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  1. How are we controlled by jurisdictions? How does a sign overlay district compare to larger overlay districts? How have we unknowingly given our consent to be controlled by these overlays. David Williams has the know how to step outside of the control of these overlays and regain control. The 2 video links below will go over the basics. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/08iGjlvJoUQ https://youtu.be/KA2Qi3g-VgM
  2. Got Milk?

    Milk delivery in the future. Maybe not? https://youtu.be/1KPel8Wecjw
  3. 9/11

    On 911 I was at the bank to deposit a check for large monument sign project. Everything stopped in the bank as everyone's jaw dropped as we watched in shock as the scene unfolded. Little did we know this was a staged false flag event... 911 was caused by a hidden group of controllers to further their own agenda to line their pockets. If you follow the trail it leads to the P2 lodge in Italy, Old Black Nobility, Jesuits & Black Pope, Central Bankers, Dual Citizenship Politicians and other compromised infiltrated groups. The Saudi's were also involved as well as the Israeli Mossad. If you study history long enough you will see how this all fits together. This group wanted to rally the American people to go along with invading countries that don't have a central bank. Also this allows the military contractors get massive amounts of our tax dollars to gear up the war machine. After they get rid of the current leader of the county they invade. Then they insert a puppet government loyal to the hidden controllers and the bankers then insert their control over a counties money supply and rape and pillage all of their assets (minerals, oil, labor) and then rig the market in the banks favor. I find it odd that on Sept 10th 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars were missing from the Pentagon, but no one remembers that due to the horrific events of 911. This is one of many false flag events staged by the same groups... used to control the mind set of Americans. A lot of people are waking up to this con game and seeing through the lies. Lately the dark ones are using the weather as a weapon. You may think is not possible, so ask yourself why would they have have a UN treaty against using weather weapons if those weapons don't exist. See the links below about the weather weapon treaty and decide for yourself if this is true. Remember the long... California drought. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-ultimate-weapon-of-mass-destruction-owning-the-weather-for-military-use-2/5306386 https://archive.org/details/UN1976WeatherWeaponTreaty http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread956811/pg1 There are good men in our military that have woken up to this problem and are taking covert action against the bad actors. You will not hear about this in the mainstream news because that news is censored and controlled by the same hidden group. The hidden ones and their methods are now being brought into the daylight. There is a battle being fought behind the scenes and the good guys are winning.
  4. U.S. Citizens are Corporate Slaves

    You will get a copy of natural ways to remove the hologram of deception aka the matrix and a bonus copy of how to remove cognitive dissonance.
  5. We were sold (registered) into financial slavery when our birth certificate was recorded at the county recorders office. The birth certificate is a unilateral contract which made you property of the state. You are a ward of the state until you become of age by changing your status from U. S. Citizen to Non U. S. Citizen Private American National status. Until you change your status you are the surety (collateral) for the the little corporation designated by your ALL CAPS style name and also called a person. In their warped view a person is a corporation. That's right you the real flesh and blood man or woman is attached and responsible for all the debts of the little quasi corporation called a franchise or person. We are all just a bunch of little franchises when attached to the ALL CAPS name. What do you the think the franchise tax board does. This means you are responsible for all the taxes, fees, fines and all the millions of codes and statues. Notice I didn't use the word laws as these are not positive law but merely corporation codes. Just like the rules if you work for Walmart. The current United States gov is a corporation and not our original form of government. It is the United States Inc. and all US Citizens are little franchises operating as employees until you notify them you are the real flesh and blood man or woman and are not the person. You may wonder what's the point of all this? You are either public or private in your status. The private status is not bound to all the taxes, fines, fees, codes and statues. Yes no more IRS or lawsuits or speeding tickets. However the public status is attached to all the taxes codes and statutes and you must pay and pay and pay. And they just keep on adding more codes and statutes every month to drain you of your life force. The private man cannot be taxed and all the current laws (statutes) don't apply. Why do you think the criminal bankers never go to jail or the elite don't pay taxes. They are on the private side and they use avatars such as private business trusts to interact in Commerce. So you can take the red pill and wake up and learn how to be truly free or you can take the blue pill and go back to your dream where you are merely dreaming you are free. Click the link to take the red pill and find true freedom https://youtu.be/GvPn-KhBl3M Eric Jon Phelps teaches how to become a Private American Citizen in Texas and Pennsylvania http://247worldradio.com/private-citizenship-course/ and so does Kenneth Cousens at Gemstone University in LA California http://www.gemstoneunivercity.org Time to wake up America!
  6. Whatever Happened to America

