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  1. paul321

    Side Projects in the Shop

    This is a no win for the owner. Yes I allow my employees to make their own projects for their own usage. They can do it on their time only They let me know before they start and tell me what it is for and what they are going to use. In General, I have no real concerns or problems. If it keeps everyone happy, so be it. Here is the problems........ It amazes me how fast they get their work completed, start to finish. Why cant they do my work as fast ? I let them use everything and anything they need to. Complete access to everything. I ask that they pay for all new materials, ( Sometimes ) Otherwise I hope they use scraps if they can When they have to reach into their pockets to pay, it becomes a fight on material costs. Ask about Labor Costs and they will tell how many minutes they used. Forget about any damages to my equipment, Don't go there because it would have happened at anytime. You cant win on this subject. When I see them abuse the " Benefits " I stop it.
  2. paul321

    Pattern use in Winter

    Spray glue your patterns onto Coroplast and drill tap cons right thru it where the letters are. Make sure sure that your letters will cover your drilled out holes No tape or worries about the pattern moving or ripping. Coroplast is waterproof and a solid light weight material. Use it over and over until you can use it anymore
  3. paul321


    Keith, Make them pay upfront. Then there are no problems and they are a great customer
  4. paul321

    Sign Syndicate Christmas Sale

    Where is Santa s Helper ? Mrs Santa You know that Santa s Helper sells more then you do
  5. paul321


    Has anyone worked with SIGNDEALZ ? Out of Denver Colo.
  6. paul321


    You need to quote a price before you start. Then get payment before giving your work out. No payments after they look at it. ( and no credit cards ) You don't go the steakhouse and eat the steak, then ask for the price and pay only if you like it. Nothing is free
  7. McNichols.com they have everything you need and ship right to you
  8. paul321

    Bit by the DIY bug

    CHOPS is really a great Hospital, Outstanding at every level. I would guess the signs went up perfect. Then the Maintenance staff got involved over time. Perfect time for you to call them for service work. Get to the top Management. Appearance is everything.
  9. paul321


    USHIO Lamps......Over 700 Lamps flashing since February 2017......16 Months 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week never turned off. NOT 1 Single bulb failure Same for the " Juniors " All Clear Red NEON units and not a problem
  10. paul321

    Sign of the times channel letter article.

    Its another Miracle cure for the sign industry. Buy one and you are now a full complete electrical letter manufacturer with the push of a button. This is on page 3 of the Franchise Fantasy. " You too can be a fully Qualified Electrical Sign Manufacturer "
  11. paul321

    Collecting a debt

    Steve, I think we had the same teacher in the same business school. I have never " Not been Paid " by anyone. I have zero collections because of the above business policies. By the way.....I have " repossessed " Church signs right before Holidays , National Chain Restaurants just before Opening Day and placed Liens on National Chains and their Top Management People. No one or Nothing is off limits when they attempt to steal from me. Once they see that you are not fooling around, they always pay. AND DO NOT forget to charge for all the additional time, legal expenses and aggregation. If you remove the signs, they pay additional for that and then to install them again. No Mercy NO Credit Cards on problem Jobs. Credit Cards can be cancelled up to 18 months later and then you are F#$&ed This only happens once every few years when we don't follow our own policy No Deposit means no work, Problems with Deposits means problems with the balance
  12. paul321

    Collecting a debt

    Lien the property, the store, the guy, his dog, everything and anything he is associated with. Its a lot cheaper then you think. Then go to his existing business and remove your sign, its your property ( depending upon your contract wording ) Go to his new location and tell him you want your money, he robbed you. No difference between him and a thief. Show No Mercy to him. Call all the Town Depts for all permits and violations.......Start the computer up and let the public know
  13. paul321

    Can't fix stupid

    We were called to repair a sign that was not lighting up all the way. This is what we found. YES It is LED Light Bulbs as the customer asked for from the ( other sign company ) Morons who do not belong in this business You get what you pay for..........Stupid people listening to more stupid people
  14. And 75 years later we now have a new Signs of the Times agenda without the .........American Flag and Woman with a Rifle. What a controversial shit storm that would be today by the new administration of Snow flakes and others
  15. Does anyone talk anymore ? Every day I constantly get Emails about jobs. Please send me an estimate for ........1 4 x 8 white sign with 27 black letters on it. Or similar Crap. Even the Nationals send the same nothing info and want pricing. Whats your best price ? No one wants to give a phone number, talk about anything. Just send a price on the unknown. We are all becoming push button morons