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  1. YES That is correct. Next year and then wait
  2. Sixteen years ago today our lives and life styles changed forever. As a born and raised New Yorker, I see the changes everyday and are reminded of this event everyday. As a former NYC Fireman, I know the reality of that day. 343 NYC Firemen .....37 Port Authority Police Officers.........23 NYC Police Officers and almost 3000 others who just went to work that day This month also marked the 159 Additional NYC Firemen who have given their lives because of the effects from Sept 11th Cancers
  3. All signs were manufactured brand new. Everything is Neon glass, the back lighted red boarder is the only LED The upright is based on an old look neon upright, it was built in 1996 And the flag stays until I'm gone
  4. Treat them as any new customer. Get a deposit and you make your terms with them. That will tell you who they are.
  5. I saw this in NYC Team work in the rain. It does get any better then this
  6. And they probably charged $ 200 to do all the work. It only cost them a can of spray paint. S C O R E ! Another perfect example of you get what you pay for
  7. Obviously human error ! The entire sling and lifting set up was wrong from the start. As soon as it lifted off, the sign flipped and it was to late. Did you see the Real Sign Company truck drive by just before the fall.
  8. It is a sad day for his family, friends and the sign industry... You can not take anything for granted. I'm sure that OSHA will do a complete investigation and find it to be human error. They will post a complete report. It would be interesting to find out if the sign was neon or what type of lighting and voltage Also if they were using Aluminum or Fiberglass Ladders. Or Bucket truck ? There are a lot of questions to be asked and also look at your own safety policy for electrical service
  9. This is a Wilkie Ladder truck. The scaffold had nothing to do with the accident. The scaffold just provided a smooth surface to work from. The most likely reason here is that the hardware failed under the chassis. Weather conditions , snow, rain and road salt rusted away the nuts and bolts here. The New Road Brind Liquid used on the roads today is a death sentence to all steel and aluminum on the trucks. It eats right thru everything. Anything over 8 years old is destroyed. Cleaning this crap off immediately will help preserve your truck. General power washing everything else off is good practice You should be inspecting all your equipment every 3 months for any signs of rust or fatigue. AND yearly Inspections by a Certified Aerial Co.
  10. That is the new way of business. The customers are so use to on-line purchases that they think everything is bought this way now. They spend hours looking up everything and get down to nickles and dimes. They then order the product. They watch the supplied video, showing its a simple Saturday morning install. Just like the do it yourself Home Depot Classes When it arrives, they have no clue. Some think that it will magically get off the delivery truck and be placed at the install site. Just plug it in mentality. I get a lot of requests to just install these signs. Then they get the reality blast. Some buy signs that are not even allowed by code.
  11. And he is a great person also, a true nice guy who knows his business
  12. Watchfire is the only company I trust or recommend. I've been factory trained by and serviced all the other big boys also. I listened to all the other brands at all the sign shows too. In the end, the customer will spend a lot of money for the signs. They want that sign to work. When there is a problem, they expect and demand immediate repair. Watchfire is 24 hr 7 days American English speaking support. No nonsense, No questions asked. Watchfire will also get service to that customer anytime and anyplace. ( We recently went 5 hrs away on a Holiday weekend to service one of their customers ) That is their commitment to customer service. Watchfire Estimates ?? I have complete estimates within hours and Full media proposals to show customers the next day The "V" company called me and asked for service on one of their signs that could not be fixed by their vendor. The sign was out for 6 weeks at that time and they had replaced numerous parts. I explained my rates and what was needed. " V" said I was to expensive. That sign is still not working, now 8 months later. The customer got screwed ( F%?*ked ). I do not want to deal with manufacturers who can not support their products. The customer will blame you, not the manufacturer. 7 year warrantee is useless unless it is backed with full support
  13. OR She is speed dialing her lawyer
  14. I love the photos for the statements you make. Perfect choices Everytime I go on an estimate, I listen to the Customer telling me that they want the " lifetime " LEDs When I explain the propaganda of LEDs , they look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about. Only the educated listen and understand. Same at the Sign Shows, all the same shit with different names and claims
  15. That didn't take long. You must have been like an elephant in their canoe. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end user.