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  1. Can you just paint or flood the back with white vinyl and still use?
  2. What is the make of the pumping station? Do you know which burners are in there? I am interested and in Ohio.
  3. Thanks Paul, we will/would do that. Just wondered if anyone else had experience with them.
  4. Hi All! We have been approached directly by store mgmr to do some work on their signs. They will not pay a deposit. Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) working with them regarding payments?
  5. 3 hours simple sign band and tenant panels only! > Order write up (where at and what is needed), > Travel (if 25 minutes from shop that eats an hour of the day), > pics, > set machine, PPE, measurements, building face material and color. > move set and repeat > transfer images >rewrite numbers to make presentable > sent all pics with measurements and invoice.
  6. Good Question/topic! We cover Central Ohio. We know that Atlas does the CVS Stores. We know that Custom Sign Center in Columbus does most Wendys. It would be great to get some kind of list.
  7. Go to harbor freight and get a predator. That way when it gets dropped out of the truck you will not cry as hard! LOL
  8. Fairmount Signs used to do them, not sure if they still do.
  9. According to my research, it is not required if your lifting capacity is less than 2000 pounds. Since our sky-hook and jib are both rated for 2000 so i have not pursued the certification.
  10. Not sure how many heard of this in Florida last week. It made the news here in Ohio. Hits home with my crew as we do many of these type of installs. Also hits home with my school sales guy as he says that he has lost many install deals as the team boosters decide it costs too much and they will do it themselves. Sad. https://people.com/human-interest/baseball-coach-and-wife-electrocuted-putting-up-new-scoreboard-son-injured/
  11. OMG!! Where do you start.... Ladder in Bucket, Aluminum Ladder working on electric sign, and to top it off ladder is propped against DOOR of bucket! At least he has a harness on 🙂 but it almost looks like it is not attached... GIT 'ER DONE!
  12. We have done it both ways. The outlines are nice for quoting but we don't do enough new quotes to justify the expense. Most of our vehicle stuff is for repeating customers so design and files stay pretty consistent.
  13. Thanks ALL! Some great ideas. BTW we use a lot of Gorilla tape. It works great as long as the temp is higher than 35 degrees.
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