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  1. I went to inspect a 4 ft x 60 ft lighted box sign today. I was asked by the customer to " Check " out his new sign because he was happy with the sign he bought from someone else. What I found was just unbelievable. The So called Installer ( Really an asshole ) drilled 1/4 inch hole into the brick wall. Inserted a piece of electrical wire into it. Then used a Sheet metal screw into the hole. They did 6 of these on the bottom and top. And sheet metal screws thru the .040 aluminum sign cabinet. Everyone is a sign maker and sign hanger today. Sandals, a cordless and LEDs is the new sign industry My advice to the customer was ........Do not stand under the sign, It will fall off the wall.
  2. That is the new way of business. The customers are so use to on-line purchases that they think everything is bought this way now. They spend hours looking up everything and get down to nickles and dimes. They then order the product. They watch the supplied video, showing its a simple Saturday morning install. Just like the do it yourself Home Depot Classes When it arrives, they have no clue. Some think that it will magically get off the delivery truck and be placed at the install site. Just plug it in mentality. I get a lot of requests to just install these signs. Then they get the reality blast. Some buy signs that are not even allowed by code.
  3. And he is a great person also, a true nice guy who knows his business
  4. Watchfire is the only company I trust or recommend. I've been factory trained by and serviced all the other big boys also. I listened to all the other brands at all the sign shows too. In the end, the customer will spend a lot of money for the signs. They want that sign to work. When there is a problem, they expect and demand immediate repair. Watchfire is 24 hr 7 days American English speaking support. No nonsense, No questions asked. Watchfire will also get service to that customer anytime and anyplace. ( We recently went 5 hrs away on a Holiday weekend to service one of their customers ) That is their commitment to customer service. Watchfire Estimates ?? I have complete estimates within hours and Full media proposals to show customers the next day The "V" company called me and asked for service on one of their signs that could not be fixed by their vendor. The sign was out for 6 weeks at that time and they had replaced numerous parts. I explained my rates and what was needed. " V" said I was to expensive. That sign is still not working, now 8 months later. The customer got screwed ( F%?*ked ). I do not want to deal with manufacturers who can not support their products. The customer will blame you, not the manufacturer. 7 year warrantee is useless unless it is backed with full support
  5. OR She is speed dialing her lawyer
  6. I love the photos for the statements you make. Perfect choices Everytime I go on an estimate, I listen to the Customer telling me that they want the " lifetime " LEDs When I explain the propaganda of LEDs , they look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about. Only the educated listen and understand. Same at the Sign Shows, all the same shit with different names and claims
  7. That didn't take long. You must have been like an elephant in their canoe. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end user.
  8. Magazines need money to publish and stay profitable. Corporations and Manufacturers pay the bills. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end users
  9. I love these calls, Lots of excitement and fun work. And the public loves the show also. Most customers want the sign completely redone and installed to match the old sign ..... Guaranteed work from the start to finish
  10. Exactly We do the same work and I do not care about the cheapest price. I want quality components I only want to go back to the customer for a new sign order, not service
  11. We do more then Signs. We recently were called to remove Ice that was falling from a 7 story building. the Ice was 4 - 5 inches thick and filled the window sills. As the weather warms up, the Ice falls to the ground. This is a problem here in NYC, a real head ache It's always another adventure here
  12. Discrimination ? Really ? I am a White Male, Born here in America, Speak English and went thru the Public School System. I got the same schooling as everyone else did, Blacks, Whites, Orange and Green, Male or Female College Aid.......Nothing for me, my parents worked. I have been discriminated against my entire adult life. In Civil Service, It was minority hiring....1 White male for every 3 minorities. ( Failures too ) Then it was the Women. They could not pass the Physical Test. Again they and all the Minorities got special free schooling to pass the test. I had to pay. ( All the White Boys ) Same with all promotional tests. In the Sign Business, and other businesses, I lose to all the Minority Contractors and Women Owned businesses. That's the law. Some Companies go as far as asking are you Women Owned, Minority Owned, Gay, Transgender, Bi-Sexual and ...... My fault is I get up everyday at 6 am and work 6 Days a week, for over 30 years. I am the Minority I agree with Sign Lady. I am entitled to what I earn, because I work for it.
  13. Day without a Woman.......Who's going to cook, clean and do the laundry ? And make the bed ?
  14. I can get the sign cheaper. And it is LED . That's the answer we get. We made and installed signs for a Large Storage Company for 8 years straight. All Neon They decided to go with another vendor who said LED was the way to go, the savings, the quality etc. 2 years later those signs had the common dimming and outages. They called me back and said......Why are your neon signs always lighting and no service calls ? I'm back making all the signs with neon, only at higher prices this time. I love the shit signs from others. Keep up the shitty work and cheap prices
  15. Bye Bye to Cheap Chinese LEDs and other shit products.