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  1. We are a growing sign company in Central Ohio and have a current opening for a Sign Installer / Service Tech. If interested, please call 740.602.0260.
  2. Securing Max Metal to Aluminum

    Thanks All! I will try both. But it looks like the Lords may be a better fit for this application.
  3. Looking for some ideas... We are constructing many small non-illuminated direct bury cabinets for a local home builder. We are using aluminum "U" channel for the legs and then want to attach max metal faces to them. We want to use max metal because it comes in a prefinished color that works for our need and is it more cost effective than aluminum. We are looking a glue or epoxy that would work. I don't think that the max metal (DiBond like product - PVC with Aluminum skin) can be welded. We want to have a clean appearance on the faces (i.e., no visible fasteners). Any recommendations? Thanks, Paul
  4. Anybody else starting to notice??

    What auction companies are you all subscribed to that have Sign Equipment? I am on a few but rarely see sign companies... a lot of printers and machine shops.
  5. Does it fold down into wings and fly?? LOL
  6. Trying to end The Sign Syndicate

    :PutEmUp:As a first generation newcomer to this game.... your site has been a god send! Keep it up!! Just ask here for anything you need and we can make it happen! Maybe a "Hundred Truck" crawl to Washington DC?