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Sign Crane Truck Falls

Erik Sine

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Whoops! :focus:

No one hurt after crane tips over in Tiverton parking lot

Kevin P. O'Connor
Herald News Staff Reporter

Posted Feb. 18, 2015 at 3:18 PM
Updated Feb 18, 2015 at 3:23 PM

TIVERTON — What went up came down with a crash, crushing a car in the process.

The good news: No one was hurt when a crane from Dion Sign tipped over in the parking lot of the Dollar General, 567 Main Road.

“They were working on a light at the top of a pole in the parking lot of Dollar General,” Fire Chief Robert Lloyd said. “They hired an aerial truck from Dion Signs out of Central Falls.

“The driver raised the boom without properly deploying the jacks. The truck tipped over and crushed a car.”

The truck operator, Albert Peixoto of Somerset, called police and then went into the store to summon the employee, Wendy Ferreira of Tiverton, whose car was destroyed, Police Officer Jay Dunlea said.

“The employee was lucky in one way, she was just about to go on her break,” Dunlea said.

Firefighters arrived and spread speedy dry absorbent to contain the fuel and hydraulic oil leaking from the truck.

“We are still on the scene, waiting for a clean-up crew to pick up the fuel,” Lloyd said. “It is also being investigated by OSHA.”

The driver was outside the truck, operating the crane from a control panel on the truck body, when the truck tipped.

The truck was towed from the scene for an inspection by OSHA, Lloyd said.

The store, which opened for business on Thursday, was able to stay open through the incident, police report.

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Ever heard of outriggers, bub?
Guess who's insurance policy just got jacked up.....even canceled.

And can I get a, Ohhhhh Boy.... wait 'til OSHA is done with your ***.

Glad no one was hurt, but this was definitely a completely avoidable incident.

Edited by Joseph Licari
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That's such a great photograph. The crushed car on one end, a sideways truck on the other, a little guy in the background, and lettering down the boom to tie it all together.

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This is why owning a sign business sucks! It's taken me 8 years to assemble great install crews. I consider myself blessed with my crews.

This isn't even a rookie mistake. This is plain laziness...

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was it friday 3:00pm


63 foot Elliott v60

50 foot 8 ton crane/auger

Skid steer with forks and dirt bucket



Signworks Inc.
Toronto, Canada



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I agree with the rest , just plain laziness. We have a 0-8 ton sign erectors ticket here in Ontario, and have taught the course. It scares the hell out of me to see this. When this happens we all suffer, if this had happened here, our ministry of labour wouls be doing a safety blitz.

I question thecrane operators training.


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