support and have products available for them to produce these signs. The biggest setback I get is, "well...we built the sign already and processed the Neon...but didn't know there were a shortage on materials to finish the job" Yep!
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