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Erik Sine

Do we promote the Artistic (Neon) Benefits To The Business Community

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I Received this letter from Herb Moulton of Masters Technology that I thought would be a good idea to post, Masters Technology is a Neon component manufacturer and they have some big concerns on how our industry promotes Neon to the business community, or consumers/specifiers.

Anyone interested in giving some feedback/suggestions I suggest commenting, replying on this thread or contacting Herb Directly



Having attended this year Sign Show sponsored by the International Sign Association held
in Las Vegas. I was shocked as an apprentice sign painter I became interested in the sign
industry in 1953 upon graduating from high school. This industry has been my means of
support as an employee and shop owner for nearly 60 years. The introduction and
promotion of neon illumination has been a specialty artistic lighting of the sign industry for
over 100 years. There has been numerous challenges to this custom illumination source.
Such as florescent lighting, rope lighting, and other types of illumination.

Most recently the LEDS have created a huge challenge to the neon industry. I
respect fully submit to members of our industry that neon illumination is the only artistic
lighting, band made. With extensive documented illumination as much as up to 75 years if
properly manufactured and installed. I would call on a neon sign shops in USA, Canada,
and Mexico to join together and provide the Business community information regarding the
uniqueness of this lighting source. Provided by and certified by members of our industry.

The sign industry should be especially proud of this artistic lighting system, and join
together in our efforts throughout the world. To make the business community aware of our
product, which can not be bought at Home Depot or Lowe's.

I would appreciate any comments or opinions you might have in regards to my concerns in
this matter.

Various aspects of the success of neon signage are disappearing. The most crucial
aspect of any neon project is the proper installation of the products required to achieve code
compliance, safety requirements, set forth by N.E.C. and local adopted amendments. I have
been a member of the I.A.E.I International association of electrical inspectors for 42yrs and
serve on several electrical panels at U.L.

I highly recommend that sign industry members join your local I.A.E.I chapter as
an associate member and participate in their monthly meetings. This actions shows interest
in our concern and discussions that will promote quality code compliant installations, As
required by the N.E.C. and the U.B.C. adopted by the city's and towns throughout the
United States.


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My input is short and sweet.

A lot of my thoughts for something like this come from a post I made here

A New Sign TRADE Association


I'm of the opinion that whatever is going to get done for the good of the electric sign industry and keeping our traditions alive and well as a whole, needs to be done with "Lighting" specific, no matter what light source it is, Neon, Fluorescent, HID, or LED. Similar to what The Sign Syndicate has been doing for years since 2008 testing all light sources from all the manufacturers, a new trade group needs to do the same. The difference is, this new group needs to educate the public...consumers, architects and government about the pro's and con's of light sources according to environment as well as project application.

Too often all light sources have been mis-characterized by our trade magazines and so called trade associations. I have yet to see any trade associations starting with the ISA on down make any accurate statements when it comes to Neon, or find anyway in promoting our industries sacred art. In fact, we've all seen our trade associations enable others create a false notion, spread mis-information that Neon is not efficient, it's bad for the environment, it's costly to maintain, and it's dangerous and burns down buildings. Everything short of saying Neon Manufacturers and products are out to kill our children. To date, there has ever yet to be a seminar, article, open information that defends our industries sacred art and highest tradition by opposing the false portrayed status qua. In large part is it would affect their membership, money and good ol boy network.

To date, the only industry outlet besides this site of electric sign manufacturers and builders has been the Signs Of The Times Magazine, they once strayed away like the other sign industry magazines but they came back to us....all other trade magazines are still stuck on 2005 marketing claims, over there, Neon IS trying to kill our children and LEDs are the cure to cancer.

Like I've been saying, this industry is nasty and terrible, it's filled with a lot of companies who want to do only what comes easy instead of doing what's right for the consumer. If anything good is to come out of it, then the consumer needs to be better educated so they can be Smarter. We need Smart buyers to make Smart decisions so we can weed out the wannabes and not buy products that have been help up by a crutch.

We need a group/ association that's going to promote and educate DIRECTLY to the consumer about the strengths and weakness's of the electric sign industry and what capabilities we have to offer.....unbiased. Then, let them decide.

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Here are my 2 cents on the issue, Over the years I have seen a big change in our industry,

not just the advancement and availability of LED Products, but the lack of imagination and knowledge of the people in our industry that actually communicate with the client,

I'm talking about the designers and sales people, they are the people that are in a position to share information and ideas with the client, It may just be the shops I have been working at over the last 5 - 10 years,

but I have noticed that the sales people and designers I deal with have very little drive to learn more about the industry, it seems most just want to draw a few simple designs and go home,

I used to deal with designers and sales people that had an extensive knowledge of our industry and had a creative drive, I dont see that any more.

