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  1. Anyone doing these? How's it going?
  2. Hey Litegirl!!!, if you ever need any assistance in the big apple NYC  or anywhere in the metropoalitain area please don't hesitate to ask. Keep on signing on!!! I am going to use these NCLED S  for the first time looking forward to seeing how they perform. Stay safe !!


  3. We are finishing up projects, fabricating where we can and installing when we can. For the most part it's a skeleton crew, most are working from home. All jobs that were up and coming have been placed on hold. Stay safe and healthy everyone, things will normalize.
  4. What a great post Alan! Have to admit we don't chime in much but read the discussions here like it's our sign bible. Erik truly does have a big huge Neon target on his back. Where else would we get the facts and opinions on everything from sign magazines, associations and all other sign politics? Just read the recent post on UL. All other avenues drive on a narrow road and don't want to lose out by driving anywhere else but in middle of the road. Erik pretty much says what we are all thinking. Or put better, what needs to be said. We have told him at t
  5. This is so awesome and glad to see you're getting closer to getting this out. So these look different than those sample we have, are they different?
  6. We've been meaning to give our two-cents for sometime and just now getting to it, better late than never right? Haha We love your Union power supplies since you've been stocking these using them in most all of our projects and service jobs and stock your 60's,120's and 180's in all of our service trucks. It's been a couple of years now and not a single failure, so we're happy! Here's a picture that one of our service techs sent to me today. She said she replaced this power supply from "CHINA" (haha just for you Eric) that was put to max load with extra long leads. She repla
  7. That looks so cool! A lot of fun, and not to mention very very cold!
  8. Love it! Send me some samples when you get them in.
  9. Too bad they didn't have the huevos to follow through sign guy, that would have been something to see for once. Nice write up and very informative with some calculations that are easy to follow. We don't support sign associations for our own reasons but this could have been one we would have even so far away. It fizzed and couldn't make it past the finished line it seems lol. They could have learned from you. Oh well, their loss. Cheers!
  10. I think we all surrender and pay too much under the guise of "compassion" which is nothing more than someone else's agenda.
  11. I'll be the first to say that's a Sexy Banner, good job! Second, we love the NC's and have been buying them from the Syndicate just this year and production put away the others to collect dust. Our production guy said the modules are Sexy with appearance and because of the color differential making them easy to identify. How came to that conclusion and word choice I don't know, but I thought I'd use to explain the banner, it's bold!
  12. Well said and you know we're in! I can't believe that person from that sign association just came on this topic and spammed us with something so off topic by promoting themselves. To top it off, didn't even have the decency to come back and answer any of your questions. Why would want to join more of the same? Your idea about creating a report for the public is perfect! ps - you need to delete her post
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