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  1. Rolls roller, If you have such a volume it should pay for itself, if you dont then sub them out. Not something to be doing without the proper tools.
  2. so you need the one on the left with the wings? you didnt mention that. I DO have that style in 1 3/8"
  3. So you did NOT hire a good installer.
  4. is it a true 1 3/8"? I found a couple in my stash that are 1 5/16"
  5. You really cant hire within the industry. Because if they are from the industry and out of work, especially now there must be a reason... The best bet I think is to just find jacks of all trades and train them on the job. Hire good human beings with positive attitudes rather then the cowboy who thinks hes done it all and seen it all, yet is looking for work. And most of all pay them well!
  6. Jack stone signs 3131 Pennsy Drive Landover, MD 20785 just wondering what their payment history is like? we have gotten some requests
  7. this is the stuff that keeps me coming back to this site. How inspirational
  8. they are used for tree work i believe
  9. so glad you are making these products available erik, and at a reasonable price. up next Id love to see you with some parking lot light pole heads. an easy retrofit option to remove existing heads and install new LED fixtures.
  10. Im interested in if you can for a crane that size
  11. I am going to have my sx57 derated. what do they actually do just slap a new load chart sticker on the crane and send you down the road?
  12. is that 1/2 or 3/4" pipe thread
  13. can you post pics of the backside so i can see knockouts and mounting holes And do the housings come in white?
  14. Never have run into it but there seems like a obvious answer. Dig out your rakes and shovels or find a sub and make it another line item on your bill or have the customer take care of it
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