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  1. Funny, sad, and true. Went to a small company here, told me, boy, you've got the experience, but we're looking for a 18-20 year old with that kind of experience!
  2. Just my personality showing thru! Some old Grey farts still appreciate craftsmanship!
  3. And then companies have the balls to tell Grey haired old farts that they are old and stupid. Right on only one point...
  4. Oh that is so funny. My wife heard me laughing and wondered why. I showed her the pics. She says who would do that? Idiots!
  5. I diitto sign lady. You're doing a great service for the sign industry! Hope you told that national to go.....
  6. Selfies would be great, and then post alongside the deadbeat company name! Quite funny and apropo.
  7. Sorry, that is what I was referring to! It's always fun to put a face, or faces, alongside the infamous deadbeats! Course it's also fun to see their face when you ask them why they don't pay their bills! Oops, my personality is showing. Sorry. For those that go, have fun!
  8. Be sure and go yo the meeting with the 30 nationals and see if you want to do their work!
  9. Hope you do pics after you get it tricked out in the "Paul" style!
  10. Sounds like a designer with no clue. Wait till he gets the price, his design specs will change.
  11. Hope you do pics after you get it tricked out in the "Paul" style!
  12. Dave, how bout you drive it another 4k miles for me. At 22k less per thousand miles, you could pay me to drive it away? Can't believe you still have it.
  13. As was I. Thought Eric had done a permanent move....
  14. Don't know the color, but what's with the burn marks where the apostrophe would be?
  15. Well if I told you, I'd have to shoot you....
  16. So Marcus Thielin, the German scientist, and good friend, got released by signs of the times, now Darek Johnson, who wrote a great neon article last month has been fired. So, SofT is now just ads and crap for the industry.... Mostly crap!
  17. Seriously? Good luck! Maybe somebody woring on the side.....
  18. Have a great birthday tomorrow Erik. Hope your love takes you out for a wonderful day! Damn, I used to know you as a youngster! Now you're old!
  19. Electronic would be great IF there are no issues that affect electronics. Personally I'd stay with a core and coil, France. Look up sign suppliers in your area, they usually sell to anyone. Be sure and unplug before changing, don't break the neon, and consider changing the electrode boots, if using, to new ones while doing the work. If you break the neon, you are SOL.
  20. Assuming it was loaded properly, you want a 9/30 transformer.
  21. Mcnichols has sooo much more than perforated. Great stuff, great staff...
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