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  1. WOW! Did you ever get your truck back?? Crazy that you can't trust folks with anything anymore.
  2. That's the way a job is supposed to look! Nice work!
  3. It was a sign company. This same guy did a motel just down the street from this restaurant kind of like the picture of the dollar store you posted. Except this jackass used .040 aluminum strips he cut by hand and attached modules to it. When he got on site, he apparently figured out he cut the strips too short at his shop, so he cut short pieces to make the length he needed, drilled holes in each end and attached the short piece to the long piece with zip ties!! The customer called us a couple of weeks later because he noticed his sign wasn't lighting up like it should - half of it was dark - so he wanted us to come "check out the work that had been done" - so when we got on site to check it out we found that the zip ties had failed and over half of the pieces along with the modules were laying in the bottom of the sign!! The owner said he was going to make the guy come back and put in L.E.D. lamps like he paid for! We haven't heard anything else from him, so I don't know what happened. I thought I would give him a couple of weeks and check back with him to make sure he got it fixed. It is a shame and disgrace that people are doing this kind of work. Makes us all look bad. Pisses me off!
  4. The face blew out! Sign has been there a hundred years and never had a problem with the faces blowing out. I kind of figure it may have something to do with the modules around where the faces fits in causing it not to be able to be put back in correctly after their "L.E.D. retro"?? Couldn't fit close enough to the sign because of the modules. The customer PAID for L.E.D. LAMPS - or that is what he was told they were. I have sent him photos of what he actually got and am awaiting his response as to what he wants to do. Knowing this customer I feel sure he will want me to make it right. I don't think he will want to leave this mess. To add insult to injury, they used the extra cheap modules that won't last any time. This customer got screwed all the way around on this deal. He won't tell me how much he paid, but I know it likely wasn't cheap. I feel bad for him, but that's what happens when you go with the "cheaper quote"!!
  5. I just have to say - NOW I have seen it all. Check this out! You can't make this stuff up. My guys found this yesterday!
  6. Hahaha - Unbelievable. What were they working on??
  7. Holy Heavens! Just when you think you have seen it all you come to the wonderful Sign Syndicate and see this. Did a sign company actually do this?? I had a customer call me last year because his sign caught on fire. The reason it caught on fire is because it was built out of 2 x 4s and press board with red vinyl holding the "face" on! I think I may have posted a picture of it back then. Can't find the picture right this minute. Then there is this jewel they found a while back. The customer just could not understand why there were so many dark spots in the faces. It had never been like that before the last "service"! LOL
  8. Good luck Miss, I went through dozens of men (used loosely) last year and most implied they had experience, but when they had to ask how to put a drill bit in a drill or which way to turn the wrench I began to give up. The previous generation has, I hate to say. NO BRAINS! Even the excuses they make for being late, or not showing up or even calling to let me know they're going to be late or show up are pathetic. I've made better excuses in Kindergarten. WTF? I decided I'll try them out OFF the books for cash for 1 week and IF they're still there, for whatever reason. I may give them a job. I will not waste any more time babysitting or helping a guy who won't help himself. I don't owe them anything.

    I better stop, I could rant for hours on this subject right now.  Have a great day and as I said Good Luck.

    1. Sign Lady

      Sign Lady

      Yeah, it drives my husband crazy when these young folks come in here and can't even read a dang tape measure!  Ask them what a tape measure says and they say 10" and 2 marks!!  Causes him to lose his mind.  LOL  -  They want a job paying a more than you make as the owner, but can't read a tape measure.  Makes it hard as an owner, that's for sure!  I like the idea of the cash for a bit before putting them on the payroll!  Think I will try that myself.  


      Have a good one!

  9. If you find a good one in this region (NC or SC) PLEASE let me know! When you hire one they think they should make $50 an hour and run the entire place because they know everything about everything. A true pain in the hind parts!
  10. I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating - thank you for this site! It has helped me more times than I can name. If you want to know what is going on in the industry & or what National to stay away from, this is the place to find out! You supply a great service to those of us that work hard every day to make this industry better!
  11. If you don't mind me asking, was it cheaper to have them come to you??
  12. Didn't know you could do that either! Don't know if that would work for mine because it is a 17 ton Manitowoc - I think the max it will lift is 11,000 pounds - even though we rarely lift that weight. Just looks like there would be some kind of exemption for the small guys like us that don't do that kind of construction work/lifting every day. They are going to eventually make it so the small guy can't survive!
  13. Well, that's good to know. I didn't know that part of it!
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