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  1. Erik; You are way too tough to let this COVID keep you down. If you can monitor sign people, like those on this board, this virus ain't got nothing on you. Take care of yourself, Josey Wales......... Tell K Girl thanks for being on the front lines fighting for us all with the rest of those doing the same. I, like you, am at a standstill and don't anticipate not being in this state for a while. But our collective health is the most important thing in this time of crisis. We will get back to economics as normal because that is what we Americans do. We fight a
  2. Eric; To be honest, I am not sure who or what contractors are "Essential" at this time other than those working for companies deemed "Essential". Since I work for food chains and oil companies and they are deemed "Essential", that apparently sets my status. I would guess if you work for oil, banking, food or stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or the like, you would be considered "Essential". Bottom line, who knows but I know I still perform what small level of work is being given out and I have not been arrested for being on the street in my service tru
  3. Vickie; I am an electrician, having transitioned from the sign industry. In California, I believe I am deemed "essential". The problem is that Capital budgets as well as Reactionary budgets have seized shut everywhere making the work disappear. I work directly for major companies in the oil industry as well as many national food chains and I can tell you the work is stopped for the time being. I did not mention those in the venues listed but I can assure you they are household names. Now, some could go belly up sucking contractors as well as everyday folks with them.
  4. Robert, Truesource appears to be NG&G Facility Services. The address is the same for both. You can find the feedback regarding NG&G on this board. Out....
  5. No further worries...... apparently the ISA show has been postponed until August 2020 due to Covid-19 concerns. Everyone stay safe and be vigilant. Peace out
  6. Hold on with this Erik stuff...... What about the Lovely K Girl? Doesn't she have a part in this?? After all, she is our fearless leaders' better half and keeps him in line. All kidding aside, keep on with stirring the Industry up Erik. You are doing a great job. But Erik, give K Girl some props. Peace out!!!
  7. Vicki; Have to totally agree with Josey Wales on this. Do not sign that you were paid if you were not. The risk is indeed yours if you do. Incredible what a hard working contractor has to go through these days...…………. Best of Luck!
  8. Bryan; Heed Paul's advice. Why is a painting company handling sign removal? Sears is toast so once the signs are down, you could be twisting in the wind as Paul suggests. Be careful........ Peace Out
  9. Icon + MC = Arcapita.... https://www.prnewswire.com/ae/news-releases/arcapita-s-portfolio-company-mc-group-continues-its-growth-with-another-acquisition-814768814.html https://www.arcapita.com/our-board/
  10. Gary, You are correct my Friend. Always follow the money and pay heed to the story it surely tells...... Peace Out
  11. Paul; Your statement " When I asked why would anyone want to work with your company knowing that you do not pay until you are paid ? I also asked how do we know if you are paid or not paid from your customer ? " You are exactly on point. How the hell do I know for sure when you have been paid? This comes after being so stupid that I would agree to be paid when paid in the first place. I just received a query from "FacilitySource" to become a contractor. They have just been consumed by CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis), a large player i
  12. Gary; I think you and the other posters are being way too harsh and just not showing appreciation of the Creativity of this repair and the one listed by my friend Angie. These are the times we currently find ourselves navigating........... Peace out
  13. I was worried for awhile Josey Wales. Thought maybe Captain Red Legs Terrel finally got you. Best of Luck at your new site. Peace out..............
  14. I have been getting solicitations to become a contractor for these folks. Does anyone have any experience with this company?? IE., Do they pay and is it timely................ Thanks
  15. Making PB more beautiful, one Bad Ass sign at a time. As usual, great work Josey Wales....................... Peace out!
  16. Mark; I have to say I don't share your optimism. But I hope for all us you are correct. I would love nothing better for you to say "See i was Right" he is a good president. I will happy to take the grief from you. Hell I might fly to Texas to buy you a cold one. But in the meantime, no matter our differences, I will always have your back and hopefully you will have mine. We are all Americans working for the same side, no matter those differences. As always, continued success in your business and remember, "Don't mess with Texas". No slogan, just fact........
  17. Mark; I don't think my point was gotten. "Trust but verify" was not bandied about during an election campaign. It was a phrase for dealing with an extremely important policy aimed towards the former Soviet Union all the while Reagan was proceeding to neuter them. The slogan came after the policy, not slogan before policy which is the point i am trying to make. "Made in China" is not a slogan but a label that is on a whole bunch of products we use daily and that angers many like myself. It is a fact of life and we are reminded of this with no matter what we buy or where
  18. Sloganeering and hyperbole are great during a campaign and maybe for a short time after, but will get absolutely nowhere in the running of the Greatest Country on the face of the planet. That will come with sound and competent economic policies both here and abroad. I will defer back to President Reagan who said "Trust but verify". I live by this rule both on a personal and professional basis as a citizen and electrician. In the meantime, I stand by my statements. Companies and jobs will continue to flow to China and other places for the foreseeable future. Coal Mining jobs aren't
  19. Angie; I think you hit on the heart of my reply to Paul's post. The fact is that we are not going to impose tariffs on anyone. Speaker Paul Ryan already made this clear. He is a "Free Trader" and there is nothing wrong with "Smart Trade" if we can achieve it. We manufacture things in China because workers make a fraction of what workers make here in the USA. There is no getting around that. Cheaper labor cost equals more profit, period. A worker in China makes in a day what an American factory worker makers in an hour. Until this little problem is solved, factories will
  20. Paul; My stance on China and its products is documented on this board. I am a Reagan Republican in case I may get confused as a liberal by what I believe. Trump is already nice and cozy with China, manufactures and purchases his products from that nation and I doubt very highly if this Chinese Tariff nonsense will come to fruition. It wasn't going to happen with with "Queen Hillary" and I highly doubt it will happen under the "Orange Groper". I am praying that it will but I highly doubt it. Especially since the Republican majority are all Free Traders and s
  21. I was wondering if the world was watching this Circus that we refer to as our elections, with bewilderment as many citizens in the USA are. Thanks for clearing that up, Rocco. We have two Ass Clowns running for arguably the most powerful job in the entire world. But on the bright side, the Chicago Cubs did finally take home the the elusive prize they had been pursuing since 1908. They knocked out the Dodgers, so at least the Blue Crew did get beat by the eventual champions............... Best
  22. Erik; Brian stated my sentiments exactly. At first I thought WTF but now am getting used to it. I guess we are always hesitant when dealing with something new! Best
  23. Basically unsuspecting or willing contractors finance their operation. Its a shady business practice at best............ But it apparently does work as many are still lurking in the gutters around the country. Best
  24. As I see it, we aren't going to solve the issue on this venue. But we can express our opinions. The fact that we can can have those differing opinions and the right to express them is exactly why we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend. It's not just about vacationing or a barbeque, its about our honoring those who gave us the right to have the kind of open discussion we are having on this venue. Never forget that! I for one am grateful for and honor those who lie in repose on that picture Erik so appropriately posted on the Sign Syndicate. They gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, no m
  25. For the life of me I don't get why we insist on creating problems for ourselves when there was none in the first place. Whatever happened to the old standard of Men's and Women's restrooms? I don't recall having a problem in school or any other places. And heck if we keep having this kind of nonsense in our schools, maybe the next step is going to be gender neutral locker rooms for Physical Education. I can just see that scenario now. Shower where you feel gender related................ This is correctness gone way out of control. Just my opinion.
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