    Have you wondered why American doesn't seem like the county we were lead to believe? Read on to find out how we lost our freedom and how you can restore your freedom. Makes you wonder why they never taught this to us in school. Warning this information may make you very angry. Just use that energy to learn how to make the changes to become free and restore your un-a-lienable rights. Have patience this is learning a new way to be. How it all began.... The Trading With the Enemy Act has now been duly codified, and is now a permanent part of the U.S. Federal Code. And the American people have permanently been classified as enemies of their federal government. See links below to see Ken Cousens explain how to get your freedoms back by changing your status from enemy to freeman. Ken Cousens videos The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUV76YDwppw&sns=em Seeing the world with real eyes you are bound to How it all fits together To read details about the trading with the enemy act
  7. Working Too Close to High Voltage Power Lines?

    They are very fortunate to be alive! I hope they are more cautious in the future. You must stay alert & aware and know where you are in relation to the wires, building, sign etc at all times. I hope these guys totally recover.
  8. Working Too Close to High Voltage Power Lines?

    Thanks for that mental image! I bet those palms lit up like the Forth of July. Someone told me you could deenergize them with a dozen of those helium ballons and some copper tie wire. Wouldn't want to be under it when they touched. I wonder... do they have circuit breakers for circuits that large or do the wires just melt?
  9. Working Too Close to High Voltage Power Lines?

    Gary I can believe that is what happened. Plus their employees (the crew that went 1st) won't be the ones paying the fine so why care about OSHA fines. If the employees had to pay the fines then it would be a different story!!! It will be interesting to see if they wait for us to has the power lines sleeved or if they will cut us out and sent another crew that doen't care about safety or OSHA fines.
  10. Working Too Close to High Voltage Power Lines?

    We called the power company engineer and they are suppose to get back with us. In the past on other projects that were close to the high volt cables the power company would come out and place yellow plastic insulators over the cables. I think this would be the safe option since there will be only 7 feet clearance from the basket when working on one side of the sign. I find it odd that the project manger that hired us for the project did not disclose the job site condition since his crew had already been to the site. It would have saved time had we known prior to going out to the site. The job would have been completed in less time and that would equal a happy customer.
  11. Working Too Close to High Voltage Power Lines?

    I don't think there will be a problem with doing the work. However we want to stay clear of any OSHA fines. More research discovered under 50,000 volts we can work with a 10 foot minumum clearance.
  12. We recently recieved a request from a national sign company to do some work on a double faced pylon sign. When we got to the site we noticed that the power companies high voltage cables were within 10 feet of the sign. The wires were on the street side and the face side. The pylon sign had recently been worked on by the national sign company yet no one from the national co. informed us of the high voltage cables. We would normally call the power company and have them sleeve the lines with high voltage Insulators. It used to 10 feet safe working distance from high voltage cables, however I believe the new OSHA rule is 20 feet from any part of the lift. We emailed the national company of our finding and then left the site without doing the project. Today we were informed by email that their crew had no problem when they recently did the work. Now they want us to complete the work with out de energizing the lines or having the sleeving done. What do you think our response should be?
  13. No more UL Listing needed in California?

    We do a lot of sign service and I see many signs with UL stickers affixed that are not even built close to UL specs. Yesterday i saw a set of channel letters with out any bushing between the letters and the raceway ...just a hole drilled through the aluminum with the GTO pushed through. So whats the point of UL if UL doesn't make field inspections. And I've only ran across one city inspector who wanted to inspect the inside of a sign before it was installed. That city inspector only check for what HE considered important which didn't match up with UL or the National Electric Code. It appears UL is just a money making scheme and not really interested in safety. Just like most cities who only want the permit fees and never bother to check on the actual installations. In our area I've seen some really poor installs and inferior sign quality and the inspector will not do anything about it. Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin
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  15. Brenda thank you for not looking the other way when you noticed the absence of ethics at your previous company! If more people would stand up for good business ethics then we would all be better off. I wish more people were like you. Some weak people look the other way to avoid losing their job and say it's not my business I don't own the company however that's like driving the get away car! Gee honest Judge I didn't rob the bank! I only drove the car. Guilty by association! And Brenda what good advice: "Make sure you have every detail in writing and signed before you even schedule the work."