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Do we promote the Artistic (Neon) Benefits To The Business Community

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I Received this letter from Herb Moulton of Masters Technology that I thought would be a good idea to post, Masters Technology is a Neon component manufacturer and they have some big concerns on how our industry promotes Neon to the business community, or consumers/specifiers.

Anyone interested in giving some feedback/suggestions I suggest commenting, replying on this thread or contacting Herb Directly



Having attended this year Sign Show sponsored by the International Sign Association held
in Las Vegas. I was shocked as an apprentice sign painter I became interested in the sign
industry in 1953 upon graduating from high school. This industry has been my means of
support as an employee and shop owner for nearly 60 years. The introduction and
promotion of neon illumination has been a specialty artistic lighting of the sign industry for
over 100 years. There has been numerous challenges to this custom illumination source.
Such as florescent lighting, rope lighting, and other types of illumination.

Most recently the LEDS have created a huge challenge to the neon industry. I
respect fully submit to members of our industry that neon illumination is the only artistic
lighting, band made. With extensive documented illumination as much as up to 75 years if
properly manufactured and installed. I would call on a neon sign shops in USA, Canada,
and Mexico to join together and provide the Business community information regarding the
uniqueness of this lighting source. Provided by and certified by members of our industry.

The sign industry should be especially proud of this artistic lighting system, and join
together in our efforts throughout the world. To make the business community aware of our
product, which can not be bought at Home Depot or Lowe's.

I would appreciate any comments or opinions you might have in regards to my concerns in
this matter.

Various aspects of the success of neon signage are disappearing. The most crucial
aspect of any neon project is the proper installation of the products required to achieve code
compliance, safety requirements, set forth by N.E.C. and local adopted amendments. I have
been a member of the I.A.E.I International association of electrical inspectors for 42yrs and
serve on several electrical panels at U.L.

I highly recommend that sign industry members join your local I.A.E.I chapter as
an associate member and participate in their monthly meetings. This actions shows interest
in our concern and discussions that will promote quality code compliant installations, As
required by the N.E.C. and the U.B.C. adopted by the city's and towns throughout the
United States.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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My input is short and sweet.

A lot of my thoughts for something like this come from a post I made here

A New Sign TRADE Association


I'm of the opinion that whatever is going to get done for the good of the electric sign industry and keeping our traditions alive and well as a whole, needs to be done with "Lighting" specific, no matter what light source it is, Neon, Fluorescent, HID, or LED. Similar to what The Sign Syndicate has been doing for years since 2008 testing all light sources from all the manufacturers, a new trade group needs to do the same. The difference is, this new group needs to educate the public...consumers, architects and government about the pro's and con's of light sources according to environment as well as project application.

Too often all light sources have been mis-characterized by our trade magazines and so called trade associations. I have yet to see any trade associations starting with the ISA on down make any accurate statements when it comes to Neon, or find anyway in promoting our industries sacred art. In fact, we've all seen our trade associations enable others create a false notion, spread mis-information that Neon is not efficient, it's bad for the environment, it's costly to maintain, and it's dangerous and burns down buildings. Everything short of saying Neon Manufacturers and products are out to kill our children. To date, there has ever yet to be a seminar, article, open information that defends our industries sacred art and highest tradition by opposing the false portrayed status qua. In large part is it would affect their membership, money and good ol boy network.

To date, the only industry outlet besides this site of electric sign manufacturers and builders has been the Signs Of The Times Magazine, they once strayed away like the other sign industry magazines but they came back to us....all other trade magazines are still stuck on 2005 marketing claims, over there, Neon IS trying to kill our children and LEDs are the cure to cancer.

Like I've been saying, this industry is nasty and terrible, it's filled with a lot of companies who want to do only what comes easy instead of doing what's right for the consumer. If anything good is to come out of it, then the consumer needs to be better educated so they can be Smarter. We need Smart buyers to make Smart decisions so we can weed out the wannabes and not buy products that have been help up by a crutch.

We need a group/ association that's going to promote and educate DIRECTLY to the consumer about the strengths and weakness's of the electric sign industry and what capabilities we have to offer.....unbiased. Then, let them decide.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Here are my 2 cents on the issue, Over the years I have seen a big change in our industry,

not just the advancement and availability of LED Products, but the lack of imagination and knowledge of the people in our industry that actually communicate with the client,

I'm talking about the designers and sales people, they are the people that are in a position to share information and ideas with the client, It may just be the shops I have been working at over the last 5 - 10 years,

but I have noticed that the sales people and designers I deal with have very little drive to learn more about the industry, it seems most just want to draw a few simple designs and go home,

I used to deal with designers and sales people that had an extensive knowledge of our industry and had a creative drive, I dont see that any more.

