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  1. Sign Lady

    Side Projects in the Shop

    I would check with my insurance agent to make sure this CYAs you. I don't know about your area, but with my area if I were to type that up they would tell me it isn't worth the paper it is written on. According to folks around here, I can't hold harmless anybody doing anything on my property. I am responsible if they get hurt no matter what they are doing or when.
  2. Sign Lady

    Side Projects in the Shop

    WOW! Now that's a whole new low. Not to mention the fuel and truck wear & tear. Like I said, there is always that one that will take 10 miles.
  3. Sign Lady

    Side Projects in the Shop

    Haha -- computer updated between the first one and the second one! Well, you get to read my thoughts 2 times today! LOL
  4. Sign Lady

    Side Projects in the Shop

    Typed this earlier, but it must not have posted I allow my folks to use my shop, equipment and scrap materials for their own stuff, but never for profit. If they have to have more than I have in scrap, they have to buy it at my cost. I don't mind one bit if they do their kids projects, or banners for their sports teams - on their own time. There is always going to be that one that takes advantage - give them an inch and they take 10 miles and screw it up for everybody else. If I find one of mine doing that, I will stop it for everybody. If they take advantage of my kindness, it stops. I want to keep my guys happy too - but not to my detriment. I don't ever let my guys do the "small stuff" because I don't want my customer to feel like I didn't want to do their small job. Don't ever want a customer to feel like that.
  5. Sign Lady

    Side Projects in the Shop

    I agree with the other guys. I allow my folks to use my place for their own stuff. Never for profit. I think it sends the message to the customer that it was so small you didn't want to mess with it. I don't ever want one of my customers to feel that way. Like with anything else, there is always going to be that one that you give an inch and they take 10 miles and abuse it. If ever one of mine abused it, it would stop for all. I am kind to a point, but don't take advantage of my kindness. Sounds like you already know what you need to do. Probably going to be hard to do it, but you can't let employees, no matter how great, to take advantage of you. Especially while using your place, your equipment and your materials! Not cool.
  6. Sign Lady

    LED Components - You Should Be Worried

    Great post Erik! Some folks (Democrats) are upset about the "war" President Trump is having with China (and others). I say it is about damn time! Every President before him has tip toed around what they have been doing trying to appease them for whatever reason. The big dog is in the house now, and he is kicking down some doors! I say HALLELUJAH! It's about damn time!
  7. Sign Lady


    I spend hours and hours and hours (days) drawing sometimes on one project - it's typically those customers that end up not purchasing the sign! Drives me NUTS! I have been kicking around the idea of starting to charge for the design time before I present the drawing to them, but I have asked around and no other sign company around here charges for artwork, so I'm still torn about what to do. But I think it's unfair for me to spend days and days on a project design and the consumer not expect to have to pay something for that time. Especially those that don't purchase the sign and take my design to the next sign shop to have it manufactured!! Thoughts?? If sign design was all that I did like you, Matthew, I wouldn't even start on a design without some form of payment up front as a deposit and I wouldn't let my design leave my hands without a form of payment for the balance that couldn't "bounce"! If design was my livelihood, no way would it leave my office without payment in full unless it is someone you trust a whole lot!!
  8. Sign Lady

    Collecting a debt

    Very sorry that happened to you. Wonder what in the world he did to have the IRS seize everything he owned?? That's crazy! Hopefully he didn't own the properties where the stores are so you can file a lien on the property so the actual owner of the property will have to pay you. Not really fair to make them pay, but better than you losing all of that money!! Best of luck getting paid.
  9. Hey guys & gals! I have a long time customer of mine that is actually from New York, but has a bunch of properties in my area that I maintain for him. Great guy/group to work for. He has a sign in the Buffalo, New York area that needs to be replaced at a mall he owns. Please either PM me or send me some recommendations that I can send to him that could take care of that for him. He is a great guy, but he expects first rate work and nothing less. Of course I know all of the folks on here do nothing but first rate work!! Any help to help my customer will be greatly appreciated. He also pays VERY well!! Thanks! Angie
  10. Sign Lady

    Recommendation for Work in NY

    Fantastic! I think this will be enough for him. I will pass everything on to him and have him get in direct contact with you, if that's okay? Thanks! Angie
  11. Sign Lady

    Recommendation for Work in NY

    That would be great! I know he is going to ask me for some references. He trusts me a lot, but since I am not there to over see things, he is going to want to make sure it would be just like I am there.
  12. Sign Lady

