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  1. Its not the Vinyl itself, its the application tape that leaves the marks and damages. I try not to apply anything to the new painted surfaces. One mistake and you have to do the entire job over.
  2. Flex Face install in 30° temps

    We have found that as soon as the materials become " Hard or Non Flexing " it is to cold to use.
  3. My new desk lamp

    Very Nice, You get an A + for your work
  4. Our new router

    Very Nice, It is great to have a lot of room to work. Best wishes and success And the 14 year old MultiCam is still working.....A true statement of durability.
  5. paul321

  6. Christmas Night Parades

    Really Great That is a great idea and shows your Company Spirit and pride. 12 Volt or 120 Volts Lighting ? I like the LED Screen hanging off the back of your truck. Showing Christmas or nice hot beach scenes ?
  7. Did you ever think about whats under that new storefront ? This 100 plus year old building got a face lift. A nice finished storefront with nothing behind it.
  8. YES That is correct. Next year and then wait
  9. 9/11

    Sixteen years ago today our lives and life styles changed forever. As a born and raised New Yorker, I see the changes everyday and are reminded of this event everyday. As a former NYC Fireman, I know the reality of that day. 343 NYC Firemen .....37 Port Authority Police Officers.........23 NYC Police Officers and almost 3000 others who just went to work that day This month also marked the 159 Additional NYC Firemen who have given their lives because of the effects from Sept 11th Cancers
  10. Show us YOUR co. sign

    All signs were manufactured brand new. Everything is Neon glass, the back lighted red boarder is the only LED The upright is based on an old look neon upright, it was built in 1996 And the flag stays until I'm gone
  11. Takeform

    Treat them as any new customer. Get a deposit and you make your terms with them. That will tell you who they are.
  12. I saw this in NYC Team work in the rain. It does get any better then this
  13. Moronic Behavior

    And they probably charged $ 200 to do all the work. It only cost them a can of spray paint. S C O R E ! Another perfect example of you get what you pay for
  14. Obviously human error ! The entire sling and lifting set up was wrong from the start. As soon as it lifted off, the sign flipped and it was to late. Did you see the Real Sign Company truck drive by just before the fall.
  15. Sign man electrocuted in the Keys dies

    It is a sad day for his family, friends and the sign industry... You can not take anything for granted. I'm sure that OSHA will do a complete investigation and find it to be human error. They will post a complete report. It would be interesting to find out if the sign was neon or what type of lighting and voltage Also if they were using Aluminum or Fiberglass Ladders. Or Bucket truck ? There are a lot of questions to be asked and also look at your own safety policy for electrical service