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  1. I changed ALL kinds of stuff in their "agreement" - marked through and changed a lot of things. They will probably mark me off of the list, but no way in 40 hells I would EVER give up any remedy to collect my money. No way, no how.
  2. I will have to ask the boys when they get back to make certain, but I believe PK's - given when this was done.
  3. Has anybody else received an e-mail from Action Services Group about "a large project your way"? They sent in paperwork to fill out with a list of material/labor prices they will pay (VERY LOW) - They want a 24/7 Emergency service guarantee a $4,000,000 umbrella policy on top of the other typical limits the Nationals want. That you will give up the right to contact their customer if they don't pay you. A LOT of stuff in this thing. Just wondering if anybody else got this and what the thoughts are on it. I believe it has something to do with Dollar General??
  4. Had the flu, so haven't been able to get this done until today. I have attached a semi layout (all I felt like doing today hahaha) of the linear feet for one of these restaurants. 536 total linear feet for the building. It is in double rows all the way around and 3 sections of straight neon straight up the 4 corners from ground to roof. Need a few giggles like you offered!! LOL Checkers Linear Feet.pdf
  5. That's really good to know. Typically within a year on most I have seen, you can already tell a difference. Do you know if they supply samples? I would like to test it here at the shop for a bit before I install anywhere.
  6. Have you had any issues with degradation? If so, how fast and how much?
  7. Yes sir.
  8. Hahaha - You would be surprised how often I hear "is there somebody else there I can talk to?" My husband gets on the phone and tells them the EXACT same thing I just told them (him) and they say "okay". I think it must be my southern accent. LOL ..... WOW - seeing that in color REALLY makes my decision for me. I am not going to sell this guy something that he is going to look at me in a year and wonder why it looks so bad. Just not going to do it. Because when it goes South he won't remember all of the conversations we have had about it not being a good idea to change it out. He will just insist that I fix it. Given the costs I have already gotten for the LED (not including labor), not going to eat it, that's for sure - and that's what he would expect me to do. The install there currently is a REALLY BAD version of the conventional shown above. They have entirely too many feet per transformer for starters is the main thing we have found - but I believe it is 18mm glass. I will have to pull the work folder and look at the survey. I am currently working on the diagrams to get the EXACT linear feet drawn out - been using "close" numbers up to this point just for pricing sake. I will send you one when I finish it and that way we can compare real world instead of hypotheticals just for shits and giggles. hahaha I SO appreciate you sending this to me - hopefully it will be enough to convince him to stay with the neon.
  9. My main worry here IS the heat. Also, this stuff is in "channels" that traps both heat and water really bad - that's a lot of what is going on with the neon. The installer did a really shoddy job of installing to prevent a lot of what is happening to this neon. They have just spent SO much money on servicing the neon. I have tried to explain that had it been installed properly they wouldn't be having the problems they are having. But you know how some people are - if somebody sells them on something like LED (especially a man vs a woman like me - most men don't realize I know what I am talking about - he thinks the man he is talking to knows more than I do) it is hard to change their minds. I have given every BAD reason not to change over that I can think of. ROI is the main one for me. I don't think he will ever have one. I think the stuff will go bad before he ever realizes a penny back.
  10. Erik, I am finding that this LED retro is going to be bad ALL around both in initial cost, ROI and longevity. Do you have any hard numbers you can send me on the test you have been doing that I could share with this customer to change his mind? I am having a hard time getting him to listen to me. I think if I had some hard numbers from a test like yours that has good, long results over a long period of time it would be very helpful in getting him back on my side. Somebody at another sign company has him believing I am wrong about the neon vs LED.
  11. This stuff was installed back in 2003 VERY POORLY. The new owner, rather than starting from scratch with the neon, wanted a quote for LED. It may be that we go the start from scratch with the neon, but I have to give him the quote on the LED.
  12. Thanks! I think Tubelite may. I am going to want to check with you in a week or so on purchasing some of the white LED you showed in a photo back a few months ago for a project I have coming up. You sell that, right?
  13. Do you sell it??
  14. Hi guys! Need to see what the rest of you are using for the following application. I have a TON of neon on a Checkers Restaurant the customer wants to replace with rope or rigid LED sticks to get rid of the neon that is constantly in need of service. Any recommendations? This is exterior and has to make corners (rounded corners with a radius) Thanks for any input!
  15. I clicked on the post with the photos in it to quote and it quoted yours instead for some reason. My response was to the post about the photos being posted to Google Earth, not yours. Sorry it didn't post to the correct post.