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  1. routers

    The problem with ours is we haven't been able to find anybody that will service the dang thing!! So we don't even know what part we need. I am sure Gerber would send the part if I knew which part I needed. In the past we haven't had a problem finding somebody to service it. But since some of these service companies split apart and or combined they stopped servicing Gerber and only service the newer stuff.
  2. routers

    Yeah, I'm sure if I were looking today for one, I likely wouldn't do Gerber for the same reason. I haven't researched them in a long time, but they were the router to buy when we bought ours. We will probably eventually replace this one so all of this information is great to know!
  3. routers

    We have the Gerber router. It is amazing. Only problem right now is it got hit by lightening and we have to have it repaired. But has been a beast and worth every penny until now!
  4. OSHA extending crane cert. date again?

    I have been asked once and when I tell them that it isn't mandatory yet they are good and we go on with the work. They say as long as OSHA can't fine them for not making me have it they are good. But that's the only time I have been asked about it.
  5. OSHA extending crane cert. date again?

    Even though you rent cranes, if they are over the weight limit that doesn't have to worry about certification, wouldn't you still have to have your operator(s) certified??? Just curious. If OSHA shows up on your job site, he/she is going to be checking operator certification regardless of who owns the crane, correct??
  6. OSHA extending crane cert. date again?

    LOL - I'm glad cause I don't like being fussed at. Believe me, I bitch about the folks that don't pull permits and licenses around here. We have 2 right now that are working on the weekends and in the wee hours of the morning - one with a pull behind lift - no names anywhere - to keep from pulling business licenses and permits. I keep thinking the City will do what they would to me if I were doing it and fine them, but nothing is ever done to them because the folks with the City won't get out on the weekends and or at night to catch them to even find out who they are. That is the kind of work we fight against every day too, so I completely understood what you meant, just felt like it was kind of a broad statement that seemed like you thought that everybody that had not spent the money to do the crane certification were "HACKS". That was the only thing I took offense to. Not the fact that you were calling the true hacks, hacks because I couldn't agree with you more! Just wanted to tighten the stroke of the brush a little, that's all.
  7. OSHA extending crane cert. date again?

    Brian, I very calmly take offense at the broad brush of "HACKS" myself. I for one am ECSTATIC they have pushed the deadline out again!! I hope they move it again - actually that it goes away!! Certification doesn't make you a good or bad crane operator. I have men tell me all of the time that I am the best they have ever seen! I actually have folks that once they see me operate my crane, they won't call anybody else. That comes from 30 years of EXPERIENCE - not a certification. A certification doesn't make you a good crane operator. Patience and experience do. Certified crane operators can have an accident just as easily as a non certified one. Not sure if you remember, but since 2008 it has been TOUGH on small businesses like mine (all size businesses actually) - barely held on, but thank God we are still here - because of that 30 years and our reputation - so thousands of dollars to spend on yet ANOTHER certification at this point was not something I could afford to do. But I can ASSURE you I/we are not "HACKS"! If not for the costs of insurances, licenses, permits, keeping up with certifications and regulations and taxes we could possibly make some money. If and when they come up with a date certain, I will bite the bullet and go take a test, but until then, I will continue with what has worked for me for 30 years. Skill and experience. Please don't fuss at me! LOL Have a great hump day!
  8. Neon & LED's on the Beach

    Very nice signs! Great manufacture is what is lacking so much in our industry right now. So great to see something like yours! Can't wait to see the night photos - if the ones here are any indication they should be amazing!
  9. Vantage EMC