    Can't fix stupid

    Just when you think you have seen it all ....... You haven't. Unbelievable.
  13. Thanks for the info!! I will add this to my list of bad eggs I get from The Sign Syndicate.
  14. I get e-mails from them almost daily with trucks listed for sale, but have never contacted them. SO thankful I read this today. That's why I love this website. You can always find the truth here!
  15. Sign Lady

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Amen & hallelujah!!! Yes, OUR wonderful President! And he is wonderful!! Someone that finally has a backbone & could care less about the PC crap of the past. These Countries think they can tax and tariff us to death and we are supposed to just sit back and take it up the tail pipe and not reciprocate!!?? Not anymore! GYNORMOUS trade deficits all around. We have somebody in there now that is standing up for business people - and the rest of the Country - and letting those Countries know we will no longer be taken advantage of. NAFTA is not a good deal and has let other Countries walk all over us. I am all for trade, but it has to be fair and equitable for ALL parties, not just everybody BUT the United States. This President gets that! Thank GOD! Yes, we may have to pay a little more until this all shakes out, but I pray he holds Canada and everybody else's feet to the fire until they make a good deal for both parties. Let the deal making begin! Our U.S. aluminum and steel manufacturers will now have a level playing field instead of having to shut their doors. That's a good thing!
  16. Sign Lady

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    We typically don't get political on this website, but I can't wait to see the responses this gets!! LOL
  17. Sign Lady

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

  18. Sign Lady

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Just curious - who is your vendor? I need some 4' x 10' sheets for a job I am currently doing, and I haven't been able to find it for that kind of price! Last I ordered that size the price was $150 a sheet!
  19. Sign Lady

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    That sounds like price gouging to me. Just saying. I am checking with my vendor right now to see if they have had an increase. I ordered some aluminum last week and the cost was the same as it was the week before. Just checking with them to see if it has changed since I ordered last week. I will let you know.
  20. Sign Lady

    Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    I ordered one from the sign bracket store and it would not be in stock for 2 months! So you will probably find it there, just a matter of if it is in stock or not. We ended up having to manufacture ours.
  21. Sign Lady

    Flex Face install in 30° temps

    If you install below 45/50 degrees you are going to have trouble down the road when it warms up. I actually much prefer even warmer. I don't typically like to take flex face installs in the winter for that exact reason. Some customers don't want to listen to your expert opinion, they want their sign done right now. I don't want to be responsible for something I warned them should not be done in the first place. As soon as it warms up and that face warms up, it is going to relax every time. Nothing you can do to stop it. You cannot pull it tight enough to prevent it - especially if the material is 28 degrees or less. If the customer insists, do like others have said and CYA by having something in writing that you warned against doing it and are not responsible when it happens.
  22. Sign Lady

    Hyundai Signs For Sale

    Hey guys and gals! I have a very unusual question. One I haven't been faced with in all of my years in business. I have a customer that just purchased signs for his Hyundai dealership a couple of years ago - between that time and now, he built a new dealership here in town. Between the time he purchased his new signs and finished construction on his new dealership, they changed logos and what their signs look like. He said had he known they were going to do that he would have never purchased these signs because he knew he was going to build. Hyundai naturally didn't tell him either. Since they changed everything, they wouldn't allow him to use his almost brand new signs for the new location. So, with all of that said, he wants me to put his old signs (photos attached) on the internet to see if I get any bites to purchase them so he can try to recoup at least some of his money. Do you guys know anybody that would be interested in purchasing these kinds of signs? Photo 130553 is of an "arch" that goes over the door. It is constructed out of ACM panels.
  23. Sign Lady

    Site Problems signing in?

    No, not since I sent that message. I don't even have to sign in now! LOL - As always, you are the best!
  24. Sign Lady

    Site Problems signing in?

    Me! LOL - But it could just be this old woman losing her mind.
  25. Sign Lady

    Hyundai Signs For Sale

    Yeah, I asked him all of those questions because we have had to do the same thing with signs we have taken down in the past. We took these down directly for the dealership, not a National account. I told him I had never been approached to do this with a Corporate sign like this before, but he says he is within his legal rights to sell them. I hope he has really checked. If not, it is on him. I don't think we are going to find anybody to buy them anyway, but you never know. I really appreciate you responding to me, Travis! Have a great week!