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  1. And 75 years later we now have a new Signs of the Times agenda without the .........American Flag and Woman with a Rifle. What a controversial shit storm that would be today by the new administration of Snow flakes and others
  2. Does anyone talk anymore ? Every day I constantly get Emails about jobs. Please send me an estimate for ........1 4 x 8 white sign with 27 black letters on it. Or similar Crap. Even the Nationals send the same nothing info and want pricing. Whats your best price ? No one wants to give a phone number, talk about anything. Just send a price on the unknown. We are all becoming push button morons
  3. what kind of signage USA use most?

    We use Number 1 Sign with a side order of Number 13
  4. Sign Salesperson recruiter

    A good salesperson can sell anything. If they learn this business, they can sell it. Don't expect to find an experienced sign sales person, keep all options open.
  5. Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    S & F Sign Supplies Brooklyn NY 718 399-3333 I buy them all the time, probably have 20 in stock
  6. Flex Face install in 30° temps

    We have found that as soon as the materials become " Hard or Non Flexing " it is to cold to use.
  7. My new desk lamp

    Very Nice, You get an A + for your work
  8. Our new router

    Very Nice, It is great to have a lot of room to work. Best wishes and success And the 14 year old MultiCam is still working.....A true statement of durability.
  9. paul321

  10. Christmas Night Parades

    Really Great That is a great idea and shows your Company Spirit and pride. 12 Volt or 120 Volts Lighting ? I like the LED Screen hanging off the back of your truck. Showing Christmas or nice hot beach scenes ?
  11. Did you ever think about whats under that new storefront ? This 100 plus year old building got a face lift. A nice finished storefront with nothing behind it.
  12. YES That is correct. Next year and then wait
  13. 9/11

    Sixteen years ago today our lives and life styles changed forever. As a born and raised New Yorker, I see the changes everyday and are reminded of this event everyday. As a former NYC Fireman, I know the reality of that day. 343 NYC Firemen .....37 Port Authority Police Officers.........23 NYC Police Officers and almost 3000 others who just went to work that day This month also marked the 159 Additional NYC Firemen who have given their lives because of the effects from Sept 11th Cancers
  14. Show us YOUR co. sign

    All signs were manufactured brand new. Everything is Neon glass, the back lighted red boarder is the only LED The upright is based on an old look neon upright, it was built in 1996 And the flag stays until I'm gone
  15. Takeform

    Treat them as any new customer. Get a deposit and you make your terms with them. That will tell you who they are.