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Damn, 190' platform for their new E190 That's insane. Speed over to 2:18

Wireless Remote


The Rig




You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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190'??? You go ahead up there. I'll send my iron workers out on those jobs even with the union rates thank you Plus anything wireless can be hacked I wouldn't want to be up there if that happened.

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Hello everyone,

Erik, thanks for sharing this information, we're extremely excited about this new Elliott E190 aerial device, which is now the tallest telescopic aerial device manufactured in North America. It's primarily designed for the utility industry for new transmission line construction and maintenance. One of the biggest benefits we offer throughout the HiReach line is that our products are designed to meet the ANSI A92.2 aerial standard, instead of the standard that applies to boom trucks with baskets. This means that our equipment adheres to much stricter stability testing and structural testing which means more safety and reliability.

As for the remotes being hacked, these aerial work platforms all have a hard-wired connection for the remotes in the platform so that you run the machine at height without relying on the wireless connection. The radio is for use with an optional electrical isolating extension section.

As far as the ride goes, it is smooth and extremely stable. And you get a great view from 190’. Here are some photos of the Omaha skyline from the platform. Looking down is another story though. People look pretty small from 190’ in the sky.



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Thant's awesome Dave!

Does it come with a bungee-harness? :P

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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A beautiful machine! Alas, all us sign companies can do is dream of such. Utilities are the only ones who could afford such a beauty! Vegas and Times Square possible exceptions. :drool:

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      2007 Manitex SC62 with (NEW 2 man basket) jib winch and sign forks. Current OSHA boom certification (will have a NEW 1 year certification upon sale)!  Mounted on a 2007 International Maxforce GDT225 7.6L  roughly 113000 miles on truck and climbing.   Truck was DOT inspected in Sept 2019 and has a current Pa state inspection.  33000 GVW. Lift capacity is 6000 pounds, 360 continuous rotation, hydraulic basket rotation and leveling. welding leads and power in basket. Welder in pics available for extra $$$ extended lamp storage under bed. aluminum step bumper with trailer hitch. 
      New aluminum basket, step bumper, load line, tires, inter cooler, breaks: all within the past 2 years. 
       This unit is work ready!!! 
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      CraneMate VS gravity leveling work platforms.  "Increased safety and productivity" are just a few words to describe how superior the state of the art CraneMate is to any of the existing gravity leveling work platform attachments.  In fact, the CraneMate is often equal to or better that the man-lift platforms being offered today. 
      Safety Feature: The CraneMate has auto-hydraulic leveling which automatically levels the platform with it's payload inside as the boom truck articulates up and down even when the platform jib winch or platform forks are supporting a sign. Safety Feature:  The CraneMate has 180 degrees of hydraulic rotation enabling the platform to be positioned parallel to the work area. This prevents back injuries due to stretching and reaching out by one man from the corner of the platform to hold or work on hard-to-reach jobs. It also allows the platform jib winch or platform fork to precisely position and place the payload.  Productivity: The combination of leveling, rotation, jib winch and forks allows one man versus three to get the job done in record time.  Depending on platform size, the 10' long CraneMate can accommodate two to three men, tools, and a large load of channel letters to make one trip up and install the works.  Productivity: Reduces travel time by often completing the job in one trip which often requires two or three with a gravity leveling system.    Productivity:  The platform can be installed and stowed permanently on the boom truck for road travel, reducing job setup time.    

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      Good morning all,
      We at MCS supply joystick controllers for aerial lift, cranes, bucket trucks, scissor lifts and boom lifts to name a few. If your looking for a joystick and want to save some money give us a call.
      928 775-4918.
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      If you'll be at the USSC show this week, be sure to stop by our booth and check out the latest version of the L60R HiReach. We've made numerous upgrades to the unit, like a new weather resistant and oversized outrigger/boom selector valve at the bumper and much more.
      L60R Show Unit Details
      - 40"x60" Steel Workplatform
      - Steel Treadplate Bed with Grip Deck Coating
      - 5,900 lb Material Handling Boom Winch
      - 500 lb Platform Jib
      - 110V Line to the Workplatform
      - Welder Leads and Remote Welder Start/Stop to the Workplatform
      - Sign Forks on the Workplatform
      - Steel Cab Windshield Guard and Walkway
      - 98" x 36" x 24" Crossbody Box Behind Cab
      - Full Complement of Underbody Steel Toolboxes (2-48", 1-30", 2-24")
      Also, truck is Non-CDL. Weighed in at around 24,750 lbs from the factory.
      We have people at the show in case anyone has questions.

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