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Amen to that! Just a computer drawn piece of crap, and throw out a cheap price, regardless. From the nationals to the mini sign companies - saales, client relations and actually talking to the client --- gone. And "learn about the industry"? Why, how dare you think that is needed!! These people would have to learn something ---------?

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      Hello All,
      I am trying to replace an obsolete neon transformer on a bar light and cannot seem to find anyone who can confirm what modern transformer will work as the proper replacement. That's why I came here to the experts!
      I've attached a photo of the old indoor gas tube transformer.
      I believe it says it's an Actown Model No. FG 3851.
      PRIM 120 Volts 60 Hz 270VA
      SEC 9,000 Volts 30 MA
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      I believe Actown was bought by Franceformer years ago.
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      Hi Guys & Gals.
      Posting a video sent from one of our members that need help in defining the issue.  Usually seen and requiring longer burn in, but any idea why it would happen over an extended time?
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      Thought I'd post some pics of a project I recently put up for a group of owners I've been doing some signs for over 15 years, this is the latest project located here in San Diego in Pacific Beach California.
      This job was supposed to be up last December, but as you can imagine things don't happen over night like they should in for this project in California and a good reason why business's leave California for other fruitful states in our grand union.
      This project was no different and unlike other states.....here,anything built on the beach, you have to go through the California Coastal Commission.  This establishment won't be ready after much delay until almost a year later, and set to open this November possibly December.
      This project was originally composed of a third sign, a 18' tall projecting sign which got denied in the permitting process.  Can't get them all in California I guess you can say.
      So we're left to be happy with what THEY allow us to have.
      Anyhow, this project is two 4' x 20' Electric wall sign cabinets, 1/8" alum walls and 3" deep open face channel letters spaced 1.5" from the cabinet background.  18mm Tri-Phosphor Voltarc Accent 30 border, and Voltarc 15mm Rare Earth Phosphor Sparkling Blue Letter outline lighting.  The owners wanted a halo lighting similar to a previous job so we used Our NC LED's Constant Current Green LED Modules for low light subtle Rear Letter Halo Lighting.
      All Lighting Powered by Franceformer's for Neon, and our Union Elecom for the driving the NC Green Constant Current LED's
      A big thank you to Joe Walsh of Voltarc for helping us get what was needed for this job, the Neon is Brilliant and of course stands out over the beach night city scape.  This Beach won't be needing a light house for lost fisherman after all now thanks to Voltarc!
      There aren't very many Neon signs on this coast that I know of, in fact....I can't think of any so these signs are a real beacon.  They must be because the owners asked me if after installation and first lighting if I could hook up a dimmer......" a wut??!?!"
      Early assembly shots

      Tranny trays

      And a shot of our LED Wall Pass Thru System



      A solo illumination shot of our Green Constant Current NC LED Modules, using just a single stroke for a light subtle offering.

      Wall Pattern Day.  If you're going to do a sign project on a hot summer day you might as well be RIGHT on the beach.  All that project stress went away sitting on the scaffolding listening to the seagulls, the crashing of waves, and smell of sea spray.  I won't lie, I wanted to just bust out a hammock and go to sleep.
      Yes, I was working in Van's....I'm in SoCal, so that's all you need to know!

      Westrim Products Graphed Pattern Paper!

