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  1. I can vouch for Brian. He's the only shop I use.
  2. We all know times are tough. How do y'all feel about your local Sign, Metal, Plastic Supplier transitioning into selling direct to the public? I like many other sign shops have added Social Safety Barriers to their portfolio. What's your alls take on this? Example, I was just talking to my main metal wholesale supplier. The CSR told me to check out their new line of Barriers. Needless to say she got a polite earful from me. I for one am not going to compete with my suppliers. When this CV19 bs is over. Will they start selling pre built cabinets, or offer channel letters direct to
  3. Watchfire is making their own LED's, modules, and drivers in the USA?
  4. There's work arounds, but it depends on the on the thickness of alum you chose. You can tap .125 thread stud, then weld. Or go with 3/16 or a 1/4". Or you could buy a stud welder.
  5. One day at a time here in Dallas, TX. I shut down for 1 day, the first day our State was supposed to shut down. I went to check the mail at the shop that afternoon. Everyone of my neighbors were open, and working. So I said screw it, we're working. With the exception of 1 job, all of our fab jobs were put on hold. So I decided I was getting into the Social Safety Barrier biz. Luckily with our contacts and customers, that has kept the shop somewhat busy. We're not building cheap double stick tape ones. We're fabricating like we do our signs. We still have our service/inst
  6. I think I've gotten 20 emails from vendors today since the news dropped. SMH... Now their being the MSM for the ISA. 😉
  7. I guess I'm old and stuck in my ways. I'm done with the trade shows. With the interweb I can view more sign related products in an afternoon, than they can fit into 20 convention centers. Granted I can't climb on the pic or test them through my monitor. That's what the outside sales reps are for. They bring their wares to my front door. I did enjoy the parties, seeing old acquaintances, and meeting some new folks. I've chosen to dump that cash establishing new customers, and maintaining our existing base as of late. Y'all have a blast!
  8. Are you wanting something to attach to Panel Boxes, Contactors, or a Switch? I have one of these devices on all of my trucks. I call them Apprentices. :)
  9. RIP. I enjoyed his posts over the years.
  10. I replaced my old 4 x 8 last fall. With a new 5 x 10 Accu Cut from Computerized Cutters in Plano, TX. Since I'm 5 miles from them, I worked a pretty sweet deal. I upgraded the spindle to a 5hp. Then they actually ended up upgrading, my upgraded spindle, to a 7hp. (I guess it's what they had on hand) Man this sucker is quiet. We were able to pick it up on our trailer. I have a fork lift at the shop, so it was easy peazy getting it in place. I didn't get the vacuum table. I Had a newer one on the old machine, and it's ridiculously loud as well. Take your time, and work the
  11. "They're just doing the jobs, Americans wont...." I see crap like this, all over TX. Low bid wins once again! I seriously doubt this fool works for a licensed company. This is the guy who worked at a sign biz for 12 months, bought a used 33' bucket truck, and now is a Sign god.
  12. Sooner or later they (employees) always take advantage of a great situation. I allow my employees to build small projects for themselves, not for resale. If they need something for their kids team, a B Day, Anniversary... I'm cool with that. I let them work on their vehicles, borrow a trailer and truck to move. But when it comes to money, regardless of the amount. If it's happening in my shop, it's my money.
  13. That channel letter pic has another fail. Can't terminate the LED module wire as shown. It must have a small whip beyond the module, and both wires have to be capped, via wire nuts.
  14. alltex


  15. Oh well, we're still in the 20th century here. Amazingly, we're still able to build channel letters, without a channel machine. Probably 50% of our channel letters are welded, and use neon for illumination. If I was chasing business, and needed to build a low cost product. In order to compete with with the nationals. I suppose I'd buy one.
  16. 2nd on the Lien on the property.
  17. No short cuts. We've done plenty of the same installs. One man drills, one squirts water, switch bits, and get 'er done!
  18. No thanks. I'm sure the best pics are blurred out.... ;)
  19. It's been 5 years. (See link at bottom of the original post) Any idea how the Genessee Beer sign/LED's are holding up? ;)
  20. Well a great start would be to remind us (former) paying members to continue our memberships! I don't see my biz on the installer map? Shoot me a bill, and I'll fix that.
  21. Great job E! I have yet to take the plunge into any sign trade organization. I have my personal reasons, no need to go into those details. We're still building plenty of evil neon, and fluorescent signs here at ALLTEX! We're actually re-branding a chain restaurant group, with exposed neon building signs. Triple, and double stroke letters, and border accents. We'll also be building an amazing neon sign project (2,500' border), plus the largest neon building sign, and pylon sign I've ever been associated with. ( In my 26 years in the sign biz. ) This is for a different custome
  22. You disagree with me, not Paul. Not sure what you disagree with. It's as if you think no man has suffered, died defending this Country, helped build, and create what we all have. I've been a guy for 49 years. I still have never been invited to the club. Where men get together, plot and plan to hold women, or non Caucasian races down. I live in TX. I think I'd be someone that group would contact. My mother worked her ass off, going to college-paid her own way, to become an Attorney. Which she did for nearly 40 years. She instilled my work ethic. Not my father who left us when I was a
  23. Bethany, on your second post, in 5 years. You would prefer not to see political posts here. Way to be a team player. This site has a lot of "political" posts. Mainly Sign politics, but we do occasionally tread into the real political world. The "Day without Women" from what I read, this is from the Post, " Organizers hope to call attention to economic injustices women face such as lower wages, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurities. The day is also intended to push for gender justice, recognizing that trans and gender non-conforming people face equally
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