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  1. Me too, but when I see somebody (that doesn't even live here) talking about things they don't know about it irks me to no end. They get their "news" from CNN and believe it's gospel. President Trump is listening to the folks he should be listening to. The people on his task force that are doing an amazing job!
  2. Hope you enjoy that wet yoga class! Actually, President Trump is doing an amazing job during this war with this silent enemy! Had he not stopped travel from China when he did we would be in MUCH worse shape than we are today - even when the Democrats and the learned media were telling him it was far too soon to do that!! I don't know what you are seeing or listening to (I can guess) but you are wrong when you say he is spreading fear. Far from the case. Cheers to you!
  3. Thanks! Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Start my 2nd round of treatment tomorrow. Thanks for the info! All info much appreciated.
  4. So sorry you are having to close for so long. Hopefully when you are able to open back up things will be booming again! We have had the best 3 years of our business and then this had to happen. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. I am taking chemo treatments - do you think this would be safe for me to use???
  6. Our phone is literally not ringing AT ALL other than the PMs checking on the jobs we already had. We are so far behind because of all of the rain that the guys work daily on the back log of stuff on the days it isn't pouring buckets outside. I have never seen so much rain in all of my put togethers - Now the coronavirus to add to it. I am praying that thing moves out of here with as little damage as possible and our lives can get back to "normal". Hope all of you are well and remain that way!! We shall survive this!! How long that takes is left up to us. We have to all do our part and do as we have been asked so it doesn't continue to spread. Stay safe everybody!
  7. I use Tony at Vector-man - he is AMAZING! He will typically have a drawing done for me in an hour or less. Depending on how much detail. Has never charged me over $30! I would recommend him to anyone that needs a fast turn around on art work. tony@vector-man.com
  8. OMG!!! Holy crap batman! That's a rat alright. Yep. I would be filing a mechanic's lien TODAY! Do not pass go. We have to break these folks from using and abusing us. If you are like us, we work too hard for our money to have to beg to be paid. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I will sure add these folks to my "hit the bricks" list if they contact me to do any work!
  9. Oh, they are just trying to get out of paying you. I thought it before, but I know it now. That's the oldest trick in the book - "we didn't receive your invoice on time or invoice filed late" - That's why I always save every e-mail I send the folks. Good thing you had yours! Hope they don't owe you a pile of money!
  10. If it actually says that you have been paid - do not sign it!! I have signed a couple that say "upon receipt of payment from vendor, sign supplier will ....." - not that I had already been paid. It feels like they are trying to sucker you into something - and if they won't return phone calls or communicate at all - listen to that little voice. It won't steer you wrong.
  11. I think you did the right thing. Especially since you said the project had already been a nightmare. I think if I didn't hear anything from them in the next day or so I would go ahead and start lien process. Sounds like they are looking for ways not to pay you and tried to get you to sign off on it! Good luck with this one. That's why I love this site. You can ask anything and get honest opinions and help. Let us know how it works out so we can all flag the company!
  12. I had a customer last year that wanted me to sign one that said "once paid x amount of dollars" - I didn't have a problem with that one because it didn't say I HAD been paid. Had it said I had already been paid, I would have never signed it. Just check the wording closely. Some of these folks are trying harder every day to find ways around not paying or short changing!
  13. This printer is still for sale - if you know anybody that needs a printer give them my info, please!
  14. I use Sign Tracker. Have for several years. Has good forms/already laid out drawings for like channel letters & cabinets - Pretty neat - You can set up your costs and things in the quote system and I believe it works with QuickBooks. Just never have had the time to set that up. They have started "tweaking" some things and some of the changes I would like to see go back, but other than that I give it a big thumbs up!
  15. HOLY HEAVENS!!! Miracle nobody was hurt. I try to tell my guys all of the time that too much O.T. is dangerous! I only allow so much, but sometimes they want to work over that. Nope. Not going to get somebody hurt because they have been working too many hours. Not worth it!
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