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  1. Well established 20-year Connecticut sign company seeking an experienced, and we do mean experienced sign fabricator/installer. We are a unique full-service sign and theming company that provide the knowledge, service and expertise to perform the high-profile jobs that most other sign companies shy away from. EXPERIENCED SIGN FABRICATOR / INSTALLER RESPONSIBILITIES: - Aluminum / steel welding - Sheet metal work - Prepping and applying vinyl to a variety of surfaces. - Applying trim cap to acrylic and polycarbonate faces. - General assembly work, fabricating channel letters, high & low voltage wiring, and assembly. - Paint prep (sanding and cleaning) - Installation in varied areas of industry SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS: - Position is full time, but the ability to work varied/flexible hours for industrial installations is required - Must be able to lift, work at heights and in enclosed areas - Ability to work in fast paced, diverse environments - Ability to safely use power tools, hand tools, machinery & welding - Strong attention to detail - Construction background a plus - Good work ethic and able to work effectively with others - Minimum 3 years’ experience required - Good DMV record required BENEFITS: - Above average pay scale – salary dependent upon experience Negotiated package Email info@burkeenterprise.com with resume visit www.burkeenterprise.com to see examples of our work.
  2. burkeenterprise

    Waterfall Signage

    We've done some "wet" signs before. Biggest challenge is the bottom pan being custom and NEVER leaking.
  3. burkeenterprise

    Toggle Switches

    Val the switch shown in your photo is switching the secondary circuit. I don't think that was ever acceptable. The driver is still energized with the switch off. All you could safely do is replace the LEDs.
  4. burkeenterprise

    No BS Sign Retrofitting

    Your last photo shows galvanized letter backs!!!! I haven't seen that around here is a lot more than 20 years. What were they thinking with that mixed bag of crap LEDs in the other one.
  5. burkeenterprise

    Double sided temporary decals on a roll

    Why not print them on an edge? Print on clear vinyl reverse the instructions back with a double coat of white then black then the logo. All in-house or subbed to a local guy with an edge.
  6. burkeenterprise

    PERFORATED ALUM-looking for a vendor in northeast

    We never use any suppliers other than McNichlos as Paul and Gary say they are great
  7. burkeenterprise

    Can't fix stupid

    I walked away from one that had about 20 of these LED "replacement" lamps. When it was on it looked like a blue poka dot sign.
  8. burkeenterprise

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Our price went from $129.00 for 4x8x.125 up to $195.00 in 2 weeks (10 sheet order) and the supplier will only commit to the price for the day quoted. They are going hog wild at our expense. I am now adding a new item to ALL of our proposals to cover any increase in material costs. I know my bigger clients will not like it but I'm not going to lose because they want to lock in the price and me pay any increases.
  9. burkeenterprise

    Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Search "The Sign Bracket Store" They have a lot of hangers but you will pay
  10. burkeenterprise

    Show us YOUR co. sign

    Low quality cell pictures but shows the concept. The red letters are exposed look neon (clear lenses) The building has been painted out white since these were taken. The 2 "S" are real bird nests every spring and summer. This sign is on eye level with the road and only about 20' away so when someone stops at the traffic light they are up close.
  11. burkeenterprise

    Hyundai Signs For Sale

    Let him sell them that way if there is an issue you are NOT the target of those big corporate lawyers.
  12. burkeenterprise

    5 degrees here today YUCK

    And MORE white shit falling tonight. We went from sub zero to 60 degrees last week. Now it's around 20 and more snow tonight
  13. Burke Enterprise, LLC seeking a full time sign fabricator / installer / service technician. Clean DMVR Full Time Burke Enterprise, LLC Oakdale, CT 06370 Email info@burkeenterprise.com with resume visit www.burkeenterprise.com to see examples of our work.
  14. John, Do I qualify for the job? Good luck, the last GOOD guy I hired took 6 months to find.
  15. burkeenterprise

    Sign man electrocuted in the Keys dies

    I agree with John. If there isn't a disconnect on ANY sign we service the first thing we do is shut down the power and install the switch. Then go on to see what is wrong with the sign. I feel terrible when I hear about unnecessary deaths like this but if you don't know what your doing you shouldn't be doing it. Sympathy to his family and friends.