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Thought I'd post some pics of a project I recently put up for a group of owners I've been doing some signs for over 15 years, this is the latest project located here in San Diego in Pacific Beach California.


This job was supposed to be up last December, but as you can imagine things don't happen over night like they should in for this project in California and a good reason why business's leave California for other fruitful states in our grand union.


This project was no different and unlike other,anything built on the beach, you have to go through the California Coastal Commission.  This establishment won't be ready after much delay until almost a year later, and set to open this November possibly December.


This project was originally composed of a third sign, a 18' tall projecting sign which got denied in the permitting process.  Can't get them all in California I guess you can say.


So we're left to be happy with what THEY allow us to have.


Anyhow, this project is two 4' x 20' Electric wall sign cabinets, 1/8" alum walls and 3" deep open face channel letters spaced 1.5" from the cabinet background.  18mm Tri-Phosphor Voltarc Accent 30 border, and Voltarc 15mm Rare Earth Phosphor Sparkling Blue Letter outline lighting.  The owners wanted a halo lighting similar to a previous job so we used Our NC LED's Constant Current Green LED Modules for low light subtle Rear Letter Halo Lighting.


All Lighting Powered by Franceformer's for Neon, and our Union Elecom for the driving the NC Green Constant Current LED's


A big thank you to Joe Walsh of Voltarc for helping us get what was needed for this job, the Neon is Brilliant and of course stands out over the beach night city scape.  This Beach won't be needing a light house for lost fisherman after all now thanks to Voltarc!


There aren't very many Neon signs on this coast that I know of, in fact....I can't think of any so these signs are a real beacon.  They must be because the owners asked me if after installation and first lighting if I could hook up a dimmer......" a wut??!?!"


Early assembly shots



Tranny trays




And a shot of our LED Wall Pass Thru System








A solo illumination shot of our Green Constant Current NC LED Modules, using just a single stroke for a light subtle offering.



Wall Pattern Day.  If you're going to do a sign project on a hot summer day you might as well be RIGHT on the beach.  All that project stress went away sitting on the scaffolding listening to the seagulls, the crashing of waves, and smell of sea spray.  I won't lie, I wanted to just bust out a hammock and go to sleep.


Yes, I was working in Van's....I'm in SoCal, so that's all you need to know!



Westrim Products Graphed Pattern Paper!










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Day of installation.


Being as it is, installing right before Labor Day Weekend we had to arrive at the job at 4am to get parking and secure a spot for the Crane.   Getting up at 3am was not fun especially when you have a sick 7 year old waking you up at 1:30 am





Beach side up!




Rigging up the rear side sign



Our Masters Technologies wet location single and two piece caps and boots coupled with their GTO sleeving in preparation to embrace the Voltarc Glass









The Beauty of it all.  Voltarc's Tri-Phosphor Accent 30 (3000K).  Made right here in the Good 'ol USA!




I captured this shot while taking a morning beach walk a few days later after installation




For some reason this was one stressful job that would haunt me nights prior.  I don't know why, the process was from fabrication to installation went smooth but for some reason it would keep me up at night.  Guess maybe it's because it's what happens when you get older.  I'm just glad it's up and out of my way.


The Job Recipe:


Voltarc 18mm Accent 30 (3000K

Voltarc 15mm Sparkling Blue


France Neon Transformers


Transco 200 Porcelain Housings


Tecnolux Silicone GTO


Masters Technologies

-One Piece Boots

- Two Piece Boots

- Sleeving


EGL & FMS Neon Tube Supports


NC LED Constant Current 2 Diode .48 Watt Green modules


Union Elecom Class II 120watt LED Power Supplies (One per sign)


LED Wall Pass Thru system


Big thank you to Joe Walsh at Voltarc for coming through on this project



Night shots to follow





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Nice Sign Eric. You are not alone when it comes to sleepless nights before an install. Even when everything goes smooth, I still lay awake at nights going over details I know I covered. Once its on the wall and secured, the stress level drops a ton. Again nice sign, can't wait for night shots.

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Making PB more beautiful, one Bad Ass sign at a time.


As usual, great work Josey Wales.......................


Peace out!

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Nice sign but pretty darn chintzy on pics.

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Thanks everyone!



20 hours ago, imanut said:

Nice sign but pretty darn chintzy on pics.


You know, I had so many intentions of taking so many pics of this job from start to finish.  I even wanted to buy a drone in time to have it on auto circling the building as the signs were being installed.  I had so much going on none of that EVER happened.  I'll have some nice night shots, though, but sadly not a whole lot of fab or install pics

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Very nice signs!  Great manufacture is what is lacking so much in our industry right now.  So great to see something like yours!  Can't wait to see the night photos - if the ones here are any indication they should be amazing!

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