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  1. paul321


    Obtaining your Crane Operators Certification is not as difficult as some of you think it is. There are several organizations that do this. Look for them It is cheaper then de rating your crane The biggest issue are, You are paying for it. Continuing Education for those you that employ others and for yourself. Employees who are now Certified and want more money, or think they can call their own shots You now have Certified Employees who hopefully will operate your equipment safer And You are ahead of the guys without any License. Its just another bump in the road that we deal with
  2. paul321

    An Email I Recieved

    It is very simple. Pay your Invoices when the job is completed and agreed on. Without the Sub Contractor Sign Companies, The Nationals FAIL. There are many Nationals who pay well and pay on time. GREAT JOB ERIK,
  3. paul321

    New Under Canopy Lighting

    ALL SIZES and depth of unit ?............... Delivery time ?................. Thanks
  4. Yes this is very sad to everyone. The " Good Guy " just trying to do the right thing. The other issue is .........These Message Center Sign Companies who sell to the General Public. ( The Florida Specials ) They advertise and sell directly to the Schools, Churches and Public. They sell the sign and send them the 15 Minute Video on how to install it. " You can do it " advice.
  5. paul321

    Chandler Signs

    We have this coverage from our Insurance Companies for many years. The part of the policy is " Hired Vehicles and all non owned vehicles " Which can be issued under the Automobile Insurance Policy or the General Liability Policy " I have had it listed under both policies at times. Who ever gave the best pricing on it. The cost is not that much extra. It includes the vehicles that your employees drive to the work site. Occasionally, not expected to or normally as part of their job. You need to ask for it and get the correct information concerning what is covered and what is expected to be insured that you are responsible for We do not insure every vehicle that is on the job site or the Hot Dog truck that comes to the job site. No one does or is expected to do it. You need to get an Insurance Broker who specializes in Construction and also the Sign Business. One who knows what we do and what is needed
  6. paul321

    Insurance for sign companies doing vehicle graphics?

    Most reasons Insurance Companies drop you are for claims or they are getting out of that type of business In your case, they may have taken your money all these years and won the prize of no claims. It is all about making money. They most likely dont want to take the chance of you making a claim and losing what they made in profit. In general, Insurance Companies will Insure you as a Vinyl shop, Manufacturer which will cover most everything you do. If you do not install, or install under 6 ft height. Limited installations, they will want you as you are low risk. Install over 6 ft heights, or unlimited heights and you are an accident waiting to happen.
  7. paul321


    There are not enough words to describe this total stupidity and lack of common sense here. Approximately 40 ft above ground I wonder if he wins the Coffin or the paycheck on this one ?
  8. paul321

    CNC Router questions

    Forget the 4 x 8 Cry once and smile for the next 20 years Pay the price only one time and Buy a 5 x 10 MultiCam and never look back or worry. My MultiCam is 15 plus years old and only 2 service calls were required.
  9. paul321


    International 4900 with DT 466 Motor and Allision automatic
  10. paul321


    Building another New SX 62 Manitex by STAMM Buying a new truck requires a lot of planning and designing with the Manufacturer. Everything is custom made to our needs. It is all photographed and documented for future service and repairs if needed. A good relationship is needed and complete trust is required Same qualities are needed for buying used equipment from a reputable company Stay with the big Named Companies and you will get satisfaction and reliability.
  11. paul321

    Sign crane

    I sent you a personal message, read it with confidence. Also read what is posted here .
  12. paul321

    Side Projects in the Shop

    This is a no win for the owner. Yes I allow my employees to make their own projects for their own usage. They can do it on their time only They let me know before they start and tell me what it is for and what they are going to use. In General, I have no real concerns or problems. If it keeps everyone happy, so be it. Here is the problems........ It amazes me how fast they get their work completed, start to finish. Why cant they do my work as fast ? I let them use everything and anything they need to. Complete access to everything. I ask that they pay for all new materials, ( Sometimes ) Otherwise I hope they use scraps if they can When they have to reach into their pockets to pay, it becomes a fight on material costs. Ask about Labor Costs and they will tell how many minutes they used. Forget about any damages to my equipment, Don't go there because it would have happened at anytime. You cant win on this subject. When I see them abuse the " Benefits " I stop it.
  13. paul321

    Pattern use in Winter

    Spray glue your patterns onto Coroplast and drill tap cons right thru it where the letters are. Make sure sure that your letters will cover your drilled out holes No tape or worries about the pattern moving or ripping. Coroplast is waterproof and a solid light weight material. Use it over and over until you can use it anymore
  14. paul321


    Keith, Make them pay upfront. Then there are no problems and they are a great customer
  15. paul321

    Sign Syndicate Christmas Sale

    Where is Santa s Helper ? Mrs Santa You know that Santa s Helper sells more then you do