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  1. The only time we ever had to do this kind of thing (other than drug testing on big construction sites) was when we were working in an airport. The security for that job amazing. We often spent as much time checking in and out, showing all credentials etc. than actually working on the job.
  2. On Friday the 6 sheet restriction was lifted we can now order all we need. The "trade only" supplier is still on their own selling direct though
  3. We have 1 supplier limiting to 6 sheets of clear for each order. That stretches the supply so more companies can get some. We have another "to the trade only" supplier that is advertising on the local radio that they make and install clear shields....talk about taking it right out of their regular customers pockets...by the way they "don't have any clear that they can sell to you"....I guess I will be doing as little business with them as I can in the future.
  4. We got a nice e-mail from ISA saying that the show floor will be "safe and disinfected." Do I believe it? NOT one bit. No one from BE will be going this year.
  5. We do a lot of work for casinos and large construction managers. We ALWAYS have to sign some kind of waiver BEFORE payment (usually a matter of a day or 2 before) BUT they all say "upon payment" IF it doesn't say something like that do not sign unless you #1 know the payer very well and totally trust them to pay you or #2 don't care if you get paid or not. If it's a national sign company don't sign it until you see the $
  6. With the new Dunkin branding can anyone tell me who is the national for them now?
  7. Well established sign company seeking a neon tube bender open to working throughout the sign trade. Our clients are accustomed to an extreme level of service and high quality products delivered in a timely manner by highly professional staff. Requires either tube bending experience or recent tube bending school attendance. General knowledge of the sign trade helpful Good customer relations
  8. Another good sign guy gone. RIP condolences to his family and friends.
  9. 3M Friesia series has some like that. It's costly stuff at about $1400.00 for a 50" x 96'
  10. I have been trying to hire an as in 1 experienced person for over a year...I didn't think it would be hard. What a fool am I. I guess I got spoiled with the people I had. Most of them had been with me over 10 years. (Treat them right and pay them well) When it was time to move on I got my eyes opened for me. Not a single worthwhile EXPERIENCED applicant. I too have taken to hiring for uncommon sense and train to be a sign person.
  11. Well established 20-year Connecticut sign company seeking an experienced, and we do mean experienced sign fabricator/installer. We are a unique full-service sign and theming company that provide the knowledge, service and expertise to perform the high-profile jobs that most other sign companies shy away from. EXPERIENCED SIGN FABRICATOR / INSTALLER RESPONSIBILITIES: - Aluminum / steel welding - Sheet metal work - Prepping and applying vinyl to a variety of surfaces. - Applying trim cap to acrylic and polycarbonate face
  12. We've done some "wet" signs before. Biggest challenge is the bottom pan being custom and NEVER leaking.
  13. Val the switch shown in your photo is switching the secondary circuit. I don't think that was ever acceptable. The driver is still energized with the switch off. All you could safely do is replace the LEDs.
  14. Your last photo shows galvanized letter backs!!!! I haven't seen that around here is a lot more than 20 years. What were they thinking with that mixed bag of crap LEDs in the other one.
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