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  1. D-Sign Toad

    D-Sign Toad

  2. Yes, why isn't there more info on this out there??? It seems to be a huge issue on retro fits. Can anybody shed ant light (hah) shadows on this?? thanks
  3. How about "gold leaf", Remember the bank Jobs Windows & doors with Real 23K old sign lettering done reverse( second surface) with gelatin. Matte centers with bright outline. That is talent that isn't known today. I guess I am old. WOW. I miss the days of making money with a few ounces of One Shot and my quills. What paper work...Heres your hand written invoice/ recept for the job & a Hand shake & the phone woulkd always ring again with a satisfied customer needing another sign or truck done. About the only place we get to come close to this today is a sandblasted or carved sign, bu
  4. This is true, but they lead you on telling you just get this one done, we have more work for you in your area. Then this happens.... so much for promises! They had the nerve to tell me they had filled & then said they wanted to continue working with us! How stupid do they think we are. I guess they figure theres another sucker out there somewhere.
  5. Us too! They got us on a DQ as well & as stated before, the project was a mess. The signs were not shipped complete, missing parts & they wanted us to field fab the Blade sign We negotiated continuing the project with a partial payment, & finally recieved the final roof top portion of the sign 3 weeks ago. We installed it & called about payment. I was told on Thurs they were filling Chapter 11. They owe approx $6,000 We have had difficulty ourselves, & this could put us out. I don't trust anyone anymore. We are going to have to call all the companies we are doing in
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