    • By Erik Sine
      I won't go into details but I just want to say, and give a big Thank you to Voltrac, namely Joe Walsh.  I deal with reps on a daily basis and vendors all the time.  Thank you Joe @Voltarc for taking care of us.  Glad you're still in the Neon Industry, and it can't be a surprise you're one of the few left to serve the needs of it.
      We appreciate you being there!
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    • So...   I haven't posted any jobs lately and I need to play catch up.   So I'll start with our latest projects and work myself backwards   As we've discussed so many times on the Sign Syndicate.  There is a time to retrofit, and a time not too.  Neon and Fluorescent lamps/systems should not in most cases be retrofitted to LEDs unless accessibility calls for it.  Otherwise, it doesn't make financial sense for the consumer to do so, or....just so a shop can make a project sale on BS energy efficiency numbers and mythical saving $$$$   So here are some retrofit jobs that make REAL sense.     NEON RETROFIT     Here's a chain of Studio's that I've been doing since the early 2000's.    This particular sign is only partially mine, everything from the Logo and red letters.    This was the first job I did for them leading up to fabricating all new signs for their locations.  The white is from the previous location and Neon has been in it's original form since the late 90's, and it's 6500K Snow White.  The logo is 15mm Tri-phosphor, Elite 65D I believe.  The Logo and Red was done in 2008.  It's very hard to tell because red and white is hard to capture and a cell phone cam does no justice but the White lettering is dimmer than illustrated and is about 50% of it's original light output.    Not bad for 20+ plus year old lamps!!   So the owner called up and wanted a revamp.  Had I been the average shop you bet the immediate response would have been LED!  SAVINGS!!!!!  BULLSHIT!  BULLSHIT!   Well, no.    We're logical over here in SoCal, a land where 50¢ modules would have replaced the Lamp Art.   The logical choice, and more economical choice for the consumer?   Going from a single halo phosphate 6500K Snow White Neon lamp to a Tri-Phosphor EGL Designer 7100 Series Lamps.   When we moved and installed (2008) this sign we did so with Tecnolux Silicone GTO and Caps.  All that was needed for this retrofit was new lamps, and leaving the awesome silicone GTO and transformers in place!   Now, I owe you a night shot, the iphone pic I took was garbage, so I'll update that soon.  But the Logo and White letters match up well, and even with the old faces, the sign illuminates like a new sign at night.    Forgot to mention, the white faces are also from the 90's and they've held up quite well, the Trim Cap is Plasco, also held up quite well for 20+ years old.  During the day, the ace look good, so no need to replace.     LED RETROFIT   So a new client...   They called, they were moving and wanted to know if they needed a new sign or whether to fabricate a whole new on because the current was lit up like crap.   Had hot spots, dim a places, and just crazy outages in sections of letters.   It would have been better had I taken night pics, BUT...I didn't know I would be posting and writing about it here so   Had this been some other shop, I'm sure the nightmare would have continued         Yes, two different LED manufacturers in the same sign Woohoo, the electric sign industry in it's finest form right here!  It made me SO proud!   If you're familiar with Gaverieli Plastics, I need say no more, let alone Chinese JS LED's....well, their both China and their both crap.  The second sign which they had, made at a different time and by another company was US LED, also garbage.  Illumination was just as bad.  Sorry, didn't get pics of that sign because again, it wasn't my plan to make a post here   If this wonderful, thoughtful sign package doesn't make you cry, I don't know what will.   The original plastic was green vinyl over white acrylic and in such a short time this sign was beat, and probably why they called a new contractor for the work for their sign move.   Well, a new sign made no sense.    They were just moving a few suites over and they weren't going to get a larger sign so the original would do.  New faces with 3M Lime Green over White acrylic.   The most important aspect of this Sign....   Yes!    NC Reckless-3 LEDs.  Top Tier Samsung Diodes running on a Constant Current system...NOT Constant Voltage.  1.2 watt modules.  Most important detail about our NC Reckless LEDs?  Their made in Korea NOT CHINA!!!     Beautiful!       Check out that crazy light meter reading!  That's almost 300 surface Foot Candles, which is about the equivalent light output to a 13mm Tri-phosphor white Neon Lamp behind white acrylic.   If that is not simply utterly gross and disgusting, and you're not just sickened by that number, you have no stomach   These Reckless-3 LEDs will NOT be powered up by their low budget power supplies but rather our Union LED Power Supplies made in KOREA, not CHINA!!!             It's usually best to retrofit out with what was already in a sign, and not change one light source to another.  It's makes more financial sense in MOST cases, not all, but most.          
    • Don't know the color, but what's with the burn marks where the apostrophe would be? 
    • Greetings fellow sign laddies and gentleman   Just taking a shot in the dark here but I am working on Tilly's neon mall sign and I'm having a hard time identifying the correct Pantone color for the blue background for this sign. Any help would be much appreciated. Photo attached.   Thanks     
    • Hey everyone, I'm trying to reach out to the people that use shopVOX and see how do you record projects that you are donating to non-profit organization. We still need to list the price/value of the project however when we record the payment and it goes over to QuickBooks we don't want it to show the cash/balance in our account. For example we do a $1,000 project donate it, how do we record this and it not show as $1,000 in our cash balance for received money? Thank you everyone for your time and help with this.    Also if anyone has other recommendations on shopVOX or other software you highly recommend please let me know. 
    • Well if I told you, I'd have to shoot you.... 
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