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  • !llumenati

Amen to that! Just a computer drawn piece of crap, and throw out a cheap price, regardless. From the nationals to the mini sign companies - saales, client relations and actually talking to the client --- gone. And "learn about the industry"? Why, how dare you think that is needed!! These people would have to learn something ---------?

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    • By Erik Sine
      We have always been proud supporters of our Electric Sign Trade and have always been proactive in doing what it takes to help preserve our Trade and it's most valued tradition....that being Neon.  
      Despite the misinformation that has been put out about Neon for decades now, Neon is very much a light/energy efficient light source and the most durable light source we have in our trade over time and we have plenty of case history to support this. 
      As most of you may or may not know, there has been a huge shortage of the availability of Glass Neon Housings for Neon....and what has been available has been a lot of Chinese Fake UL Marked (Embossed on the glass) Neon Housings in the market for some time.  
      They Claim a UL mark, BUT...they aren't a U.L. Recongnized accessory or sign component     .i.e. SSI / "Neo" Glass Housings have no valid listing with fake embossed UL Emblem
      The biggest complaint for some time has been the threads are terrible and it made tightening at times near to impossible.  The other bad aspect was that the glass walls were too thin, and with just a little bit of heat they were cracking or a incidental drop bump might cause them to crack and break prematurely, some simply cracked on tightening mechanically to a sign body .
      Also, it's bad news if you're a Wholesale Shop or Custom Sign Shop integrating these knock-offs into your signs.  It's passing along a fake listed product and should something happen like a "fire" I can't imagine Insurance Companies will be too happy about the use of a "knock-off"  
      I've done my best in the past to look for and supply vintage housings that were listed for the Neon Arts and help with keeping that art going with Porcelain or older glass housings which we still do have plenty of (#100's & #300's).  But now we have those hard to get components to keep those awesome Neon Open Faced Channel Letters and Wall Signs going without running into shortages of components or options.
      NOW IN STOCK - Westrim U.L. Recognized Sign Accessories #100, #200, #200P, #300 Neon Glass Housings
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      NOW IN STOCK - Westrim U.L. Listed #100, #200, #200P, #300 Neon Glass Housings
      You can Purchase these from our store or contact us to place an order or inquiry (858) 880-1400  |  orders@thesignsyndicate.com
    • By JeffMix
      Opportunity Neon Person! Know a good bender who thought neon was over, well it's not!
      Great signs
      Good pay/benefits
      Super clean shop and top of the line equipment
      Neon work!
      Good damn people.
      Music City!
      I can't say enough what a good place this is to work. They've been in business now for 40 plus years. Super solid reputation in the city and well connected. They've done 90% of the signs on Broadway and they're full of neon. I've been here for 2 years now with 40 hours of work every week. If the glass is slow you can also jump into electrical etc. I had been out of the trade for a dozen years and didn't think I'd find a job again doing glass full time.
      If you're a solo one person shop and sick of those headaches come to Nashville. I wasn't looking to leave however our 3 grown kids are all back home in Vegas and 2 of of them sign guys (where did I go wrong?) My friend Bong Gonzalez  passed from covid and I'm going to be taking over his position in Vegas. I really wish that this was not the case. He and his Dad were staples in the neon world in Vegas and just damn fine men.
      Again if you were a bender back in the day, it's like riding a bike. In a few days it was mostly all back and now I have a greater appreciation for something I thought was gone. Again you're in a shop with super talented folks front and back.
      Please email me pictures of your work and your experience etc to jeff@joslinsign.com
    • By Erik Sine
      After a lot of inquiries I'd just like to mention that we now have plenty of stock Brass Neon Tube Supports, the conventional 1.75" size.
      You can place orders using out online cart in case quantities of 500 or smaller quantities of 100
    • By jrosenfeld
      Hi Everyone,
      We're working on a program that has a decent amount of interior neon signs.  I wanted to see if there was anyone in SS land that does neon production work.  PM me for details.
    • By BTB Lighting & Supply, inc
      We are growing fast this year and we are looking for qualified service electricians and technicians. Smokers need not apply. d/l a must
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