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  1. You need to make the final calls to United. If your not satisfied...... Call the Dealership and speck with the :" Bossman " and tell them your problem Call Audi Corporate and tell them your problem Most likely, United is not the real company that did the work, they are a Middleman Desk Top. No One wants a bad reputation and problems LEIN the job and everyone you can get information on ( United ROBBED YOU !, They are not your friend ) Don't wait till it's to late
  2. Digitally Print the colors on the vinyl film and to the Plexi faces You can match the other faded faces
  3. $ 1.79 a gallon ! There is a something we will never see again .........Lets Go Brandon !
  4. BACK THEN IT WAS 68 Cents a gallon TODAY ITS $ 6.80 cents a gallon I bet people ware pissed off at 68 Cents a gallon also
  5. All tools are great until they break. I have every tool brand that is made Everyone of employees and friends swear by and defend the brands they use It is just a matter of choice DeWalt is the most popular and available almost everywhere.
  6. Everyday is something new that the price went up. Alum sheets 4x8 used to be about $40 bucks give or take. Now they are close to $110 AND im only talking about 0.040 thickness. No matter where you look it just out of control. Our prices go up day by day and we can only rise our prices to the customer so much before we lose the job. You also have to be on the lookout on the bills for materials because there have been times they rise the price crazy between the order and delivery. Only a matter of time until Paper Signs are popular again and we can all ma
  7. You could ask the Nationals for the same information also. Why do you want to work for or represent a company that maybe has criminals ? The next questions will be what Political Policies and Groups do you follow ? ......... Do you or anyone in your Co own a gun ?.......... Do you have an American Flag on your trucks, building or clothing ? ............ How about asking the National for more information.... Like how many times have they filed for Bankruptcy ?................ How many name changes ? .............. Who is the real owner and their personal information ? ....
  8. NYC Fire Department September 11th Memorial " LADDER 343 " Designed and Lettered by Paul Signs This Ladder truck will be used for Memorial and Ceremonial Functions only. It includes a Photo History starting from the Towers on fire, The Firefighters going to the Towers, After the Towers came down, The Recovery of the Firefighters and a final " Thank You " All 343 Names of every firefighter killed on that day are listed in alphabetical order on each side. All Photos were Digitally Printed, 3M Reflective Stripes, and the rest is Vinyl, old school lettering 20 Years l
  9. Deal with them exactly like you would do with anyone else. When the job is done, collect. Make your terms known and stand by it.
  10. Bob, I wish I was 40 years younger and I would apply for the job. 3 Days off, I haven't seen that since High School Best wishes
  11. 24 inch x 24 inch .............$ 140. each. Lifetime Guarantee Works great and looks Professional Come on Keith, Spend your Communion money ! _________________________________________________________________ . I have not lost one yet. The guys love them and protect them. If they lose them, they go back to the heavy wood
  12. TRY THESE ! They are great and come in all sizes and colors. We got rid of all our Heavy Wood Pads and everyone is happier and safer. No more back aches and splinters Look at all their product lines. Give them a try
  13. Removing the sign or parts of the sign will get you immediate attention and paid. Remember to charge for Re Installing the sign ! Removal also. All paid in full by Cash or wired money. DO NOT take a Credit Card ! Always tell the " victim " that you are removing the sign because it is defective and needs to be repaired for safety reasons ___________________________________________________________ When someone doesn't pay you for your work, its the same as they robbed you at gun point. Show no mercy. They are not your friend anymore.
  14. Gemini and Chemical Concepts have them. We use them every chance we can, simple Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Keith !
  15. Metal Miracle Pads and Lords, works great.
  16. We have 3 Honda Generators for over 6 years and they still work flawless. ( I don't think we ever did any tune ups or repairs on any of them ) When you need it, it starts and works. That's the extra value. Saving a few hundred might cost you thousands We also switched from " Miller Welder Generators to Lincoln Brands " So far, so good I'm interested in how the Generac and Yamaha works, anyone ?................
  17. OK So what started the fire ? Where was the Transformer ? What was burning inside the sign ? GTO wire and end Caps will not produce that amount of fire, heat and damages as shown And the plastic face was intact while the fire was burning as shown in the video The Eface storefront is fireproof, restricts fire. A wood storefront or interior sign would have a different ending Just questions for reference ..............
  18. Electronic Transformer used inside the sign cabinet shorted and caught fire. Glass melts at 1,000 degrees and the neon glass in the sign is melted into a new shape. Think of the damages if this was inside the building, thru the wall, or just an interior neon sign on a wall. The electrical breaker never tripped, So we will blame it on the electrician
  19. No Retirement in sight for you now. Best wishes with your new adventures
  20. WOW ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY You only have another 53 Years to go.
  21. As the song goes............... " For The times they are a changing "
  22. One photo tells a thousand words. Same photo for all the electrical signs. Its all to code, same work.
  23. Sign Suppliers selling to anyone for that extra dollar. I know it well. I can not blame anyone for trying to make more money or extra money on the side. We all have done it. When a supplier goes into business selling to the trades, that is his profession and that is what he is building his business on If the Supplier wants to sell to the public and or manufacture themselves and sell directly. Let them. You can do the same. Buy Direct. Buy someplace else. Knock them out of the picture. Make them hurt. I did it several times with a supplier. I stopped ordering from them.
  24. I have always demanded deposits and Balances under my terms for many years No one works for free, Not the Nationals, Not the Maintenance Companies and Not me. If they want to pay in 30 or 45 days, perfect with me. Tell them to send you the payment on their Credit Card. THEY can then pay their Credit Card Company in 30 0r 45 days or whenever Everyones happy I have NO Collections open
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