    I use them as well. The salesman I work with is really great. They stand behind what they sell.
  10. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    Hahaha - I guess as long as they aren't inspected, right.
  11. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    Oh my!! We use silicone too, just not as much as the first post. I have never seen the layered tape deal before. Hahaha - Are those UL listed?? Just curious.
  12. Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    Hahaha - Just wanted you to know I didn't mean anybody any harm. Not my nature. Thanks for making me feel better about it though!!
  13. Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    Bethany, First of all, my first sentence was, that I knew this wasn't about the sign industry (been doing it 28+ years), but out of morbid curiosity, I wanted to see what my "friends" here thought about what was going on. At any point after reading that, you didn't have to continue to read my inquiry. Just saying. Last I checked, I have the right to post what I want to, as you have the right not to read what you don't. Secondly, if you will read my question again, you will not see in it anywhere where I say some women don't experience some form of discrimination at some point in their lives. Didn't say it, didn't imply it, didn't infer it. If you will look 2 or 3 posts back of mine, you will see where I was discussing with Erik that very thing - that when men call here sometimes I can tell them something, but they will want to talk to my husband to get the final word - he gets on the phone and tells them the very same thing I just got finished telling them, and they take his word for it. Difference is, I don't take all of that PERSONALLY!! I don't go into a deep depression and throw a fit or get out and march - don't need a safe space with a therapy dog, play dough and hot chocolate - I especially don't DELIBERATELY hurt other people like the children that had no teachers that day - because I know at the end of the day, the people I care most about know my worth and most importantly, I know my worth!!! The rest, I could care less about what they think of me or my worth!!! I work and bust my butt every day because I own just as much of this business as my husband does, and know just as much as he does about this industry. So, no, I don't have to look very hard because I experience it all of the time. So your inference that I haven't been on that side of it, is absurd on its face. But while looking, all I see in this Country today are women THRIVING more than any time in memory. Women that can do ANYTHING they WANT to as long as they apply themselves and work as hard as I and others do. LIMITLESS opportunities. In some instances more opportunities than men. Like Paul said, men lose out to women every time if they are listed as a woman owned or minority owned business. FACT. They have more tools at their disposal than ever, that if they experience sexism or any other ism for that matter, they can fight back and do. I just want to know what right President Trump has taken away from the marching, protesting women with the stupid looking hats on their heads or the vaginas over their faces?? NONE! That is the answer. The only thing I kept hearing them say when asked was Planned Parenthood and or abortion. I, myself, as a woman, am offended by THAT! I am more than just my body parts! Pretty hard to take them seriously. So are they protesting the right to kill babies?? Is that what their "movement" is about?? Seems so. So, no, I DON'T support THAT!!! So if my supporting ALL women means I have to support that, then I respectfully "RESIST"!! If they don't think they have rights, they should take a look at women that TRULY don't. Like women that suffer genital mutilation, women that are stoned to death or other forms of honor killing - then they may just realize exactly how great they have it here in the good old US of A. Thank goodness the vast majority don't agree with their cause. Last, I believe in the right to a peaceful protest as well, but that is NOT what we have afoot these days. FAR from it. I also believe that your right to "peacefully assemble" and "protest" STOPS when you infringe on the rights of others and or destroy property of others!! And that is exactly what they wanted that "A Day Without A Woman" to do (though other than the schools having to close, they MISSED and fell short - nobody but the mainstream media, Hollyweird and the far left cared). When you cross over into hurting CHILDREN when schools have to be closed because TEACHERS, the people that are given one of the most sacred of jobs, teaching and caring for our children, refuse to show up because of some kind of mess like this, you have gone TOO FAR!! They didn't help their "cause", they hurt it - and the children. I am the mother of a daughter, and the grandmother of a granddaughter. I raised my daughter from a very young age to be a STRONG woman that is self sufficient, know her worth and not take crap from ANYBODY. I have always told both of them that they don't need to get out and march and protest to prove their worth. That they only need to know their worth, know that all of us that love them know their worth, and make darn sure they know not to stand for anything they feel is wrong for them. That is what I feel is imperative as a mother and grandmother - and they are the ONLY women I feel I owe my support to. Just a last note about what I have learned about The Sign Syndicate site over the years ...... and I hope I speak for the vast MAJORITY of the others here ..... you are liable to see ANYTHING on here - those easily offended are going to be. #NOTMYMARCH #IHAVERIGHTSTOO #ISHOWEDUPTOWORK
  14. Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    You have GOT to be joking, right?? So, let me get this straight. THEY have the right to protest and act a fool, but I don't have the right to post a question to see what the thoughts are on it, on a site that I visit EVERY day with people I consider my friends?? That proves exactly where we are in this Country right now. SOME have rights (the whack a doodle left), and those that don't AGREE with THEM don't!! And the sad part is, the irony and hypocrisy of that just completely escapes them. And as for the one that stated "as a woman, I don't want to be ridiculed. Just because you don't experience sexism ....." - nobody has been ridiculed in this post. It was merely a question that I asked AS A WOMAN!!!! Which, last I checked, I have the right to do. If the snowflakes took offense to this post, maybe they don't need to come on here. LOL - I am sorry I caused you any problems though, Erik. I hope you know that was NEVER my intention or purpose in asking what I thought was just a thought provoking inquiry because it was on my mind that day. These people, that if you don't agree with everything they believe, think that opposition things should not be posted or discussed, should not be on here. That is just my personal opinion. This isn't a college campus where you can shout people down & shut them down just because you don't agree with them, or act like children and turn your back on a speaker or burn the school down because you don't agree with what the speaker says or believes. Because, in my mind, that is what I LOVE so much about this site. The differences in opinions and the ability we all have to agree to disagree at times without this kind of crap/behavior/temper tantrums. I just STILL wonder what in the hell they were "protesting"????? Like someone else said - if it were REALLY about women's rights, they would have been doing this every year, but they haven't been. Just be honest about it. Call it what it was. A protest of President Trump - for whatever reason Hollyweird tells them they should today. Time to get rid of the safe spaces, the therapy dogs, the hot chocolate and get back to being responsible ADULTS!!!! Enough is enough. #NOTMYMARCH!! #IHAVERIGHTSTOO