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  1. Maybe The Wildest LED Claim Yet

    It's been 5 years. (See link at bottom of the original post) Any idea how the Genessee Beer sign/LED's are holding up? ;)
  2. Well a great start would be to remind us (former) paying members to continue our memberships! I don't see my biz on the installer map? Shoot me a bill, and I'll fix that.
  3. Great job E! I have yet to take the plunge into any sign trade organization. I have my personal reasons, no need to go into those details. We're still building plenty of evil neon, and fluorescent signs here at ALLTEX! We're actually re-branding a chain restaurant group, with exposed neon building signs. Triple, and double stroke letters, and border accents. We'll also be building an amazing neon sign project (2,500' border), plus the largest neon building sign, and pylon sign I've ever been associated with. ( In my 26 years in the sign biz. ) This is for a different customer. You will actually be able to drive under this sign. I designed it as a feature piece. The city actually signed off on it. This location will also have 10' tall neon channel letters mounted above the building. We're all really pumped about this job/opportunity. It's a real blessing to have loyal customers, who have vision, and trust in the, "old school" technology.
  4. You disagree with me, not Paul. Not sure what you disagree with. It's as if you think no man has suffered, died defending this Country, helped build, and create what we all have. I've been a guy for 49 years. I still have never been invited to the club. Where men get together, plot and plan to hold women, or non Caucasian races down. I live in TX. I think I'd be someone that group would contact. My mother worked her ass off, going to college-paid her own way, to become an Attorney. Which she did for nearly 40 years. She instilled my work ethic. Not my father who left us when I was around 8. When I hit 18, I joined the Army. Went to school, worked 3 jobs at some times. I've been in the sign biz for 25 years now, 10 as an owner (with my wife). My wife hung wallpaper for 20 years. Started her biz when she was 22. She, like me have worked for everything we have. Zero, I mean zero help from our families, or the Gov. Disagree with me as much as you want. No one should demand to be treated more special, than anyone else. Basically, that's what all the protests are about. That, and Hillary losing.
  5. Bethany, on your second post, in 5 years. You would prefer not to see political posts here. Way to be a team player. This site has a lot of "political" posts. Mainly Sign politics, but we do occasionally tread into the real political world. The "Day without Women" from what I read, this is from the Post, " Organizers hope to call attention to economic injustices women face such as lower wages, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurities. The day is also intended to push for gender justice, recognizing that trans and gender non-conforming people face equally compelling issues of discrimination and marginalization. " So the last 8 years the women got no where... Face it, it was nothing to do about Women's rights. If so, they would have done this every year. It was all about protesting Trump. Oh, and also promoting men who are women. And women who are men. Do you not see any hypocrisy in this? Paul, great post! Bravo!
  6. Excuse my French, but... Fuck them. Oh well, I guess someone has to make Target, and Starbucks signs. :D
  7. My wife was out on the streets, working! :) My life didn't skip a beat. Too bad us real taxpayers can't risk taking some organized time off. We could cripple this country in a week. And show the snowflakes who still controls their whiny butts. Not to mention, we'd wake up the politicians.
  8. Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome! I almost spent the night there last summer (Worthington). But some Ameri Inn hotel wanted $140.00. So we went on to the Casino in Redwood Falls. I have a cousin who lives in your city. Lot's of windmills if I remember correctly.
  9. I'm in Dallas, if that's any help. We do work in Austin, 6-10 times per year. But it has to be worth, both of ours time.
  10. The sign business!

    Great post! Here I am pulling my hair out after only 25 yrs in the biz. Keep on rocking!
  11. i see Trump won

    I was just F-ing with you. :D But.... I'm all about "Making America Great Again!" Which I do to the best of my ability, each and everyday. I'm also ready to watch that, "Swamp get Drained!" I firmly believe Trump will end up being the greatest POTUS of our time. He will not let anyone, in either House, stand in his way. He'll go straight to the voters, and call out the obstructionists by name. Neither party supported him. I don't think he'll kiss their rear, to accomplish his goals. It's never been done before. He'll do it.
  12. i see Trump won

    Sloganeering? "Trust but verify" "Made in China" and "Never be afraid to see what you see." Got it!
  13. i see Trump won

    I'm also ecstatic with our new POTUS (elect)! I've been on the band wagon from day 1. Without repeating everyone's great comments. I'll just add, "Make America Great Again, and Drain the Swamp!"
  14. Telescopic Pole

    I buy mine from local Steel Suppliers. Check around your area. Someone sells heavy wall pipe.
  15. Arby's

    4 years ago. Allen Industries had us waste a bunch of time, and money on 2 of those.