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  1. Back in the late 90's, before i ended up buying the family business, my parents talked to several different business brokers. it took nearly almost two years to find one that was trustworthy. One just wanted to sell us a book about the history of the business, another couldn't get any interested buyers, some just want to put your business up on a website, etc. I eventually bought the family business (still not sure if that was a good idea or not) and we worked out our own terms. Plus there was no brokers commission. One of my realtor customers is also a business broker and we're suppo
  2. And another late entry. I was looking for a USA made drill press because my old one is ready to be replaced. I found Kalamazoo metal muncher (https://www.kalamazoometalmuncher.com/product-category/machines/hydraulic-shears/) and they say their products are still USA made.
  3. It's a thought. I'll ask my digital print guys. I don't have a printer because within a ten minute drive there are four sign shops who have one. it's one less piece of equipment to maintain! Trucks, plotters, CNC router, etc. are enough of a headache.
  4. Hi all, I have to replace some faces on an existing Olive Garden channel letter sign. Does anyone have the specs for their vinyl - both the green and perf brown. They gave me PMS colors but nothing close comes up in the 3m color charts. Thanks!
  5. IDK if this is too late but here goes. For an apron brake, I'd look for an old Dreiss/Krumpf (Chicago) brake instead of a new unit. I have the one that my Dad bought (used) ~35-40 years ago. Other than maybe needing some paint touchup, it will probably last til my great grand kids are ready to retire. I did a quick google search and apparently they are still made. IDK if they are still the same quality, etc. so you'll have to check that out. I've only used a computerized brake once and it was at an associates shop. He was helping me by bending some 1/8" aluminum to odd
  6. I have a local spray sub (we haven't sprayed in-house in more than 30 years) but he's never sprayed translucent paint on plastic. Plus I'd need to bring it back/forth, not damage it, etc. Yes, I could apply tranlucent white vinyl to the back but with the better translucnt white vinyl at close to $2/sf and adding in the labor to apply it, i might as wall just buy white plastic. A buddy was going to buy some of the 6x8 sheets but said the same thing about the vinyl cost, time involved, etc. I was hoping someone needs clear backs for channel letters, vandal covers, etc. One o
  7. A while back we had to do part of a bank debranding and had to order white polycarbonate panels for blank faces. Well, I ordered them all from my plastic suppliers website. When the door on the delivery truck opened up I nearly fainted. I had ordered clear from thier website by mistake! Argggggg! To err is human, but to really screw up requires a computer - or an idiot using a computer! 🙂 Anyway, I have brand new, clear polycarbonate pieces cut from roll stock (Tuffak SL brand). All are, of course, cut to particular sizes to fit that job. They range from 72 3/4" x
  8. Update, We spoke to the mall again and was told that the fee will only apply AFTER mall hours, not in the early AM to do sign service calls though we still have to fill out an after hours form. As usual, it all depends on who you speak to on the phone! The moral of the story, always double check when you come up with something strange. And customers wonder why a lot of sign companies don't like to work inside of malls! Rocco
  9. Hi Has anyone run into this before? We've worked in the King of Prussia mall for years and years, and hever had to sign it, let them know when we were coming, etc. Now we have to file an "after hours" form, but I can actually understand that. They need to know who's getting access to the mall before it's open, need our COI, etc. Fine, not a problem. However, now it's a $100 fee to allow us into the mall to do a service call before hours. I've been doing this for more than half a century and this is a new one by me. BTW, this is Simon properties, who own a good percentag
  10. 3/4" acrylic for push-thru faces recently cost me just under $400 each. Five sheets of 5' x 8' .125" aluminum was $1380.00. My metal suppliers are only holding prices for 24 hours now. I need a rebar cage for a job to move a pylon and the price was ~50% more than a year ago. I never made many paper signs but may have to pull out my OLD lettering brushes and knock the rust off of my lettering hand.
  11. We just got back from installing a small set of raceway mounted letters for one of our out of town customers. The circuit was up in the soffit so my help went up to conenct to the existing power. There was even an access panel two feet from the sign - yay, no need to crawl a hundred feet this time! Then he found this. Is it any wonder that a lot of electrical inspectors look down on sign companies when some people do this crap? Sigh. Come on, I know that times are tough, but junction boxes aren't that expensive!
  12. I double checked with my buddy and he actually doesn't have the rivet gun but just was recommending Milwaukee tools in general. He's been bugging me for years to switch over. If I did't already have too many Dewalt "toys" I'd consider switching to M.
  13. It's a small sign world! This just came up about an hour ago for me as well. I'm in the same boat though mine would be step ladder heights and much smaller signs. A friend of mine did recommend the Milwaukee unit - all of his cordless stuff is M brand. Amazon has a bunch of good reviews on it too. Like you I would need a battery/charger as well. Rocco
  14. It's getting to be really difficult to walk that fine line between keeping customers happy (even the 'good' ones) and being able to get and keep good employees. You need a full time HR person, lawyer, architect, engineer, social media liason, insurance expert, IT person, and more just for the paperwork. The owner of a small company has a hard time wearing all those hats.
  15. It's almost certainly a case of their insurance company wanting to limit their liability "just in case". Say one of your employees was a deep undercover KGB spy (hey, these insurance types actually think of these things) and went into a bank where you were installing signs and... It's nuts. I won't do Walmart work because they want I-9 form (imigration) on all employees. My secretary is my sister and some my kids work part time and I know they are legally here. And by the way, make sure to read any fine print on secondary pages of PO's. Some companies are sneaking in
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