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  2. Erik Sine

    CLOSED for ISA

    We will be closed for any shipping of products from April 23rd and back April 29th
  3. Trying to determine which paint system I should buy. The grip guard is stocked by grimco which is 20 mins from me but costs a decent bit more. Mathews I would only be able to get 2 times a week if needed but is less and the PMS matching and software seems a little easier to use. I am at a crossroads here. what say you??
  4. Yesterday
  5. jrosenfeld

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Yep. I fly in Wednesday afternoon and out Friday morning.
  6. Last week
  7. bnicely

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Jamin, I would be interested to know what you have discovered. Our volume probably pales in comparison to what you guys handle, but any info would be helpful. Will you be in Vegas?
  8. Jacksonville

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Microsoft Project. You'll need to customize to suit your shop, and be prepared for long learning curve. But for support, stability, and security, it's superior to any of the proprietary "sign industry" applications.
  9. Mad Scientist

    Mary had a little Lamb but...

    This is right up there with channel letters being split up badly or on purpose. Like a Sunglass Hut I serviced that got written up for lewd message violation by City. "ass Hut" that only sells sunglasses when transformer out on half of sign.
  10. Mad Scientist

    For Sale: 2007 Manitex SC62 on 2007 Ford F750 Low mileage

    That is some genuine sign wisdom Dave and you're absolutely right. Thing is we already made the move to Florida years ago to set up shop for retirement, already did all the traveling we need to do. I would be bored if I just sat around like most of the retirees that move down here with nothing to do but wait. Thing is that we enjoy the creativity signs provide along with the wow factor on some projects, don't do nationals. If you have hydraulics and the proper platform you can easily stay in signs way past retirement, if I do hit the numbers the boat would get bigger.
  11. Don't hit it too big or the last thing you will be thinking about is staying in the sign business.... 🙂
  12. Mad Scientist

    For Sale: 2007 Manitex SC62 on 2007 Ford F750 Low mileage

    I can't believe you still have it either. Spent about 5 years and got spoiled on an exact duplicate of this truck. Wish I had the extra cash laying around or you already would have watched me drive off with it Dave. Playing extra numbers to get it though. Hope you still have it if I hit.
  13. jrosenfeld

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Brad, I've been going through the software search process myself. Feel free to reach out to me and I'll share what I've discovered.
  14. We are looking for an experienced CDL sign installer duties include but not limited to, knowledge of wiring, basic electrical, foundations, steel, concrete, vinyl application, field painting, efficient use of time, crane operation, proper loading techniques and general construction knowledge. Up to $4,000.00 sign on bonus!!!!!! Signs Unlimited of Charlotte
  15. We are going to change from our current job management software as it no longer meets our needs. I’m soliciting feedback and recommendations on what software everyone uses for project management and manufacturing and the pros and cons of it. Also, if there are any we should stay away from and why? Thanks in advance for everyone’s assistance.
  16. Eyewacka


  17. JOB DESCRIPTION: Troubleshoot and repair various types of signs and lighting with electrical knowledge. Sign types include: Channel letters -Neon/LED) pylons/monument signs, digital displays, etc. Sign Removal and installation REQUIREMENTS: Possess a clean/valid California Driver's license Electrical knowledge and crane truck experience Must be able to lift, work at height and in enclosed areas Work independently and as a team member Ability to cross train Good communication skills and customer service traits Safety conscious Compensation depends on experience Veterans encouraged to apply Absolute Sign, Inc. 562-592-5838 tish@absolutesign.com
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  19. Quality Sign Crafters

    Experienced Fabricator / Eastern CT

    Quality Sign Crafters is seeking an experienced fabricator to join our team. Our ideal candidate should possess understanding of basic sign fabrication, manufacturing, and construction methods along with a broad knowledge of industry materials, finishes, and processes. Duties: - Aluminum, steel, and plastic fabrication. - MIG welding, aluminum and steel. - Channel letter manufacturing. - Wiring of electric sign components. Ex. LED’s, fluorescent lamp fixtures, neon, etc. - Operation of various shop equipment including brakes, shears, drill presses, radial arm saws, etc. - Finish work, paint preparation Preferred skills/ experience: - Experience with aluminum fabrication. - Knowledge of UL standards is a plus. - Leadership experience is a plus. - Experience in the production and manufacturing of electric signs of various types. - Must possess good attention to detail. May be willing to train the right candidate with limited experience. Salary: Based on experience Normal business hours are from 7AM – 3:30 however this position requires occasional overtime. Please call Lisa @ 860-423-1931 or send resume to: Lisa@qualitysign.us
  20. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is seeking a large format digital print operator. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  21. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is hiring fabricators of all skill levels. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  22. yourwayc

    Arete support? Touchscreen out of calibration

    I have the same problem. The screen does not respond in the location that you touch, but I do not think the problem is the touchscreen itself. Is there a calibration or setup for the touch either in the Windows software or the CMOS setup?
  23. I was with Country Companies and then in 2013 they made me get liability insurance because I put decals on cars.
  24. Sign Lady

    Chandler Signs

    Yes, and getting weirder by the day! I think they sit around all day and come up with new ways every day to charge us more money simply because we go above 6' in the air! LOL
  25. Rocco

    Chandler Signs

    TBH, I think that it is possible that my agent misunderstood what was requested. My ins agency was bought out by another company and we had "issues" with them for a while. Missing COI's, delays in getting COI's sent out, no call backs, etc. it's gotten much better but I'm still checking around for another ins agency. I'll run it by them again and see if I get a different answer. However, sometimes these ins companies have really weird policies.
  26. Sign Lady

    Chandler Signs

    I agree with Paul. I think your agent may be misinterpreting what they are asking for?? Simply because he/she may not understand the sign industry & what we do. It's rare to find one that does understand it though. Especially in a small market like mine. I don't think Chandler would require you to insure every vehicle on the job site. But there is another way around what they are asking for if that is what they are asking for. My guys very rarely drive their personal vehicles to a job site, but they have before and in the cases that they have, I always get them to park in a big box store parking lot & then I pick them up & take them to the job site. Most folks/owners you work for frown upon having a ton of vehicles on the job site anyway - mostly for space reasons & not having to shuffle them around all day when they get in the way - having to do the shuffle multiple times a day also causes lost time from the work you are doing - have to shuffle to get them out of the paver's way in the morning - then the brick mason's way in the afternoon. That has been my experience anyway. There is always a work around with these kinds of things these Nationals are coming up with these days. Then you can honestly tell your insurance company that your employees do not drive their vehicles to job sites. Ever!
  27. Yes this is very sad to everyone. The " Good Guy " just trying to do the right thing. The other issue is .........These Message Center Sign Companies who sell to the General Public. ( The Florida Specials ) They advertise and sell directly to the Schools, Churches and Public. They sell the sign and send them the 15 Minute Video on how to install it. " You can do it " advice.
  28. Sign Lady

    Insurance for sign companies doing vehicle graphics?

    WOW! Another reason not to cover us?? It's already hard enough to get insurances if you go above 6' - now they want to disqualify & not cover for vehicle wraps? Glad I haven't had that one thrown at me yet. I have my insurance with Auto Owners & it just renewed with no issues. Granted, we don't do a lot of vehicle wraps, but we do some. It would be interesting to know what the mind set is on that & the reason they changed for that specific process alone. Because that is such a specific process to pull out of all of the other things you likely do to cherry pick as a reason to not cover you.
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