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  1. Applying vinyl to fresh paint

    Matthews also makes an accelerator to add to the paint but you'll still have to wait a day minimum, longer if your shop is cool.
  2. Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Search "The Sign Bracket Store" They have a lot of hangers but you will pay
  3. Show us YOUR co. sign

    Low quality cell pictures but shows the concept. The red letters are exposed look neon (clear lenses) The building has been painted out white since these were taken. The 2 "S" are real bird nests every spring and summer. This sign is on eye level with the road and only about 20' away so when someone stops at the traffic light they are up close.
  4. Hyundai Signs For Sale

    Let him sell them that way if there is an issue you are NOT the target of those big corporate lawyers.
  5. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    And MORE white shit falling tonight. We went from sub zero to 60 degrees last week. Now it's around 20 and more snow tonight
  6. Burke Enterprise, LLC seeking a full time sign fabricator / installer / service technician. Clean DMVR Full Time Burke Enterprise, LLC Oakdale, CT 06370 Email info@burkeenterprise.com with resume visit www.burkeenterprise.com to see examples of our work.
  7. John, Do I qualify for the job? Good luck, the last GOOD guy I hired took 6 months to find.
  8. Sign man electrocuted in the Keys dies

    I agree with John. If there isn't a disconnect on ANY sign we service the first thing we do is shut down the power and install the switch. Then go on to see what is wrong with the sign. I feel terrible when I hear about unnecessary deaths like this but if you don't know what your doing you shouldn't be doing it. Sympathy to his family and friends.
  9. Paul you've got it. I just today had to explain to a Ben & Jerry's manager that just because the have LED's that are lit the sign illumination level is such that it looks out. His response was "But LEDs are supposed to last forever" It's frustrating that after a lifetime as a lighting designer and years in the sign industry I just don't know anything.
  10. CBS This Morning with Neon

    Finally!!!! A little national attention to our classic products. I so wish the codes would let us animate exterior signs here. No flashing, sequencing, or blinking allowed in exterior signs in CT
  11. Thanks! - industrystones@yahoo.com

    1. burkeenterprise


      Did you get the job?  Stay hot!

  12. Master Neon Bender NEEDED! - Los Angeles, CA

    Good luck! It took me over 6 months to replace a tube bender here. If you send me your e-mail I'll forward you a resume I got 2 days after our new bender started.
  13. Seeking Management Position available to relocate

    Jeff. did you contact me by e-mail a while ago? Please send me your resume along with expected salary to bob@burkeenterprise.com Thanks
  14. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    It seems EVERY time one of our "good customers" tell me they can get it for less online I get a call within 2 years to come fix it. Funny how our service rate can go up for those calls. I just can't figure it out..... Can anyone out there shine shit?
  15. "Rope" (Border) LED

    I agree with Eric, If the neon is installed correctly it will outlast the LED and give a better ROI. You will be doing your customer a miss service selling him the LED. Show him the facts data sheets for cost to install and operate then let him decide.