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  1. Batch


    Early trucks. http://www.artsignfl.com/component/phocagallery/category/15-our-history
  2. Batch

    Who's OLD

    LOL, I learned to drive on a 100 Skyhook. We walked the ladders every day with our hands full. I worked on pick boards set on the back side of 40' I frame extension ladders. I didn't work in a basket truck till 2003. LOL
  3. Batch

    High Rise Sign Guys Rescued

    They should put a manual descent control on those " "window washing mechanisms" motors.
  4. Gary, are you confusing the NEC's three year code cycle with UL? The 2011 NEC drops the bonding requirement for LEDs. Saying that a AHJ can make up more stringent codes scares me. Our code does not allow an inspector to issue a red tag without a specific code section listed as being violated. What? Like the inspector would rather see a #12 bond for secondary rather than #14? So using the same logic a cop could give you a ticket for doing 32mph in a 35mph zone because he feels 30mph is safer? How about no! LOL
  5. Batch

    listing agencies

    No, can you tell me about your experiences with them? Do you get labels just that same as UL?
  6. Batch

    listing agencies

    Any thing new on listing agencies?
  7. Batch

    Billy The Kid

    I'd have to say no. If even a quarter of Brushy Bill's claims were true his life would be remarkable. If he was arrested in Kansas City as being suspected of being a dead outlaw there should be a record. In what capacity was he in Buffalo Bill Cody's show? Both Frank James and Cole Younger were in the show. I've held the jewelry box Cole made for the sheriffs daughter after his arrest at for the Northfield raid. Who was he when he worked for Judge Parker? Went to Cuba as a rough rider? Had his own Wild West Show? Fought for Poncho Villa? Didn't mention all the other stuff. Mr. Roberts was far more remarkable than the Kid if any of that crap is true.
  8. Batch

    What software?

    I'm not going to even ask if there is a free trial period...
  9. Batch

    What software?

    What software do you use to manage production, installation and service?
  10. Batch

    Off Topic - What is Your Hobby?

    Nice pics Brian!
  11. Batch

    Off Topic - What is Your Hobby?

    I am into to hunting, fishing, camping, off road riding, trying to learn native plants and there uses and other wilderness living skills. You know like making fire with no tools or minimal tools, making shelter, procuring potable water, navigation using various methods. Hunting in South Florida is tough on public land. Archery starts in July and you are in swamp mostly. So, the temperature and humidity both hover in the high 90's. LOL Gators are plentiful though and we always fill our tags using rod and reel from the bank. My son sits a top of an 8' while waiting for a means to dispatch the gator. I also enjoy computers and technology.
  12. Batch

    Night Patrol

    Do you have any idea on how to find the right person to emailor is it more just sending the email you find via Google?
  13. Batch

    Night Patrol

    Do you do night patrol to look for service? If so how do you compensate the employee for their time? In the past we have paid employees a percentage of the service order. We also paid a per call amount at one time and I know a company that just pays the employee their hourly amount. I'm looking for a fair way to drum up more service. Any other ideas will be appreciated.
  14. I don't believe OSHA certifies lifts or their manuals.
  15. Doesn't look like the axles were extended...