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  1. Signsfast

  2. Best Way To Sell Used Boom Trucks

    sign forums, craigslist, facebook
  3. thats where i ordered. just needed small sheets for side vents on emc's
  4. looking for a vendor for perforated Alum(the alum with holes in it) thanks
  5. Bit by the DIY bug

    looks more like the double back tape failed on the paint and the letters are sliding down.
  6. It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    federal heath?
  7. Pretty Cool for the shop

    looks like a portable saw horse..what Am i missing?

    I prefer to correspond through email for "paper trail" reasons as well. I have no problem talking to people either its just that to get details that I can refer back to their is no better way then email. Also Paul your people have you so well insulated its hard to even get through to you. they screen the hell out of the calls when asking for you
  9. need help finding a vendor with t8 sockets

    they didnt have them in stock and where calling their vendor and letting me know. never got a return call.. big surprise. cant find any website for westrim to call them direct. what a stupid idea to put these POS lamps in this changeover for wf
  10. We are doing service work for wells fargo and need some of these t8 sockets for the reliant lamps. does anyone know of a vendor that stocks them?
  11. My morning coffee engineering

    put the tranny up higher to your access cover
  12. send some my way if you have too many!
  13. WOW another great thought out, fact filled article. I can see why the associations want nothing to do with you in their circle jerks. keep up the great work Erik.
  14. Flex Face install in 30° temps

    I think it has been reverse cut vinyl applied to flex face. Its miserable dont get me wrong but its possible. if the mfg says otherwise always give your customer their recommendation and get your terms in writing to cover your ass