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  2. Glass PK Housings Sold in Single Qty - NEW (Imported)
    Glass PK Housings complete with new rubber washers and new springs. 



    For all inquiries on exactly what we have at the current time contact us at 858-880-1400


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  5. At 68 and still installing part time for other companies. We are in the same boat, companies having problems finding good help. One problem is that employees need benefits, can't raise a family with out them. Surprised how many employers do not offer this and also underpay. When some employers get an experienced employee the tend to jam the long hours to them. So guys like others do not. In my case I worked out of town last week and put in 62 hrs in 4 days and the guy I am helping out was pissed when I didn't want work the Friday. I ran my ran my own company for 44 yrs, from my experience a lot of companies do not have a company policy that is review and signed with new employees, I find a lot of employers their communication skills suck, resulting in new and old employees screwing up, and tend to slam the work at their people. When my employees were acquiring a huge amount of overtime, it was time to put another crew on the road. For our Royal Bank in Canada, I have mentored many business, not too many in the sign business, but finding good reliable help is every ones problem. I tell it how it is during the hiring process, and encouraged my employees to vocal their problems with me without the risk of being fired. I don't know with I am an expert, but when i retired I ha 3 employees with 20 plus years and 1 with 30yrs. And sure if found a good employee who was willing to learn, we taught them, but also rewarded them with bonus's and gift cards. I figure it takes a good 2 yrs or better to train some one and a sure loss if you lose them to your competitor. Thanks for letting me ramble on.
  6. Just my personality showing thru! Some old Grey farts still appreciate craftsmanship!
  7. Gary; I think you and the other posters are being way too harsh and just not showing appreciation of the Creativity of this repair and the one listed by my friend Angie. These are the times we currently find ourselves navigating........... Peace out
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  10. PK HOUSINGS PK, or Neon P-K Housings are harder and harder to find these days with no major Neon Manufacturer still producing the Metal Shroud portion of a PK Housing. Westrim?? Nope....Transco? Nope....Allanson? Nope... In fact, it's been nearly impossible to find New complete PK Housings. The only way in the last couple of years if you had a Neon Project for a client has been to find existing stock from a sign company that has had some just sitting on a old dusty shelf somewhere, or possibly a sign supplier who didn't even know they had any, and with LEDs flooding the market it's doubtful a supplier rep even knows what they are/were, and that dusty case they do have with all those strange metal & glass components was possibly spare parts for some old delivery truck their company use to have from the 90's??? Think of how many have just been straight thrown out in the garbage Well, not every Neon wall project calls for #200, #300 Housings, the difficult Masters Technologies Boots and Sleeving System. If you want a Neon attached to on a wall for a clean look & without a raceway, YES...it IS still possible!!! We've been sitting on these for some time, sorry for the late public announcement Store Link of Neon Housings http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/8-neon-housing-components/ Call or Email us for questions or orders!! orders@thesignsyndicate (858) 880-1400
  11. Hahaha - Unbelievable. What were they working on??
  12. Holy Heavens! Just when you think you have seen it all you come to the wonderful Sign Syndicate and see this. Did a sign company actually do this?? I had a customer call me last year because his sign caught on fire. The reason it caught on fire is because it was built out of 2 x 4s and press board with red vinyl holding the "face" on! I think I may have posted a picture of it back then. Can't find the picture right this minute. Then there is this jewel they found a while back. The customer just could not understand why there were so many dark spots in the faces. It had never been like that before the last "service"! LOL
  13. Wow! dunno how that pic got in there?
  14. Nah, it's international. For over 30 years I employed staff, average was around five to seven people including myself. Many were long term. For the past five years it's just me and I could not be more content and now I get to pick and choose who I work for and the jobs I take on. No more stress, no more staff. GC
  15. Well for now the boss man is on the truck with my one and only installer/ service guy, oh yeah did I mention I really need 2 Installers which is why one with SOME experience would be awesome! I would love to have my service guy back on service as much as possible and only help install when needed. But ya do what ya gotta do. And we are as always! Oh and Guess what?? As of today I now need a painter too ( i do have others that paint but have other positions here as well)!!!! Since we had to let the one we had go as it was more costly to keep him anymore due to all the redo's. He used to be an aircraft painter, but sure had trouble with channel letters 🥺. But I have to say that can be an easier spot to fill, I already have an interview set for Monday and he was/is an automotive painter. So while I have no expectations for it to be a one and done kind of thing, my phone chat with him made things seem promising. I will fill you in on that aspect of things next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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  17. Rolls roller, If you have such a volume it should pay for itself, if you dont then sub them out. Not something to be doing without the proper tools.
  18. Curious how others are laminating large flex faces. Looking for something better then soapy water and a large squeegee. I know the rollsroller is out there, but the price is pretty salty.
  19. I have an older stud welder for sale. Have not used it full time for a couple years since I downsized. I pulled it out the other day and fired it up to make sure everything was still in working order. There are some random new studs and parts that can go with it as well as the cart if local pickup. Asking $800 plus shipping if needed.
  20. Good luck Miss, I went through dozens of men (used loosely) last year and most implied they had experience, but when they had to ask how to put a drill bit in a drill or which way to turn the wrench I began to give up. The previous generation has, I hate to say. NO BRAINS! Even the excuses they make for being late, or not showing up or even calling to let me know they're going to be late or show up are pathetic. I've made better excuses in Kindergarten. WTF? I decided I'll try them out OFF the books for cash for 1 week and IF they're still there, for whatever reason. I may give them a job. I will not waste any more time babysitting or helping a guy who won't help himself. I don't owe them anything.

    I better stop, I could rant for hours on this subject right now.  Have a great day and as I said Good Luck.

    1. Sign Lady

      Sign Lady

      Yeah, it drives my husband crazy when these young folks come in here and can't even read a dang tape measure!  Ask them what a tape measure says and they say 10" and 2 marks!!  Causes him to lose his mind.  LOL  -  They want a job paying a more than you make as the owner, but can't read a tape measure.  Makes it hard as an owner, that's for sure!  I like the idea of the cash for a bit before putting them on the payroll!  Think I will try that myself.  


      Have a good one!

  21. I have been trying to hire an as in 1 experienced person for over a year...I didn't think it would be hard. What a fool am I. I guess I got spoiled with the people I had. Most of them had been with me over 10 years. (Treat them right and pay them well) When it was time to move on I got my eyes opened for me. Not a single worthwhile EXPERIENCED applicant. I too have taken to hiring for uncommon sense and train to be a sign person.
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  23. If you find a good one in this region (NC or SC) PLEASE let me know! When you hire one they think they should make $50 an hour and run the entire place because they know everything about everything. A true pain in the hind parts!
  24. There's a LOT of truth to that
  25. I am a good installer, so I hired myself =0) Been doing it for 6 yrs now. Started supporting all the local sign shops, got so busy I had to convince my dad to retire from the postal service and work for me. Now I'm grooming my son an nephew! Fully agree with going outside the industry. I started life as a mechanic. I love being an installer because no one is ever sad to see the sign guy show up and get to work bringing their business to life! After getting a look into the back door of several sign companies I see the issues they face and feel for them....but I also see some self inflicted wounds. Installers tend to be the end of the whip and have to make up for all of the timing issues through out the project. Its hard to want to work hard when your not set up for success. There are a few sign companies with killer processes (sales all the way through end of project fully mapped out) and have seen great success with hiring, training and retaining sign installers.
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